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Just a short drabble~ practicing a more flowing descriptive style.

Oz was the sun. If anyone was like the grandeur of the brightest, most striking celestial body, Gilbert had no doubt that it was Oz. Warmth and light radiated in waves from him, with enough influence to sway the darkest of crevices and motives. There was a demanding air to his presence, with all attention averting to him at the center of his universe. He was the epitome of the heliocentric theory with an ego to match, as it appeared surface deep.

And as he was bright, he was overbearing, often, at times. Those sweet words left rose colored burns licking against his skin. His light was too much. Blinding. Though he illuminated murky secrets and webs, his own light reflected back on himself in a glamor like shield. Gilbert could never stare at him long enough to grasp his true image without blinding himself with the intensity that was Oz.

He hid behind his own rays.

"Is Oz what you really need?"

Asking him, the moon hanging in a labyrinth of darkness and pin-light stars, if he needed the sun was incredulous. There was no moon without the sun, no light for him to emerge from the depths of his own pool of eclipsed matter. Though he could never wrap his fingers around him quite as tangibly as he liked, Gilbert needed Oz's light to breathe.

But the questions crept around the sinful tangles of his mind in forms of doubt and fear. What was he chasing after? The sun could never be caught, and was never meant to coexist in the same sky as the modesty of the moon. That was why there was a day, and a night. Where Gilbert was to share his portion with little lights glimmering along side him, Oz was to endure the entire vast ocean of turquoise by himself. He was the center of the day. How lonely that must be.

Perhaps remaining in his shadow was detrimental, reaching out for a dream so far away as silly, but Gilbert couldn't help his natural desire for that light he was drawn to. He was just the moth in the form of the moon, absorbing the little light that Oz was kind enough to provide. And as long as he was able to share the same sky with him, maybe not side by side, but the same sky nonetheless, Gilbert found himself alright with admiring the sun.