Over breakfast

Third Music room:

Host Club:

Haruhi tried to think of something anything to add to the current conversation. The group was currently trying to gain other idea's to add to the host clubs profits. Haruhi was currently in the kitchen cooking breakfast for everyone at the insistence that they just could not go without her "amazing food" for one more minute. Reluctantly she had agreed taking the time to think of a decent meal while trying to think of something that Kyoya-sempai could use to drop her debt even a little bit more.

Stirring the batter she had currently mixed in to the bowl for pancakes thinking that would be the best because Honey was trying to convince everyone to let him have cake before eight am. So as a compromise she decided that apple pancakes would be a good additive to the bacon and eggs and orange juice she had already planned for. Slicing the apples she started to think, 'what can I do? I need to lower my debt so that I stay on schedule; but I can't possibly afford some of the extravagant things that the other host club members can.' Most of the time when events like this were put together the club members often had different cosplay costumes made for the specific theme of the day, but often as she had found out they paid for their own. Making those things impossible for her to follow, she didn't have money or a mother that's a fashion designer, she didn't have secret resorts to take private trips or a private jet to get them there. She didn't really have much to offer. Her brain and commoner experience was the closest thing she had, that was the leg up she was given at birth that they could not rival, the question was how she would use those things to come up with an event that she could contribute to the club.

Pouring the last of the batter in the heated skillet she placed some of the sweetened apples in to the shape of a sun burst in the center of the perfect circle. She waited patiently for the edges to start to become dry and used the spatula to flip the last pancake then went to gather the large tray she had stacked the rest on and placed in the oven to keep them warm. Turning the last pancake out of the pan and on to the tray, she balanced that on a pad on her arm and grabbed the silver dish of scrambled eggs and cheese with small bits of ham with the other hand. She carried them to the table she had already begun to set with flatware and toppings for the pancakes like apple sauce, jam and even for Karou, peanut butter. She placed the items on the table carefully at the center of the table and turned to the group of men in a circle of couches nearby.

"Guys, breakfast is ready if you-"Haruhi was stopped when she realized they were not listening to her but continuing with whatever argument they were having. Giving an irritated grunt she started tapping the toe of her brown loafers, continuing to try to get their attention politely. Finally giving up she realized there was going to be no way to do this without being loud and the food was going to get cold despite all of her careful planning. Finally she had had enough. She did the only thing that she knew that she was capable of doing, she got mad.

"GUYS! SHUT UP!" She said in a tone of voice that only a woman can make, the mother tone. Hip popped to the side hands crossed under the chest tapping one finger on her arm and tapping her shoe in agitation, while giving her prey a look that says quite clearly, ' I AM NOT AMMUSED!'.

Each boy turned to her, Tamaki whimpering slightly at the sight before them, the hairs on the backs of their necks rising violently and trying to escape in fear.

She cleared her throat, "It is time for breakfast, please wash up and come to the table." She said calmly and politely, but she left no room for argument. Suddenly the twins and Tamaki scattered, Kyoya and Mori following behind at a slower but still slightly hurried pace, with Honey perched on Mori's shoulder.

Satisfied Haruhi walked back to the kitchen and grabbed the small touring of homemade alder berry syrup, and a small ladle, also remembering to grab the pitcher of orange juice. Entering the club room and walking to the table she was happy to see that all of the boys were sitting patiently at the table. Smiling she placed the last two items on the table and removed the cloths off of the bacon and the pancakes. She also removed the lid to the eggs. With a satisfied sigh she smiled at them all.

"Orange juice anyone?" she asked.

Kyoya, Mori, Honey and Hikaru all nodded while holding their glasses so she could fill them. The other boys preferred milk or in Tamaki's case tea. Placing the pitcher down she proceeded to settle in her seat between Honey and Kyoya. For the first few minutes there was no chatter only the clink and clatter of people filling their plates and covering their pancakes in different condiments, Haruhi had even thought to place some dishes of apple sauce and various fruits and yogurt and granola as well to make sure to meet everyone's appetites and accommodate dietary needs.

"WOW! Haru-chan this is really good!" Honey said after taking a bite of his pancakes that were covered in whipped topping and strawberries. Mori taking a bite of his eggs first gave a small smile and nodded his head in agreement.

Kyoya who had only added a bit of the syrup took a bite and agreed as well. Meanwhile the twins faces split in to a grin and started chanting a happily, "Haruhi's special food, special food, we love Haruhi's special food!" in a sing song voice.

"OH! My daughter is the most talented daughter a father could ask for!" Tamaki exclaimed in a loud overly happy way that made Haruhi visibly flinch. "You're not my dad sempai, but thank you for the compliment." Haruhi added gently hopping to not have a session of mushroom growing happen during breakfast. Tamaki happily ignored the first half of the comment reverting instead to focus on the meal he was gushing on about. Finally Tamaki stopped long enough to breathe and take another bite successfully finishing his first helping and going in for the next. However when he reached out to take another fluffy cake, another fork rapped sharply against his knuckles causing the boy to instantly recoil from the plate holding his previously accosted appendage protectively against his chest while the rest of the table looked at the wielder of the fork in shock.

There sat Honey fork in hand and giving Tamaki a pointed look. Without a word he scooped the remaining three cakes off the tray and stuffed them on to his plate proceeding to pour a serving of syrup on top and eating them seemingly at once. After he smiled warmly at Haruhi and said:

"Those were amazing Haru-chan, I wish that I could eat stuff like this every day!" Haruhi smiled at him and then stopped looking confused, then enlightened. She had it! She knew what she was going to do to lower her debt!

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