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She felt the power leave her, the pain shot through her. She didn't cry; she couldn't. That would make it worse; screaming did no good, what was the point when no one would come? Tears burned her face as it struck her again, skin tearing veins burning.

Constance Hardbroom's eyes shot open gasping for air and covered in sweat. She sat up nausea threatening to engulf her she tried to keep calm. It was only a dream. Those days where long behind her and she was in control now. It had been a long time since her powers had been used in such a way, against her. Her magic was more a comfort than a curse it did what she wanted it to do, help her, never hurt her; not anymore.

Her breathing slowed, her panic faded. It had been a long time since Constance had thought about her early life, it was something she didn't like to dwell on there were a lot of bad memories but, she reminded herself, life was different now; she was Constance Hardbroom potions mistress and deputy head of Cackles academy and she was powerful. Oh yes, if her years with Hecketty Broomhead had taught her one thing it was that, she was a witch not to be messed with. Constance got out of bed and walked into her bathroom. She looked in the mirror, relief flooded through her as she realised her tormented sleep had had no impact on her appearance. Stepping into the cold shower, (after all who would have warm?) Constance thought about her day ahead, there was a new girl arriving today Miss Cackle had informed her yesterday. The girl was transferring from a different school due to "issues". Constance had sighed at that, another problem child! Was it not bad enough she was expected to teach the likes of Mildred Hubble? Apparently not.

Stepping out of the shower Constance went back to her bedroom and changed into one of her trade mark dresses. They all looked the same to her pupils but to Constance each one was different but they all screamed the same message, authority. That was the way she liked it. After tying up her hair she glanced at her clock, 6:30. She still had time to do some work before having to wake the girls. Picking up some papers of her ordered desk Constance folded her arms and vanished to the staff room.

Amelia Cackle walked into the staff room with a smile on her face. She had a feeling today was going to be a good day, the sun was shining, there had been no issues or problems since breakfast had started, this meant Amelia was ready for the new girl to arrive. Upon entering the staff room she saw her deputy finish marking a mountain of papers.

"Good morning Constance." Amelia smiled as she greeted at her deputy.

"Good Morning Headmistress." Constance stood and returned the greeting formally.

"MORRRNINGGG." Miss Bat charged out of the cupboard signing at the top of her voice. Constance's eyes twitched.

"Yes, good morning Davina." Miss Cackle said loudly above the chanting teacher, who was now practising a new Mongolian chant. "Miss Hardbroom you are aware we have a new pupil arriving today?"

"Yes Miss Cackle I do remember… oh for goodness sakes, WILL YOU STOP THAT NOISE MISS BAT." Constance roared at the smaller woman, Miss Bat stopped singing and turned to the deputy.

"It is not NOISE CONSTANCE HARDBROOM!" Miss Bat turned red;" I am merely expressing myself in a creative form!" Constance raised her eyebrows.

"Well Miss Bat, I do think we could do without your expressions if they are going to damage the ears of the whole school!" Constance glared down at the witch. Miss Bat gave a small shriek and fled back into the cupboard, Amelia sighed.

"We'll never get her out of there before the new pupil arrives." The headmistress felt her earlier positivity give way to exasperation, as she faced her deputy.

"Well Miss Cackle there are some impressions that should be saved till later. Now shouldn't we go and meet the girl?" Constance turned towards the door; Miss Cackle sighed again and nodded.

"Yes Constance, I suppose we should." With one last look at the cupboard the Headmistress lead the deputy to the courtyard.

Totally unaware of what was about to begin.

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