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Harvey was willing to put up with the blond head occupying his lap if it meant a quiet ride and no more almost-vomiting incidents. Mike for his part, was lying there pretty quietly, only mumbling some unperceivable words to himself every once in a while. When Ray stopped at the pharmacy near his apartment, Harvey looked down, frowning half-heartedly at the back of Mike's head.

"I'll be right back," he said as he lifted the blonde head out of his lap and set it on the seat.

Mike made a disgruntled noise but didn't move from where Harvey had settled him.

It didn't take long for Harvey to return with the medicine. When he did, Mike was sitting up, hair scruffier than usual and eyes still sleepy. Harvey refused to allow himself to find it endearing. And the sight of Mike's bruised face did not trouble him, not at all. Harvey scowled at the younger man, annoyed at Mike for making him feel something he tried to avoid. Mike just continued to stare blearily at him.

Harvey decided to have a little fun.

"Mike! What the hell are you doing here? Didn't I tell you I wanted the Fisher's agreement draft done by this afternoon?"

Mike's eyes widened and he froze at Harvey's sharp tone.

"Well? Where is it?"

"…the agreement draft?"

That seemed to startle Mike and he looked down at his hands helplessly. He then started looking all around him, even rising up awkwardly to check under his butt. Harvey couldn't stop himself from smirking at that. The draft was indeed in the car, resting on Harvey's briefcase by his feet. When Mike's search proved fruitless, he turned to Harvey. Blindsided was probably the best word to describe him. Harvey raised an eyebrow.

"I - I must have left it with Donna."

And then Mike went to open the car door. The moving car door. Harvey wasn't sure where he thought he was going; probably to go find Donna.

"Wait, wait, rookie. I'll let it pass this time."

Mike gave up on the idea of leaving, to Harvey's relief, and gave him a wide, doped up smile. His boss was so kind, Mike thought. He settled back on the seat, relieved. They were almost arriving at Harvey's apartment when Mike straightened and glowered at Harvey.

"You were making fun of me!"

"Oh, you noticed? How very astute of you."

A petulant huff was Mike's answer to that.

Now seemingly more aware, Mike noticed they were driving through a rich neighborhood he didn't recognize but knew it was located nowhere near his apartment building.

"This isn't the way to my apartment," Mike said, after staring outside for a while to make sure.

"Only if you moved from that hovel you call an apartment and forgot to tell me."

At the wounded look from Mike, Harvey relented.

"We're going to my place. Someone has to make sure you don't kill yourself going up the stairs. Fortunately, my place has an elevator."

"…oh," Mike said after running through the explanation.

Nothing more was said until they arrived. Mike looked outside the window at Harvey's modern building. He was trying to make sense of the situation but there seemed to be a fog around his thoughts. He rubbed his eyes wearily.

"Ugh. Whatever they gave me at the hospital turned me into a moron."

"Don't worry. I can hardly tell the difference," Harvey said, sounding very earnest.

Mike glared at him from between his fingers.

"Alright, let's go," Harvey said. He paused before exiting the car, eyeing Mike's exit critically. He got out okay though, only wobbling slightly when standing up.

Mike closed the car door and took a deep breath to clear his head. It seemed to help. Only he couldn't shake the exhaustion that was plaguing him since he left the hospital. Harvey, in the meantime, had come around the car and was leaning over the front passenger's window to talk to Ray.

"Are you sure you won't need me for the rest of the day, boss?" Mike heard Ray say.

"Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow, Ray."

Before Mike could process that little exchange, Harvey took him by the elbow and led him to the apartment building's entrance.


Harvey decided to take the normal elevator; he was pretty sure Mike wasn't feeling nauseated anymore but he didn't want to risk having puke all over the floor of his pristine glass elevator. To his relief, the elevator ride went fine and soon Harvey was opening the door to his apartment.

Mike followed Harvey inside but stopped pretty soon after, looking around him with an awed look on his face.


"So glad it meets your unattainable standards."

Mike ignored the sarcasm and continued to take a good look around. Harvey let him be and strolled to his bedroom to change into something more comfortable. He'd decided he wasn't going back to the office for the rest of the day. His associate had ruined his work day and he felt he should feel more irritated at this fact than he really was. He had certainly been irritated at the kid before he fell down the stairs.

When he came back down to the living room, Mike was looking out one of the glass walls, his nose almost touching the glass.

"Please refrain from leaving smudges all over my walls, kid."

"This place is amazing, Harvey," Mike said, not looking away from the view of the city.

"Just come sit here for a moment, will you?" Harvey led him to the couch and after Mike sat down, he walked to the kitchen.

He returned to Mike's side with a glass of water and a couple of pills. Mike was no longer sitting but lying down awkwardly on his good side, his feet still resting on the floor. His eyes were closed.

"Sit up, Mike," Harvey said, nudging him upright. "You need to take these."

Mike accepted the glass of water and obediently swallowed the pills. He handed back the empty glass to Harvey and slouched back on the couch. Harvey eyed him, still standing in front of him.

"So. What do you want to do? The doctor said rest; do you want to watch some tv?" Harvey motioned to the large dvd collection next to the television, behind them. "You can pick a dvd if you want."

"Can I- can I take a nap?" Mike asked hopefully. He'd closed his eyes again, not waiting for an answer.

Harvey set down the glass of water on the side table and grabbed Mike's arm, urging him to stand. He ignored Mike's puppy eyes and rolled his eyes at him.

"If you want to sleep, you're going to do it in a bed."

He steered a sleepy Mike to his guest bedroom and left him standing by the bed while he went to close the glass wall curtains. When he glanced back at Mike, he found him in the same spot, staring at everything around him again. Harvey told himself to be patient and went back to Mike, snapping his fingers at him to get his attention.

"Hey. Take off your shoes and pants and get into bed," Harvey instructed while helping him undress his jacket.

He left him to undress the rest alone and went to fetch some ice, remembering the doctor's instructions. When he came back, he was relieved to see Mike had followed his orders. The trousers were hanging off the bed and the shoes were haphazardly splayed on the floor but Harvey decided to be benevolent and ignore it. He was not glad to see though, that Mike appeared to have fallen on his side on top of the covers, just like he'd done on the couch, and was on his way to sleep, if he wasn't there already.

"You're useless like this, kid. You need a minder, full time," he muttered while nudging Mike awake. "Come on, get under the covers."

Mike allowed himself to be manhandled but when he focused on Harvey leaning over him, he suddenly sat up and put his good arm around him, burying his face on Harvey's neck.

"Thank you, Harvey," he said against Harvey's collar. Mike may not have been aware of all that happened in the last few hours but he knew Harvey had been there by his side. Caring for him.

"…and you're hugging me."

Harvey patted Mike's back, resigning himself to be hugged to Mike's satisfaction. It was easier to wait it out, really. Only that was taking a long time and from the slow deep breaths Harvey could feel against his neck, he realized Mike had fallen asleep.


Harvey disentangled his sleeping associate and laid him on his back, putting a couple of pillows under his left arm to support it. He sat down on the bed, picked up the ice bag and held it to Mike's shoulder, taking the moment to study an unaware Mike. The kid was completely out now, his deep sleep helped by the remains of the medication, no doubt. Just like the previous times he'd noticed, the ugly bruise on the side of Mike's face unsettled Harvey. This made him uneasy; how much this whole situation had affected him. He stood up abruptly and after another long scrutinizing look at the sleeping younger man, Harvey left the bedroom. He needed a drink.