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Hold His Peace




Like always, it was a normal day with random clouds in the blue open sky. Many pirates, especially the Straw Hats gang all were sailed in a tremendous ship ever, bigger than Laboon, Brook's whale best friend. Some of them loved that amazing event while a few felt the exact opposite way. Standing by the dock with Luffy, Ace managed to speak gently with his panic face. He had no other choice. His sworn brother couldn't do that! Luffy couldn't decide that snake woman as his mate! He had been just away for a moment and no! That is so outrages!

"Luffy, what about that Alvida person? She had lost her weight, I guess?" Ace asked him. His cute freckles seemed radiating under the sunshine.

"She still looks ugly to me," Luffy replied. He pouted his mouth. "Yuck, forcing people to admit she is the fairest in the sea!"

"Fine..." Ace nodded. Alvida was such random idea anyway. "Ehmm, how about Bonney? She is rather lovely... and she has huge appetite like you!"

"No way! We will fight for meat!" he quickly retorted with a slight anger in his tone. "All meat is mine!"

Ace gulped nervously, "I see… how about the nice looking navigator of yours?"

"Nami you mean?" Luffy's expression changed a bit. "Her?"

"She looks okay to me."

Luffy shook his head, "Sanji said he will never give me food anymore if I lay my hands on her."

"You do have interest with her, then?" Ace knew he found a brighter option here. His brother and that orange-haired woman had been friends for years. They could work out as couples too! Perhaps with some more pushes….

"DON'T YOU DARE CONSIDERING MY WOMAN AS YOUR OPTION YOU RASCALS…!" Sanji out of nowhere yelled as loud as he could. His face turned red, "LUFFY! NO FOOD REMEMBERS?"

Nami hit Sanji's head, "shut your trap you moron! Remember where we are!"

"I just felt… I could sense that…"


Luffy raised his eyebrows. There came another deadly hit from Nami to Sanji's head. DEADLY. Being a martyr lover like Sanji was never his plan.

"No Ace! I will never ever—with Nami!"

Ace sighed heavily, "how about that Arabasta Princess? Your name combination works together. You can join Luffy and Vivi together and you still have your name! LuVi sounds good!"

"I don't want to be Arabasta King; I want to be Pirate King!" Luffy hesitated a while, then he smiled a bit, "I like that name combination, though."

"Well, how about another girl? You…."

"Stop it. Hancock is all right!"

"Luffy, she's older than you, taller than you, bigger than you…" Ace told him blatantly, "what you see in her?"

"Shishishi…" Luffy smiled, taking Hancock's hand. "Are you jealous?"


"Okay, let's do this, Hancock!"

"Hey, it's not…" Ace yelled, "how could you… ugghhh…"

"Who are you guys talking to?" Bartholemow Kuma asked with flat face, bible was closely held within his broad chest. "I expect you are ready for this."

"Yes! I'm ready for everything, right, Luffy?" Hancock answered, love appeared in her dark eyes. "Nothing could come between us!"


That was weird actually. The groom spoke alone all along the aisle, the blonde guest in black screamed out of the blue, and the bride was the fairest than ever. Okay, the last one didn't count.

"You may continue!" Luffy grinned happily. Hancock smiled happily beside him, almost fainted because of her dream finally became true.

"If any man can show just the cause why they may not lawfully be joined together, let him speak or else, hereafter forever, hold his peace," Kuma announced, looking at the crowd. He was pleased no one interrupted that wedding ceremony. Other way, he would send them away. Yeah, he disliked intruders or interruptions.

"Hey, listen to me, Kuma! Kuma!"




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