Dark Knight Meets Dark Angel

Author: Calico  calico321@yahoo.com

Rating: PG

Summary:  Terry McGinnis meets his own 'cat woman'.

It was late and she had been waiting for just the right moment.  There were no lights on in the old house, and hadn't been for several hours.  She knew from her reconnaissance that the old man who lived in the large house had no servants and never had any guests, except for a young man.  She had surmised that he wasn't a relative simply because he seemed too middle class to be related to the richest man in Gotham.

It's now or never she heard in her head.   That voice always belonged to Zach, the one that encouraged, even goaded, them all into doing whatever needed to be done.  Well, this didn't exactly fall under the needed category.  The small object of her desire waited inside simply for the taking.

She had spent the last eight months tracking down that little statue, the Egyptian goddess Bastet, the cat.  She couldn't remember exactly when she decided she had to have it back.  One of the many lonely nights following Logan's death, packing up his belongings, remembering the last twenty years.  All she knew was that little statue had brought them together.  You could call it fate if you believed in such things, which she didn't.  It just happened to be – she had attempted to steal something from the man who would in turn steal her heart.  There was poetry in that, and getting the cat back had turned into an obsession that eased the pain on her heart.

In her research she had discovered the little statue had been sold and stolen several times, only to appear finally at an auction ten years ago.  The high bidder had been wealthy recluse Bruce Wayne, currently residing in Gotham City.  She had been in Gotham for over a month.  It usually did not require so much prep time before a heist, but she was rusty after fifteen years of the pseudo-retirement marriage had brought.  No, that wasn't the truth, she could never be rusty.  Grief just had a way of sweeping time along.  Close your eyes for a moment and discover a week has gone by.  She'd spent her time researching Gotham in general and Wayne in particular.

Born to wealth he had never really accomplished much besides running his father's company, Wayne Enterprises, and starting the Wayne Foundation, which developed phenomenal technologies and provided millions to charity, respectively.  Though impressive, the man himself was better known for his parties than any personal triumphs.  The lifelong bachelor was considered a womanizer and a layabout in his heydays.  Now, since losing control of his company, he was barely considered at all.  This should be easy pickings.

Taking several long strides she leapt into the air effortlessly clearing the fence and landing on the other side on her haunches.  Staying in the shadows, her skintight leather suit acting as camouflage, she silently made her way towards the manor house.  She sensed the approaching dog long before it reached her and had already pulled out a gas pellet that she threw in its face as it launched its large body at her.  "Nighty night," she whispered to the unconscious animal as she continued her trek.

She made her way to the back of the house, avoiding the front door entirely.  At the rear of the building she surveyed the upper windows.  She leaped up and landed on the sill, popping the latch and sliding the sash.  She entered what appeared to be a guest bedroom, no doubt unused for decades.  A quick look showed nothing of interest.  She exited into a hallway and attempted to get her bearings.  Looking towards the right she saw a set of double doors, presumably to the master bedroom.  Since she was already upstairs she decided to check it out first.  A large bed dominated the room that was sparsely decorated.  For a supposedly wealthy dilettante the man lacked a sense of style.

A smile slowly spread on her face as she saw a small table in the corner.  Sitting in the middle of the table was Bastet herself, waiting patiently to return home.

The alarm sounded in the cavernous regions below Wayne Manor.  "There's a intruder upstairs," Bruce Wayne said to his companion, a young man dressed in the infamous Batsuit.  "In my bedroom."

"Maybe it's Barbara," Terry McGinnis suggested.  The older man scowled up at him.  "Or not.  I'll just go up and check it out."  He quickly made his way up stairs and down the hall.  The master bedroom doors stood open and inside he saw a young woman picking up a piece of statuary.  She held it in her hands for a few moments before slipping it into a bag attached to her waist.  "I don't think that belongs to you," he called out to her.  She turned and her beauty momentarily overwhelmed him.  Black hair fell freely down her shoulders, dark almond shaped eyes peered at him, and full lips gave a momentary smile before she replied.  Terry McGinnis had once thought his girlfriend, Dana Tan, was the loveliest creature he'd ever known.  Now he wasn't so sure.

"Actually it does."  Her eyes narrowed as she looked him over.   "And what exactly are you supposed to be?"

"I'm Batman.  Who are you?"

With a smile she replied, "Just leaving."  She raced towards the windows but he shot a bolo out that wrapped around her torso, pinning her arms in.  She turned back to him.  "Cute.  So you like toys."  She shrugged her shoulders and he heard a popping sound.  Her left arm rotated in and slid out from under the binds.  The bolo fell to the floor and she popped the shoulder back into place.  "What can I say, I'm double jointed," she responded to the unanswered question.  With a sigh she stepped over to him and said, "Ok Rodent Boy you want to do this the hard way, let's go."

Terry had never become comfortable fighting with women, which had caused him problems a time or two.  But the first punch she landed hit so hard he completely forgot about her gender.  She was strong, stronger than any of the men he had fought normal or not, and her speed was completely unnatural.  They traded punches and kicks.  She threw him into the dresser, which collapsed, and he knocked her into the bedside table, trashing it.  She did a back handspring kicking him in the face with both feet as they flew by.  He managed a back flip keeping him in the game.

"Not bad," she smiled.  "But I'd like to see you do that without the suit."

"Oh I could do that without the suit.  This, I need the suit for."  He activated his boot thrusters, shooting straight at her.  His momentum carried them both towards the bed where he flipped her over, trying to pin her arms behind her back with a pair of Batcuffs.  Her legs flipped up and scissored around his neck, yanking him backwards.  He slid to a stop on the floor, ready to leap up after her.

"Enough!"  Both combatants stopped and looked towards the door.

"Hey you brought your grampa, how sweet," she said, standing from the bed.  "As much as I'd like to meet the whole family, I gotta jam."  Two giant steps sent her flying towards the window and she crashed through, falling two stories to the ground.  Bruce and Terry walked over and saw her jump up from the landing spot and sprint away at an incredible pace.

"Want me to go after her?" Terry asked.

"No."  He looked to the table that was now short one cat statue.  "We've got some research to do.  Next time you meet her you'll be prepared."

"There's going to be a next time?" Terry asked.

"You'd better hope so.  I want that statue back."