Chapter 1- Yu-Gi-Oh! or Pokemon?

Well, it all started when. . .

Me: Touch down!

Bud: But we're playing chess!

Me: Well, it seems like tennis to me!

And then we all know that we get summoned by Merle.

Me: Wha? Where in the name of pie am I?

Merle: You are in the Spiral! Where most people go to the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts where people duel each other with cards!

Me: So, you all spend your time playing Yu-Gi-Oh?

Merle: What is this "Yu-Gi-Oh"?

Me: Never mind.

And we all know that it rains, and someone appears in the Golem tower.

Gamma: Whoooooo?

Me: Shut up!

And we all go into the tower.

Merle: Malistare? your not welcome here anymore!

Me: *Sits on a lawn chair while eating some popcorn.* Man, this is getting good!

Malistare: Is that your latest student? My henchmen will fight him.

Merle: Here, take this deck of spell cards while I watch!

Me: Let's get ready to RUMMMBLE!

Draconian summons out Frost Beetle

Me: So this IS Pokemon!

I summon out Fire Cat

Me: Charmander, use Flamethrower!

Frost Beetle destroys Fire Cat

Me: Screw this!

Smashes Draconians with sledgehammer

Malistare: Nooo! I will destroy you all soon!

Me: No one messes with me! WOOT! I'm da man! I'm da man! I'm da-

Merle: Here, have this wand and spellbook!

Me: How's a book and stick gonna help me?

Merle: Fine, you can use your sledgehammer!

Me: Yay!