Because it's been awhile. And I myself have had about four cups of coffee now after not having had any coffee for a very long time.

As a result. I'm hyper!


Dean had just stepped through the hotel door when he was immediately knocked back on his ass. He had a brief moment of panic, and a moment to wonder where the nearest weapon was, then Sam's laughter registered in his brain.

"What the hell?"

The voice that replied was muffled against his neck, but Dean knew who it was immediately, "Hello Dean."

"Cas, what the actual fuck?"

Cas actually giggled, rolled away from Dean and bound away. Dean sat upright, heard Sam yelp and a thud that could have been a tree being felled, but was really Sam hitting the floor.

They'd both officially now been glomped by an angel.

"That's the last time you give him coffee." Sam grumbled, glaring up at Dean when Dean flipped the lights on. Dean simply grinned and shrugged.

It was totally worth it to hear Cas giggling.