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Party Dress




Hancock looked at her reflection in the mirror. The red velvet dress wrapped her body perfectly, showing her flawless curves and revealing her marble white skin much more than she had expected. There, she looked very beautiful. Luffy must be happy to see her now, she thought happily. I wonder what he thinks of this dress?

The pirate empress hurriedly opened the door, asking, "Luffy, what do you think of this dress?"

Smile vanished from her face. Hancock saw her Luffy was looking at a very lovely blonde-haired young woman, who was standing not too far from him. What is he doing?

"Luffy…." Her voice trailed off. Oh, Luffy….

"Hey, Hancock!" Luffy grinned, pointing at the young blonde woman, "she looks nice… hmm, what is it…."

Luffy is praising another woman in front of me? Is this called… adultery?

"Shishishi, I'm thinking of…" his eyes were still on that woman.

Hancock couldn't stop her tongue. She shouted loudly in the middle of the shop, which was full of costumers that day. "LUFFY! WHY YOU KEEP STARING AT HER? TALKING ABOUT HER? AM I NOT BEAUTIFUL ANYMORE?"



The man in red and blue clothes, Monkey D. Luffy was shocked when Hancock ran away from him, all crying. All of the costumers were amazed with their scene. They couldn't believe that a very gorgeous lady was crying over a stupid looking man.

"What a moron, how could he…."

"I won't make that lady cry…."

Luffy clenched his teeth angrily. Instantly he tried to catch his runaway woman with one of his rubber hands, "gomu-gomu no Hancock catch!"

Luffy's hand stretched and passed many of costumers, searching for Hancock. It's Luffy special catching moves which was made solely for Hancock. Hancock screamed when Luffy's hand finally grabbed her body in no time.


Luffy had no idea what was happening. Hancock was in his arms, but her face looked jealous and hurt. She pouted her mouth. Tear trickled down slowly, falling from her blue-eyed eyes.

"Hancock!" Luffy grabbed her closely, turning her body so she could face him. "What's the matter with you?"

Hancock avoided Luffy's eyes. Her heart was shattered into a million pieces. Perhaps he was bored with her. Perhaps she had made him unsatisfied all those years. Maybe that was the time to let him go…. She barely whispered, "I knew I'm… I'm not the one that you love… if… if you want to leave me, It's… it's okay, Luffy…"

Great, why my heart feels like bursting? As long as Luffy's happy everything is okay for me…. Oh, Luffy…. Oh, Luffy my love…. I guess this is the end of our love….


"That young woman, you like her, don't you…." She stuttered. "Luffy, I know I'm not beautiful anymore…."

Hancock couldn't finish her words. Luffy sealed her lips, giving hot passionate kiss. It was a very long, demanding kiss he ever gave to her.


He didn't let her go. He kept kissing her.


He forced her to accept his kiss. Hancock gave up. Luffy had never kissed her like what he was doing with her. Hancock melted like butter in Luffy's hands. Her heart was resurrected in seconds.

"Luffy…" she moaned. Hancock envisioned rose garden appeared, surrounding both of them. Butterflies flew and birds chirped happily, sang melodious love song. On the top of everything, she felt that she was loved. He loved her. "Ohh, Luffy…."


They really made their scene in the shop. Everyone was watching them. Of course, who could ignore that romantic, lovey-dovey act?

Hancock blushed, "and you're the most handsome man ever in this world… Eh no! You're the most handsome man in this universe, Luffy."

Luffy put one of his fingers into his nose, digging it eagerly. "Then why you act like crazy?"

Hancock defended herself, "you keep looking at that woman, so I thought…."

"HEY WOMAN! YOU'RE UGLY! I DON'T LIKE YOU! I LOVE MY WIFE!" Luffy shouted at the blonde woman, who was the core of the husband and wife fighting. "I JUST ADORE YOUR MEAT DRESS! IT SMELLS GOOD!"




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