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Her Nights are His

Her nights are his. He comes from the sky, a madman in a box, to whisk her away from her prison. He remembers the way she smiled at him, many, many years into her future. That smile lit up her face, her skin glowed with pride and happiness, her eyes shone with the brilliance of a thousand suns.

You watch us run.

And now, he watched them run. Hand in hand, laughing, crying, shouting, screaming. The Doctor had had companions before, but not like her. River wasn't a companion. She was his. And he was hers. Completely, and utterly. Always running, never stopping. Whole armies turned and ran from him, and he would swagger off back to the TARDIS, click his fingers, and disappear inside. And she was right there beside him nearly every time. He understood what she had meant now, all those years in her future, in the Library.

Not those times. Don't you dare.

These times couldn't be rewritten. That sultry look she got in her eyes when the TARDIS door closed and they dematerialised away from her prison cell. The way she would walk up to him, swaying her hips, a devilishly wicked smirk tugging on her lips. His very own personal hell in high heels. She spends most of her days in a prison cell, but her nights are his.

Hello, Sweetie.

He greets her the same way, every time. The Doctor knows that the day he sees River, and she doesn't say those words with that all too familiar coy grin on her face that tells him she's thinking thoughts that really don't need to be voiced, is the day that there is something seriously, seriously wrong. River Song is trouble; he's known that from day one. Sometimes, he thinks that must be one of the reasons he loves her so much. His whole life has been spent running from and towards trouble, and River is the most troublesome of all. And the most brilliant.

Who else was I going to fall in love with?

Her days are spent in confinement. Too many silent hours mean too much time for thought, and her thoughts always revolve around him. And it shows. Her days are hers, to spend alone. Her nights are his.

You may kiss the bride... I'll try and make it a good one... You better.

And it's times like these that can't be rewritten. These amazing, incredible moments when they come together. When a smile lights up her face, when her skin glows with pride and happiness, and her eyes shine with the brilliance of a thousand suns. His expression mirrors hers. There is awkwardness, of course. River doesn't think the Doctor will ever not be awkward; the day those moments cease to be is the day the Doctor ceases to be. Her Doctor. He fumbles with clothing, trips over things at unfortunate moments, says the right words at the wrong time, or the wrong words at the right time. But it's all part of what makes her love him. Those moments bring a smile to her face – that smile.

Her nights are his. They belong to him, along with everything else of hers.

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