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Sam had fallen deeply in love with Mercedes at the Junior Prom. He wore a regular tuxedo with the exception of a bolo tie. But when he planted both of his green eyes on her, he couldn't help but to think, "She's the one." He saw how every curve she had swayed as she entered the restaurant; she wore a beautiful hot pink strapless dress that was open so her chest was noticeable. Sam had a hard time not staring at her. She gave him a warm smile, a smile that flipped his heart. Suddenly he was nervous, and she could tell.

Mercedes had fallen deeply in love with Sam, also at the Junior Prom. When he gracefully walked towards her, she was caught off guard by the question he had asked her.

"Mercedes?" She stopped paying attention to her corsage and looked up to see Sam in front of her, she could always tell when Sam was nervous; and he was.

"Yes?" Sam couldn't find the words, but then blurted them out.

"I just wanted to say you look beautiful. Would you like to dance?" He extended his hand towards her and she just stared at it. She blushed and accepted grasping his warm hand. Mercedes couldn't help but to think, "He's the one." They danced like fools, but they didn't seem to care.

He walked her to her house and as she opened the door, she slowly turned around to meet his gaze. They laughed softly at each other for they had been staring for almost 5 minutes. She looked down and started taking her corsage off. Sam stared at her beauty, and didn't pay much attention to what she was doing.

"Sam." He snapped out of it with her voice and he saw she had her corsage in her hand.

"I want you to keep it. Take it as good deed for helping a sad, desperate girl." He didn't understand what she was saying. A deed? This was no deed, he actually meant taking her to prom.

"Mercedes, I didn't do this as a deed. I was telling you the truth when I said I would be honored to take you to prom." She laughed and he wanted to know what she was thinking.

"I wasn't your date, Rachel was too."

"I didn't dance not once with her, she was with Jesse. You were my date. I couldn't have had it any other way." She gazed down in embarrassed and he grabbed her chin to raise her face and he kissed her.

Her lips were sweet and soft, he could tell she was caught off guard by the kiss. He parted from her and hugged her.

"Can I still keep the corsage?" She laughed and pushed him away playfully.

"Of course." She handed him her corsage and then he undid his bolo tie and gave it to her.

"Then, since we are exchanging gifts, I want you to keep this bolo tie." She glimpsed at him, she was surprised and nodded in disapproval.

"Sam no, it's your bolo tie." He snatched her hands and placed it in between them.

"I insist." She laughed softly and this she leaned in and kissed him. Now she got a taste of his lips. They were soft and strong at some points. She laughed when she parted from him.

"I have to go." He nodded smiling and kissed her on her forehead. He stayed watching her as she entered her house. Once the door closed he jumped in the air happily. Once she closed the door she had to cover her mouth with her hands as she screamed. They couldn't believe they were together. Sam being her ideal guy, someone she would never picture herself with. As for Mercedes, she ended being his dream girl, a girl that truly would love him.

And she did, but as for this story; all romances must come to an end. There are people who are jealous of one's romance. As they try to destroy it, some succeed, some don't. As Sam and Mercedes' romance…you'll have to wait and see.