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-The man around the corner swore he'd kill the cat on sight. He loaded up his shotgun with nails and dynamite; He waited and he waited for the cat to come around. Ninety-seven pieces of the man is all they found.-

~1 Year Later~

Dean groans softly into his pillows when he feels his bed dip and then someone straddling his thighs. He is lying on his stomach, the sun shining in through the windows, the morning light making his hair look a honey-ish color. The dog by his side lifts her head looks at the man pinning her master to the bed, then huffs and lays her head back down. Dean turns his head and shoots her a little glare.

"Some guard dog you are," he mumbles to the brindle beast by his die. She gives him a little snort and lifts her head to lick his side before laying it back on her paws.

Dean laughs quietly.

A hand lays flat on his back and then slowly slides upward and curls around his shoulder. The hand is followed by someone's lips against the back of his neck and the man smiles. He tilts his head forward and hums softly as the man behind him nuzzles the back of his head a little and then down his neck. He feels lips brush the shell of his ear and then there is a whisper.

"Do you miss him?" it asks softly, and Dean shudders as warm breath tickles his skin.

"Miss who?" he replies with a question, green eyes closed against the light filtering in through the thick glassed windows.

"The cat," it says softly and Dean frowns, instantly thinking of that night when Michael and Lucifer broke into his home.

The thought of Cas all broken and shivering in his arms makes him stiffen and he presses his face into his pillow to try and hide from the memory.

"Yeah… Sometimes," he says finally and the man behind him smiles softly. He really does miss the little black cat. It was easier to talk to a feline than it is a human sometimes. He gets by, though. "Why do you ask… You know I hate thinking about that night," Dean asks gruffly.

A soothing hand strokes up and down his side.

"I know. I was just curious because I got you something, Dean," the voice murmurs and then the heat and weight of a human hovering over his back disappears.

It is replaced by four small, warm paws that land in the center off his back. There is a tiny mewl and then the feet start moving, climbing up Dean's back and then stopping to sniff at his ear. The whiskers tickle and Dean tilts his head away, twisting around so he can look at the kitten as it slides off his back and onto the bed beside him. It has long grey and white fur and its eyes are already turning a topaz color, though there is a thin ring of blue around the pupil. The fluffy little thing mewls at him and then he smiles and rolls onto his back, scooping up the small creature and putting it on his chest.

"Do you like him?" The man sitting beside him moves to prop himself up against the head board, watching the Dean rub the kitten's ears. Remy lifts her head and sniffs at it before laying her head back down. She's calmer now that she's gotten older.

"He's cute," Dean says, leaning his head back into the hand that starts stroking through his hair. "Can't replace my other one, though. He was awesome," the man said, nodding his head sagely and making the man beside him laugh.

"Hmm… He's not meant to replace him, Dean. Dandelion is going to have to find his own niche in your heart," the man says and then Dean lets out an indignant snort and looks up at the man petting his hair.

"You didn't name him that!" he says, eyes wide. When the only thing he gets in answer is a questioning look he sits up in bed quickly and frowns. "Dude, Cas! You can't give him a name like Dandelion!" he said, looking down at the kitten in his hands.

Castiel's lips twitch into a smile and he tilts his head to the side.

"Why not, Dean? What's wrong with Dandelion?" and Dean rolls his eyes like his lover just asked the most stupid question ever. "Because, man! It is embarrassing. What will all the other cats think of him? I can't send a cat out into the world with a name like that!"

The dark haired man laughs quietly and perks a brow, smiling as he watches the kitten making itself at home against Dean's chest where it is cradled.

"And just what would you like to call it?" Castiel asks, reaching out to rub a small, furry ear.

Dean frowns and then lifts the kitten up until it is eye level with him. They stare at each other for a moment then the kitten lets out a little mewl and plops his paw on Dean's nose.

"Smaug…" Dean finally says with a decisive nod, putting the kitten back down in his lap. It just crawls away and starts to explore the dog in the bed.

"Like the dragon from that Hobbit movie you made me watch?"

"Hey! Smaug was awesome, man…"

"You're such a nerd."

"I think I liked you better as a cat…"

Castiel grins at that and reaches out to pull Dean close and plant a kiss upon his lips. Dean lets him and then smiles, settling against the other man and leaning into his side. He reaches up to lightly trace a finger over the thin, barely there scar on his collar bone. With a frown Cas lifts his hand and gently catches Dean's wrist. He rubs his thumb against it in comforting little circles then turns his head and kisses Dean's forehead.

"Dean…" he says softly, and the man lets out a soft grunt and buries his face in Castiel's neck.

The memory of that night is still fresh and painful in Dean's mind. He thinks it always will be.

"You know the hardest part of all that was trying to come up with some excuse for where you were," Dean accuses, trying to make light of the topic. "If you hadn't died there my dad was ready to kill you if you showed up again."

The man lifted his head and glared at Castiel.

"Do you have any idea how hard it was to convince Dad that you hadn't just up and abandoned me when those two showed up? He was ready to tear you apart if he saw you again. I had to feed him and the police some story about waking up alone and then Lucifer and Michael telling me they had taken you somewhere else and they were going to kill you!"

Castiel smiles softly.

"The police were freaking out trying to find you and you know they had given up on finding you? You were in the vet's clinic for so long!" there is a tinge of panic in his voice there. "Then you suddenly show up again. We had to set up some elaborate thing where Sam dropped you off outside of town and then you had to shamble back in looking like shit and then gave some bullshit story that I am still not entirely sure that anyone believes. And why did Sam know about you being a fucking cat that turned into a human? What the hell! I was the one you were in love with! Why didn't I get to know that you were some magical freak of natu—mpfh!"

Dean is silenced with a kiss from Castiel who smiles softly and gently bites Dean's bottom lip. He pulls back and then leans forward and the two share another kiss before Dean hides his face against Castiel's neck again. His arms wrap around the more pale man's waist and he practically pulls him into his lap.

"I almost lost you," he says softly and Castiel smiles softly and cradles Dean's head in his hands.

"But you didn't… I'm still here, Dean. I'm not going anywhere."

They are quiet for a moment after that. They always are after any sort of conversation about that night and the events that followed. Dean can still remember very clearly being taken out of his house and to a hospital (despite his protests that he didn't need a fucking doctor! He needed to make sure his cat and dogs were alright). He can remember the feeling of refusing to go home and going back to live with John because he just couldn't stay in that house. The memory of how much it hurt knowing that they had killed Domino is still there but the pain, while not completely gone has lessened with time. Then there were the agonizing days of waiting for news on Cas.

He shudders at the memory of seeing his cat being flung against the wall.

A little mewl breaks the silence and Dean turns his head, smiling as he watches Smaug making himself at home against Remy's side. Remy was lucky that night. When Michael and Lucifer had drugged the dogs they accidentally over dosed Domino.

Dean reaches out and scratches the dog behind the ear then moved to nuzzle into Castiel's neck and shoulder.

"What time is it?" he asks, lightly running his fingers over Castiel's stomach, dipping his fingers under the man's shirt and then letting his hand go still.

"Hmm… Around two," Cas replies, running his fingers through Dean's hair and teasing the soft strands of it.

That quickly stops because Dean is crawling over him and rolling out of bed as soon as he hears the time.

"Why did you let me sleep so long?" he asks, grabbing a pair of sweats off the floor and a grey shirt that Castiel is pretty sure is his. The way it hugs his lover's broader chest does nothing to debunk the theory.

"Because it is Sunday and even God rested on Sunday. I'm sure no one can fault you for doing the same," Castiel teases, getting out of bed and following Dean as he moves to clop down the stairs.

They live in Dean's childhood home now. After the incident with Lucifer and Michael Dean just couldn't be comfortable in his own home. So he moved back in with John and then John eventually moved out and just let Dean and Cas have the house. Now he lives with Bobby which means that Ellen now spends a startling amount of time in the Singer house keeping the two men from killing each other. Dean doesn't know what made them think that living together was going to be a good idea.

Half way down the stairs Castiel has to back track and go back up because Smaug is mewling plaintively, wanting to get down since Remy jumped off after Dean and followed him down the stairs. When he gets down the stairs placing the kitten on the floor in the Kitchen Dean is already pulling out pots and pans and food that needs to be cooked. Cas just smiles and shakes his head. He slips up behind Dean as he starts pealing and slicing up apples.

"You know you could just let Ellen or Jo cook Sunday Dinner for once," he murmurs against Dean's neck, resting his head on man's shoulder and Dean just huffs.

"Ellen is busy keeping Dad and Bobby from shooting each other and I love Jo but she's more likely to burn my kitchen down than cook in it…" Dean says and Castiel smiles.

"What about Bela?" he asks since the woman, along with Balthazar and Crowley, have been making regular appearances at the table on Sundays.

"Then you would have to keep Bela and me from killing each other. Besides I somehow doubt she's much of a cook," Dean replies and Castiel just laughs and backs off a little so that Dean can continue making his apple pie and whatever else he has planned.

"You just like taking care of people," Cas accuses, smiling as the kitten slinks up to Dean and starts rubbing up against Dean's ankles.

"And what is wrong with that?" Dean asks with a smile as peels, and slices up another apple, popping one of the apple slices in his mouth.

"Nothing, as a matter of fact I think that most people like that in a mate," Castiel says, moving close to Dean again and wrapping his arms around the man's waist. "Means they'll be good caretakers for any future offspring," he says, nuzzling the back of Dean's neck.

The green eyed man snorts but leans back into his lover's arms, feeding him a piece of apple over his shoulder while asking, "You hinting at something there, Cas?"

Castiel just hums smiles against the back of Dean's shoulder.

-But the cat came back the very next day. The cat came back, we thought he was a goner, but the cat came back. It just couldn't stay away. Away,away, yeah, yeah, yeah…-


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