Summary: She fell and he burned up a sun to say goodbye. That was the last of a path that'd existed since the beginning of Time.

Pairings: Implied 11/Rose, Amy/Rory

Warnings: AU. Probable OOC.

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Of Wolves and Burning Suns


"We're not lost. We're locationally challenged." (John M. Ford)


She fell and he burned up a sun to say goodbye. A sun, a star, a bringer of life destroyed before its time. But there was a small ball of gas and metals and what some call rock that should've gotten life from that star and now didn't get it. This ball was nothing but a child in the eyes of the Universe…no, it was even less, maybe a barely formed foetus. It wasn't anything special and it would've never been anything special, if not for her fall.

And so, time passed…and passed…and passed.

The Universe started, let's say feel for the simplicity of it, like something was amiss. That something that should've been hadn't been and soon after a song started, just a tiny thread of music, a few notes at most. And so it came to pass that, that small, insignificant ball of gases and metals became a moon. A moon without a planet, without even a star that would've shared its light, and that moon was the last of a path that had existed since the beginning of Time.

The moon would be named Shafry (which translated to crystal in those languages that actually had the word) for the beautiful, completely transparent glass-like metal that covered its surface. The problem with Shafry was that no-one could land on it; actually no-one could even get closer than fifty kilometres without all their instruments getting fried.

The Doctor wouldn't learn of the moon's existence until the TARDIS finally got sick of him gallivanting around the Universe after she got rid of a homicidal, sentient planet for him, and decided to land the man and the Ponds on the moon.


The TARDIS' landing was a bit rougher than usual but still nothing like the worst ones the Doctor remembered. Amy and Rory though almost tumbled down a set of stairs in the control room. Always made him wonder had there been something special about Rose and Jack, they hadn't fallen once after the first couple of trips.

"So, where's this then, Doctor?" and of course it was Amy, the always curious Amelia.

"I have absolutely no idea but the TARDIS brought us here for a reason." The Doctor explained while dancing around the console checking reading after reading. "But that's not...I mean, it couldn't be...this wasn't here then. How could it be?" the Doctor's rambling didn't make any sense to either human.

"Doctor," Rory, it seemed, had also gotten curious, "where are we?"

"What?" he seemed like his thoughts were a hundred light-years away "Oh, a lovely little moon by the name of Shafry. Entirely made up of a metal that looks almost like crystal on Earth." he was clearly reading from the monitor in front of him.

"But," and he continued talking to himself, "why would you bring me here? Why this point in the whole of the Universe? WHY?" he ended with a scream at the TARDIS.

There was a beep and a dot lit up on the screen.

"Doctor, what is that?" Rory was pointing at the dot which was blinking irregularly. The Doctor gave the screen a good slap on the side and nothing changed.

"Wait," Amy stared at the dot with a concentrated expression on her face, "Doctor, is there pen and paper somewhere?" The Doctor searched his pockets for a moment and dug out a receipt and a red crayon.

There was silence for a few minutes as Amy just looked at the screen and scribbled on the receipt with the crayon. After a while she turned to the two men with a triumphant look. "That's Morse code. It's a message in Morse code. But I don't know what it means."

"What does it say?" The Doctor seemed on edge. "Amy, what's it say?"

"Does "Bad Wolf" mean anything to you?"

The Doctor froze for a moment before a thousand-mega-watt smile lit up his face and he ran for the insides of the TARDIS with a whoop of joy, or possibly excitement, leaving the Ponds staring.


Miles and miles away to a North-that-wasn't inside what looked like a mountain of ice, a golden figure breathed her first breath and with it one word.



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