It's a big club and you ain't in it. You and I are not in the big club. By the way, it's the same big club they use to beat you over the head with all day long when they tell you what to believe. All day long beating you over the head with their media telling you what to believe, what to think and what to buy. The table is tilted, folks. The game is rigged and nobody seems to notice

~George Carlin

I shouldn't even be writing this. But I have to, I can't let them take the power from me. I need someone, anyone to find this. The world is collapsing, if it hasn't already collapsed. We are under control of monsters who not only want to control our world but our minds.

It's been only a few years, but they've already done so much. No one knows where they came from or how they took everything over so fast. They were once a small group of people who pushed for absolute order. It was a quiet, invisible revolution that gave them our world to do so.

It's amazing, in the most twisted sense, how different the world became under their control, almost overnight. They claimed to have wanted some order in the world, but what they brought was control. They control everything. They control our surroundings, our media, our cities, our people, and our thoughts. They're deluded! They think that if they control the people, that there will be peace and order throughout the world.

I say, what good is peace and order if we are miserable? We fought for peace in order to make our lives better, to be happy, to be safe! There is no peace here! There is only suffering! This world has no life left, even if we walk today, because we are all dead inside!

The worst part is that once, I was one of them.

I believed in them, in the order that they promised. And I worked to help them, because I was naïve. What a fool I was!

I saw what no one else did. No one has ever believed the big brother image they portray, their desire to 'make the world better.' But I saw their true colors. They undermined us all. They thought they were better than us all! The world was full of worthless, expendable people to them. We were all foolish, we would never understand the world like they did.

They called themselves gods, they did. They reigned over a world of sinners, the free thinkers, the disbelievers. The warring nations, the immoral pleasure-seekers. Those who differed in their points of view, their abilities, their thoughts. Their creations.

Today, one can be imprisoned, even killed, simply for creating a piece of art. Anything with color in this world of gray. Anything with words that differ from the laws they hold. Anything that simply does not praise them. They kill the artists, and destroy their works.

I was there when they burned the Mona Lisa. When they burned bibles. Mark Twain's works. The Shawshank Redemption. Even children's works were not spared. Can you imagine, as a kid, a group of official, masked people throwing your parents out of the way and prying your favorite book out of your hands?

I can't believe that I ever did that.

I remember their favorite books to burn were The Hunger Games. A book about a young woman leading an oppressed nation to take over their cruel leaders. Can't have those books around, now can we?

I remember smuggling a set of them out before they could be burned. They intrigued me, when I was still against the people. I wanted to see just how foolish they were.

I was inspired by them, completely by accident. They showed me how wrong we were, and more importantly, that there was hope.

But who were these people that would rebel against the system? I am sorrowful to say that I will probably never see them. But I have found them. And I know that there's hope.

I have hidden these books in a place where they cannot be found. I will disclose it on this note so that it may be found by the right people. From there, I am not sure. Perhaps they can be produced to inspire more people. Perhaps it can be the spark of revolution.

To my dear contact: When you get this letter, you must find the original Kingdom's Key Bridge. Once it led to a pristine, peaceful kingdom. Some of the best people I've ever met. One of the most beautiful. The kingdom's gone now. So is she.

Oh, how could I have been so blind?

I cannot disclose much further. Just know that the river under the bridge holds the book, hidden at its depths, sealed from its current. The spark is there. All you have to do is find it. You can stop the reign of terror. You can bring the world back to its glory, to its color.

You can stop the Judges. I believe it with every fiber of my being.

Godspeed with you.

Marth finished writing the note, dropping a plastic pen rattled with nervous bite marks (a bad habit of his). His hand hurt from the rapid speed of which he wrote. He browsed over the note one last time, making sure everything was legible. Thankfully, it was.

A melancholic relief surged through his pores, and he sighed in relief. Quickly, he took the paper and started to fold it in a familiar shape. God, it had been years since he made one of those. Even making one of those was an offense against their law. Such a harmless, amusing object, causing the loss of people's homes, their lives.

He hoped this one would be the one to save the lives to atone for the ones he took.

After making sure it was prepared for flight, he dropped the paper airplane out of the fourth story window. He watched it gracefully spiral to the ground and watched as a distant figure reached for it, picking it up.

Oh, thank God. He had succeeded in that little bit. His part was done. And he had succeeded. He would be eternally grateful for that.

Now there was only one thing left to do.

The heavy footsteps came up the stairs, and Marth took in a deep breath. This was going to be the most courageous act he ever pulled. He traversed the broken, abandoned apartment until he approached the object of his choice.

As he picked up a matchbox, he heard the first booming voice call his name. "Marth Lowell, you are wanted before the Court of Judges for charges of treason. Come out now."

Marth took a deep breath, shaking off nerves before calling "Piss off, you worthless bastards!"

The steps continued up towards him. "Marth Lowell, you must come out now and surrender or we will be forced to use drastic means!"

"Come right up here, you demented bigots!" he taunted as he struck a flame. He started toward a water heater, a very malfunctioned object. One wrong (or perhaps right?) lick of fire and who knows what would happen?

Marth knew.

As they made one last threat, Marth didn't bother to hear. He gazed towards a mirror one last time. He always was a weak, delicate-looking person. His face was soft, his hair a comforting blue, his eyes warm. But he wasn't weak. Not anymore.

He was going to die a strong man.

"Come out now, Marth Lowell, or we will shoot to kill!"

Marth did not address them. He shouted to no one yet everyone "Long Live the Creators!" as he let the flame touch the heater and let the strong flame that erupted take him away from this wretched world.

And back to her.

The contact held the airplane in her hands, a city block away from the building where it fell from. She gazed in melancholic admiration as the empty apartment erupted in flames, almost instantaneously covering the building in a bright cover of death when it started. She knew everyone in there was dead, there was no way they could have survived.

"You're a brave, brilliant man, Marth Lowell," she mused in admiration and forgiveness.

That was all she would allow herself to dwell on it, as she broke into a bold run. Marth had done his part.

Now it was time for Sheik to do hers.

A/N So I'm going to just write this and only this for a couple weeks or so, this short story here. I want to see if I'm going to be dedicated to writing something before I confine myself to working on a big story. A test, you see. :P

I think this story has a lot of promise. I took an inspiration source (which is a secret so don't ask) and decided to make a story about it, and it became so much more than I thought it would. I'm excited. I haven't been excited to write in awhile

I hope you guys enjoy and keep loyal! I need a good strong multichapter story like this. :D