A/N: Short little one shot! Sorry for my absence, my laptop's been broken, still is (sigh), so I typed this up on a friend's laptop. Hope you enjoy it! :D

"It's a girl, Mrs. Conklin. A healthy, beautiful girl. Name, please?" asked the nurse as she wiped off the blood of the infant. Laurel touched her damp face covered in tears and held her new child.

"Isabel. Isabel Conklin," she cooed. This was Laurel's second child, after Steven, who was at home with a babysitter. She smiled at her baby's face. 'Hmm... Isabel is a mouthful, though. Maybe I should start thinking of nicknames,' she thought. The brief silence was shattered as the hospital room door burst open.


"Beck! Shhh! You'll wake her!" snapped Laurel, holding a finger to her lips.

Susannah, or Beck, Fisher was Laurel's bestfriend. Blood sisters. It was only natural for her to be there for the birth of Laur's first female child. In fact, Beck was standing in for Laurel's husband who was off working. As always. Susannah pulled up a chair and placed it next to the hospital bed. She lightly patted the head of the newborn. "Isabel," Susannah said, as if she was testing out the name.

"Oh, Laur, she's destined for one of my boys," she sighed.

"Wait, you mean Conrad and Jeremiah?" replied Laurel, puzzled.

"Absolutely! Age difference is perfect with both of them. Connie or Jere is going to end up with her, mark my words. It's destiny."

Laurel giggled. "Can we at least wait until she's 15 minutes old before we decipher my daughter's destiny?"

Susannah sighed. "Oh, alright. Is it okay if I bring in Connie & Jeremiah?"

Laurel nodded and Susannah was back with both boys in each arm. A two year old Conrad, the only one of the two who could speak yet, stared, fascinated at such a tiny child.

"Baby," he stated, reaching out a stubby finger. Jeremiah seemed just as interested, his pupils wide and his thumb-sucking getting more intense.

"See what I mean, Laur? Destiny. Fate. It is written!" cheered Susannah.

Laurel smiled, cradling her new baby, Isabel, who had just woken up again.

"Perhaps you will end up with one of them," she murmured, looking at her baby's unbreakable stare with Conrad.