Chapter 19: crossing the border… Again

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Xanavere roof

3rd POV

It was a dark and very clear night. The moon was clearly visible through the light cloud cover, and the wind howled through the night. Magnus wore a neutral expression while holding his cane in front of himself with his right hand. Magnus' left hand, Franz, was resting right on top of the other one. He sighed, then said "Vhere iz he? He iz late!"

About 5 seconds after he said this, Matt burst through the doors leading to the roof of Magnus' castle. He was panting heavily, and seemed panicked. "Sorry *pant* I'm *pant* late!"

Magnus was wondering what happened, but not for long. He soon heard Dan yelling "WAIT TILL I GET MY GOD DAMN HANDS ON YOU YA LITTLE CUNT SHITTING ASS FUCKER!"

Matt immediately dashed behind Magnus, who didn't even shift his position, while whimpering "Hide me…"

Magnus twisted his head. A sickening crack was heard as it did a complete 180, and he looked down at the young youkai. "Vhat?... I don't vant to be knowing…"

A couple moments later, and the door to the roof was blasted off its hinges in a cloud of dust. It flew off into the night sky, never to be seen again. The dust cleared to show Dan staring at Matt hiding behind Magnus with rage-filled fire in his eyes. "Alright, hand him over!" The insane semi-immortal growled.

Magnus' head shifted back into its positing as Dan's expression changed from one of anger, to one of surprise. "H-how is it possible for a normal human being to do that?"

Magnus changed his expression from a frown to a neutral one and said "I am double jointed."

And awkward pause followed…

Dan disregarded the strange nature of Dr. Magnus' body, and simply looked over at the machine that was sitting next to Magnus. He stared at it for another moment, and then asked "What's that?"

The left corner of Magnus' lip twitched upward, creating that almost-smile that only he could pull off. "I am glad you asked mine boy. It iz a super lazer zat I like to call-

Magnus was interrupted when Matt pulled on his lab coat, and said "Please, don't say it." His expression showed something that resembled disappointment.

Magnus' almost smile lowered, and asked "Vhy not?" with a sour frown.

Matt stepped out from behind Dr. Magnus and stated "Because it's a stupid name."

An angry vein appeared on Magnus' wrinkled forehead and his expression darkened. His glasses glinted in the moonlight as he turned his head. "Vell, it iz better zan ze stupid name you gave your mobile house, ze land train!"

Matt looked away while blushing in embarrassment. "H-hey! Rumia helped me name that!"

Magnus changed his expression into his usual neutral one, and said "Vell, zis Rumia person must not be very smart."

An angry vein appeared on Matt's forehead as he said "Hey! I'll have you know that she's smarter than you'll ever be!"

Magnus' self-aware hand, Franz angrily clicked, and then slammed Magnus' can into the ground. "How dare you insult my intelligence!" Magnus angrily declared. "I vill have you know zat my IQ iz over von-hundred zixty!"

While Matt and Magnus continued arguing, Dan sweat dropped and thought "Am I the only one here that has any dick sucking shred of maturity?" Dan furrowed his brow and blocked out Magnus and Matt's argument. "I'm going to go back inside…" the semi-insane semi-immortal muttered under his breath.

He walked back down the stairway where he had come from and closed the door behind him, but not before hearing Magnus sing "Matt and Rumia zitting in a tree~!" Dan chuckled, and pulled a lever that put out the chemical lamps which lit the hallway.

Meanwhile on the roof, Magnus was acting like an elementary child while tormenting Matt. It seemed like Matt, the mature one, should've been the one trolling like a grade school student, but no. Magnus was the one teasing Matt. "WILL YOU SHUT UP ALREADY?" Matt screamed.

Magnus stopped pacing around the roof, and looked at Matt. He sighed, and then said "Fine… I vill ztop ze act of teazing you." Magnus re-adjusted his glasses, and then looked into the night sky. The full moon was half-way hidden behind some cloud cover, but it was emerging slowly from behind it. Magnus smirked, then said "It iz almost time" Under his breath.

Franz made a grinding noise, then clicked "Whirrr clakact whirr? Wwwhiiiir CLAKC CLICK!" (What the fuck are we waiting for? LET'S SHOOT THE MOON!)

Matt looked at the sentient hand, and then said "He's right. What are we waiting for?" while looking up at Magnus' worn face.

Magnus glanced back down at Matt and said "Alright, ve vill start now!" After Magnus said these words, the ground opened up beneath Magnus, and he fell into the hole.

Matt looked down into the hole, only to be greeted by a bright light. He stumbled backwards as Magnus' super-laser rose from the hole with the mad doctor himself sitting in the operator's chair. The barrel of the cannon cackled and hummed with energy as Dr. Magnus half-smiled Down at Matt. "VHAT DO YOU THINK MINE BOY!" Dr. Magnus yelled down at Matt. The loud humming of the laser sounded very familiar to another hum Matt had heard.

"I-IT"S PRETTY COOL…" Matt yelled back.


Magnus jammed his cane into a slot on the laser, then said "OK… TIME FOR A COUNTDOWN!" Magnus looked up at his target as the laser adjusted itself to the proper angle. "TEN!... NEIN!...EIGHT!... SEV-

Magnus was interrupted as a familiar rift in reality opened right in front of him. From the rift, a familiar figure flew out and tackled Magnus as is yelled "STOOOOOPP!"

Magnus was knocked out of his chair by the person, and struggled to gather his bearings. He adjusted his glasses then glared up at the person. She stood over him with an angry face. Magnus half-smiled as he calmly stood up from the ground then said "Hello… Yukari."

Xanavere foyer

Dan's POV

"I wonder if they will actually fucking pull it off?" Dan asked himself as he paced around the foyer off the huge castle. He was pretty skeptical of Magnus and Matt's plan… well, Magnus' plan. He felt like shooting the moon could only cause trouble.

He continued pacing around the foyer until finally deciding to stop thinking about it. He threw his hands up with frustration and said "Screw this! I'm going to go play warcraft now!"

He started walking towards the exit of the mansion in order to play on his computer, but then he stopped. He turned around to look at the rail-chair that Magnus usually used, then smirked. "I doubt that crazy old dumbass will mind if I use his chair."

He was about to climb in the chair when someone tugged on his overly-decorated coat. He turned around to find the little cat youkai he had un-officially adopted with AILC under her arm. Maria stared at Dan with sparkling eyes then said "Papa, can I come with you?"

This phrase immediately triggered a reaction from Dan "Damn… That's so cute!" Something inside him urged him to pat the little nekomata on the head. "W-well… sure, why not!" Dan climbed into the chair with Maria on his lap, and tried pulling one of the levers next to it. At first the chair started moving slowly, but then it took off in a direction that certianly wasn't the way to the front door.

Maria seemed to be enjoying the ride, and I knew I certainly was. Pretty soon the chair came to a stop in a room filled with beakers and levers. I could only assume it was a laboratory. It was dark, and there were human skulls lining shelves everywhere.

We both stepped out of the chair, and Maria tugged on my sleeve. "P-papa? W-Wh… What is this place?" She said while shaking slightly.

The images of death created in my head by this room made a sadistic grin creep onto my face. They reminded me of the times that I used to go on demon hunts. The slaughters were so much fun, and I would always come back home stained in blood. "Heh-Heh!"

Maria continued to look at me for an answer while shaking lightly, then said "D-Dan?"

I seemed to ignore her as my eyes gained the red glow that they seemed to have before Maria stepping into my life. "All the blood… All the Murder! It gives me a warm feeling inside!" I look down at a village that was set a little further down the mountain than the castle. "Just one more time couldn't hurt, could it?"

I was about to leave the castle to go slaughter the village, when the trembling Maria jumped up onto me, and said "No! Please don't go!"

I looked at the little youkai, and then started calming down. The blood red glow that my eyes gave out started to fade as the room returned to darkness. I Hugged Maria back, then said "S-sorry… I don't know what came over me."

Maria let go of me, and we both made our way back to the chair. Maria climbed in my lap, and we went back to the castle's huge foyer. When we made it back, I ruffled Maria's hair while saying "Why don't you go play with AILC? You haven't started him up in a while, and I'm sure he misses you." I wore a cheerful smile.

Maria nodded, then cheerfully said "Ok!" while skipping off to go play with her digital friend.

Once Maria was out of the room, I turned around to face the front door, and adopted a grim expression. I muttered "It seems my bloodlust hasn't completely vanished yet…" under my breath.

I walked toward the door to go occupy my favorite hobby, World of Warcraft.

Xanavere Roof

3rd POV

Matthew Harrison had stood silent for the past 5 seconds. He was trying to comprehend the fact that the crazy German Doctor he met just a couple days ago knew the most powerful youkai in the world. "W-w-wait… How do you two know each other?" Matt finally got out.

"HACK! ACK! ACK! *Cough, cough!*"Magnus wheezed/chuckled as he took a swig from his flask. Franz also seemed to chuckle at Matt's statement.

Yukari stayed floating in mid-air, and also seemed curious of how the mad German Chemist knew her name. She looked back at Matthew, who just shrugged.

Magnus wiped the blood from his mouth, and then spoke. "I am surprized zat you do not remember me."

"Whirrr clackatakcata whirrrrrr!" ("Stupid old fucking hag!") Franz added. It was a good thing that Yukari couldn't understand Franz's whirrs and clicks. If she could, she would have likely destroyed the sentient hand on the spot.

An awkward silence graced the atmosphere as Magnus shoved his blood-stained handkerchief into one of the pockets on his lab coat. He took a swig from his flask, and then continued. "Vell, I zertainly remember you."

Yukari stood… Floated still for a couple more minutes, then shook her head. "Ara… I'm sorry, I don't recognize you." Yukari turned her head towards Matt and frowned while saying "And what is HE doing here?"

Matt gave Yukari a shy wave, and then cleared his throat. He stepped forward and said "Well… This is where you dumped me. Magnus here took me in." Matt gestured towards Dr. Strangelo-* I mean Magnus.

Magnus stood in front of the strange Japanese woman in a very composed manner. He adjusted his glasses, and then said "Come. Ve vere just about to eat dinner."

Matt's eyes glinted and trollish grin stretched between his lips. Something changed inside his chest, and in a voice that mirrored a certain King dressed in yellow, he said "Enough! I wonder what's for dinner."

Both Yukari and Magnus turned their heads to the trollish little youkai. Matt's voice changed back into his own right before he was whacked on the head by a cane, then a paper fan. Matt fell to the ground as Magnus and Yukari started walking to the roof's door.

Yukari looked at Magnus with a smile, then said "Sure, I would love to join you for dinner." The Huge laser sank back into the castle as Yukari bent down to pick up Matt. While carrying him, she said "You should really learn to read the mood."

Matt's eyes swirled as he said "S-Sure… thing D-Dan…"

Yukari rolled her eyes as She Shut the Roof's door behind herself and Magnus.

Later that evening, Xanavere dining room

Yukari, Magnus, Matt, Maria, and Dan were all enjoying one of Magnus' favorite birds; The California condor. Magnus were seated at the heads of the table, while the other crowded around the sides. The room was dimly lit, and the table looked like it was made to redwood. The chairs, which had extremely tall backrests, looked to be made of redwood as well.

Yukari gazed across the table at Magnus, and then spoke. "My my, I had no idea that California condor tasted so good."

Matt had recovered from his dazed state, and before taking his first bite, he said "Isn't California condor like, endangered?" with a raised brow.

Magnus finished chewing his first bite, and then looked over to Matt. "Vell of course! Rare bird iz very delicious." the insane German scientist stated.

The atmosphere remained quiet for what seemed like eternity, until the gap hag interrupted the silence. "So, Mr.

"Magnus, Dr. Magnus" Magnus interrupted.

Yukari continued. "Dr. Magnus. How is it that you know me" Yukari smirked.

"Vell, it iz pretty hard to forget someone as veird az you." Yukari's expression started to boil with anger. "But don't you remember?" Magnus gestured towards Matt. "Vhen we created him?"

Matt's jaw dropped, and the small amount of food in it fell out.

Gunethre's HQ

3rd POV

Rumia and Flandre were traveling down the hall in search for the mad general. They had stopped flying due to the fact that they had realized that there were no soldiers patrolling the ground. The halls were dark and empty, and one could hear the wind howling through the building.

"Hey Rumia?" Flandre tried to get Rumia's attention

Rumia had let her arms down to walk like a normal person, and was keeping her pace at a steady beat. "What is it Flan?" She answered.

Flandre looked behind her back, and turned back to Rumia with a serious expression. Her scarlet eyes glowed lightly in the darkness as she said "Do you ever get the feeling that we are being watched?"

Flandre's expression changed from neutral, to shock as Rumia said "Well of course. That mean old general has been following us for quite some time now." Rumia acted as if she had just answered any old question.

Rumia and Flandre both stopped as rustling was heard from the darkness that encased the ceiling. Flandre looked up just in time to see Gunethre drop down from his hiding place. The two girls just stood in the dark hallway while Gunethre was in a crouching position from his landing. "How were you able to see me like that?" He asked in a commanding tone.

"I'm a darkness youkai. It's only natural that I was able to sense your presence when you were hiding in the darkness." Rumia plainly stated.

Gunethre rose to his full height, which was a good two times the height of Flandre or Rumia, and said "Well, no matter. You two will soon be disposed of."

Flandre shuddered at a troubling memory from the last time she and Dan had fought Gunethre. "S-so, I guess that means you are going to try to devour our souls?" She asked with a hint of fear in her voice. Flandre was well aware that her ability was a very powerful one, but during the night that she attacked Gunethre, Flandre had also realized Gunethre's ability was far scarier.

Gunethre's solid expression was as hard as ever, but softened as he let out a small chuckle. "No, no, vampire. I must have you both alive. I know that traitor; Dan cares very much about you two monsters. I feel it would be a fitting revenge for me to slowly kill you both in front of his eyes." Gunethre's expression turned into a sinister smile towards the end of his last statement.

"Well! We'll see about that!" Flandre said as she raised her right hand to her eye level. Gunethre tensed his muscles as Flandre said "Kyuu!" Gunethre jumped to the left right as an explosion appeared out of nowhere.

Gunethre summoned his dark energy to himself, and said: "So, getting right to the chase, are we? I always like it when people are straight-forward."

Flandre did not appear amused as she dashed toward Gunethre while declaring "Taboo: Lævateinn!" Flandre's Wand materialized in her left hand, and as she tossed it into her right, a large sword of fire sprouted from one of the ends. "Let's play!" She excitedly exclaimed.

Gunethre smirked, and held out his right hand to his side while saying, "Yes… Let's play." In a menacing tone. Gunethre stood there for a couple seconds as his smirk slowly faded into a frown. After a couple more seconds, his face contorted in rage as he yelled to no one in particular. "DAMN THESE INFERNAL SPELL CARDS!"

He brought his gaze back down to Flandre, who was smiling innocently, and snarled. "Mortality: Reaper's Harvester" after declaring, a scythe made of pure energy appeared in his right hand while he kept his straight, rock hard face. He turned his scythe towards Flandre and smirked, but he soon realized Flandre was no longer where she was hovering

"You really need to start fighting when the fight starts." Flandre gleefully said as she sliced Gunethre down the middle.

As soon as both of Gunethre's halves hit the floor, he reformed while clenching a fist and saying "dammit! You broke my fucking spell card!"

Flandre giggled and said "That's the point of the game. You're not very good at danmaku, are you?"

Gunethre snarled as thoughts of murder and rage swam around in his mind. Before he could respond though, Rumia snuck up behind him, and encased the mad general in a ball of darkness. "You shouldn't swear like that in front of children. It could dirty up their minds.

Before Gunethre could respond to Rumia, she pulled him down to the ground where Gunethre's agonizing screams of pain, and Rumia's giggling could be heard. Flandre flew down to the darkness ball to join the fray.

After 5 minutes of the giggling, agonizing screams, and Flandre's mad laughter, the darkness dissipated to reveal a dis-figured person lying on the ground, covered with burn marks.

Flandre stood over the man with a sinister grin. Her eyes glowed red as she said "Looks like I win!" In a deceivingly cheerful tone.

Gunethre looked up from the ground, and said "This isn't over!"

Flandre grinned even wider, and then said "Oh, I believe it is." She clenched her fist in front of the man's head, and just like that, he exploded in a bloody mess.

Xanavere dining hall

Dan's POV

Matt's jaw hung open still, but Yukari simply raised an eyebrow in surprise. I sat quietly; simply observing the without-a-doubt amusing outcome. Maria, sensing the tension rising in the atmosphere, excused herself from the table. After about 5 more seconds, Yukari's eyes widened in surprise. "D-Doctor Fehrenbacher?" I mentally chuckled "This should be interesting."

Magnus slammed his fork into the table, and in a… neutral undertone, he said "Do not call me by zat name! I have an alias for a reason."

I frantically looked around; while Yukari's face turned back into the normal deceivingly pleasant one she usually wore. "Well Dr. Magnus, It's been awhile."

Dr. Magnus sat back into his chair. "Yez… Yez it haz…" he said while tapping his fingers on the red velvet armrests.

Matthew slowly closed his jaw, then said "So… you were involved in my creation dr. Magnus?" he turned his head towards the crazy scientist.

"Yez I vas. I thought I had recognized zat vatch. I am ze one who built it." Dr. Magnus paused. "Vell, vhy don't ve get moving to ze living room. Ve can discuss this there."

Dr. Magnus began to sit up, but I interrupted him. "Wait! How do you and Yukari know each other?"

Dr. Magnus sat back down, then started tapping his fingertips against each other. "Vell, as I said before, Yukari and I both verked on ze machine youkai together." Magnus said while gesturing towards Matt. "But ve also knew each other during ze great war."

I began tapping my fingers against the table, then said "Which one?" "Does he mean WWI?"

Magnus stopped for a moment. "Um… ze second great war" He corrected. "Yukari and I verked together to keep… Um… Gensokyo a secret."

"I perked my head back up. "Ah." I nodded. Even while maintaining the cheerful expression on my exterior, I was thinking much darker thoughts. "I wonder how many people they killed… Hehe! Blood!"

While Magnus and I were discussing his relation with Yukari, said gap youkai was starting to fall asleep, while Matt slipped out of the room much like Maria did earlier. Eventually, Magnus and I thought it was time for us to put the subject to rest. Magnus woke Yukari up and offered her a room for the night. She accepted the invitation.

Later in Xanavere's living quarters

3rd POV

Magnus and Yukari both sat by a fireplace. The room was dimly lit, and the air stunk of Magnus' Ever-Burning netherrack**. Yukari was sat down with a tea cup, and the doctor was drinking… whatever poison he had in his flask at the moment."

"Well Magnus, I thought you were dead." Yukari took a sip from her tea. "I didn't think you would be able to survive a chemical explosion."

Magnus reclined in a dark brown leather armchair, and took a swig from his flask. He let out a cough, then said "Vell, Some of me didn't survive ze explosion." Magnus lifted up his glasses to show his eyes, both of which seemed to have been fried.

Yukari winced, then Magnus let his glasses back down. He continued "It also seems zat I have acquired biological immortality."

Yukari set he cup of tea down, then leaned forward onto one of her gaps. She smirked "So it seems, but it also seems like you cannot sustain yourself on your own."

Magnus shoved his flask back into his pocket, and straightened his glasses. "It iz true. I am unable to survive vithout having special chemicals to drink. Or, as most people know them as, poisons."

Yukari nodded, and said "Curious, very very curious." Then she frowned. "But that is not the reason you asked me to join you tonight."

Magnus sat up once again, then Franz let out a click while his glasses gave off a small glint in the dim light. "Very perceptive I zee… Very vell ze reason I invited you here, was to ask you a question. I vanted to ask you if you vould be so kind az to let me into Gensokyo." Magnus stood up out of his chair; his cane made a small zapping noise as it touched the ground. "Ze machine youkai Matthew Harrison haz told me much about his adventures in Gensokyo, and I have tired of zis verld. My silver mine has run completely dry, and my reazearch has already reached its pinnacle."

Yukari stayed seated in her chair while contemplating weather or not to let the crazy scientist join her nation. While she thought, Magnus began pacing and continued his speech. "Ze whole reason I got your attention with ze moon beam vas to ask you zis question."

After contemplating what she should do, she stood up, and pulled out her fan. "Very well, I shall allow you entrance into Gensokyo." with a flick of her wrist, her paper fan folded out. "We leave first thing in the morning, so pack your bags tonight."

Before Magnus could say another word, Yukari gapped herself out of the room, and into the room Magnus had offered her for the night.

Magnus limped over to the fireplace, and then said "Vell… It looks like I have a lot of verk to do…" he let out a cough, and then put the fire out.

Next morning

Yukari stirred in her bed, after sleeping for over 14 hours, she had forgotten to wake herself up and take Magnus to Gensokyo. A slight rocking kept her lulled to sleep, but a loud noise changed that.



Yukari jolted awake, along with everyone else in the castle. She looked over to a wall clock hanging in the room, and groggily mumbled to herself "Damn… looks like I slept in again…" She yawned, then looked out the window at the beautiful ocean view.


Yukari jumped out of bed, and gapped herself into the castle's foyer. The slight swaying of the huge structure caused her to almost fall over. She caught herself with her parasol, then shuffled her way to the front door.

When she opened the door, she dropped said parasol, while her mouth hung agape. Matt, Dan, and Maria walked into the foyer, and once they saw what Yukari saw, their mouths were hanging open as well.

"What have you done Fehrenbacher…" Yukari mumbled.

The entire castle, along with the top portion of the mountain, was floating through the air. Yukari flew out the front door to get a better look, and saw that the castle was indeed flying. 1 large balloon was attacked to each of the castle's 4 corner towers, and the lowest point in the structure was just barely visible on the bottom of the flying mountaintop. Everything was being towed by… Is that a flying car?

Indeed, the entire structure was being towed by an extremely long 5 axel dusenberg with glowing tires. Its engine roared and fire shot out of its large exhaust pipes as it accelerated once more. Yukari looked back at the mountain that the castle was ripped from, and dashed to the cabin of the overly-long car.

She pulled one of the doors open, and sat down in the passenger seat. Next to her, was the Crazy doctor himself with abnormal looking expression on his face. He turned his head, and looked at Yukari. The engine roar died down, and he spoke in a normal tone. "Ah! Yukari. Did you have pleasant dreamz?"

Yukari completely ignored what he said, then raised an eyebrow at the doctor. "Magnus, what are you doing?"

Magnus stopped the car, and the castle, and shoved all 4 of the transmissions into park. "I am uprooting my castle so you can do ze gapping thing, and take it to Gensokyo."

Yukari sighed, then said "Magnus… I told you to pack your bags, not to make your home mobile!"

Magnus reached into the back seat, and pulled out two leather bags. "I did pack my bags, zee?" Magnus opened each of the bags to show their contents to Yukari.

The gap youkai sweat dropped when she saw the contents. "Magnus… Why are these bags full of silver nuggets?" Yukari said in a deadpan tone.

Magnus shoved the bags back into the 2nd row of seats, and then raised a finger while saying "Don't vorry my dear Yukari, ze rest of ze silver iz packed safely into my vault."

Yukari shook her head, then said "I can't gap your entire castle into Gensokyo, we are too far away from the barrier to gap something this big."

Magnus looked back at the ancient youkai, then cracked his neck. "Vell, vhere iz ze veakest point in ze barrier?"

Yukari sat back into the soft leather chair, then said "Well, It should be around 25 degrees north by 71 degrees south."

The brilliant scientist slumped into his chair while running the coordinates through his head, then snapped back upright. "Zat iz ze location of ze Bermuda triangle!"

Magnus gripped the stick of transmission #4, and revved the engine. Yukari opened two gaps above the 3rd and fourth row seats, and out dropped Matt, Maria, and Dan in that order.

Yukari looked back at the trio while closing the gaps, then said "You all might want to buckle up."

Dan and Maria buckled their seat-belts, but before Matt was able to buckle his, Magnus disengaged the clutch, and the car slammed into first gear. The poor machine youkai was slammed against the rear window, as the car went from 0 to 160 in a matter of seconds.

Everyone covered their ears as Magnus shifted all the transmissions into high gear. After 10 hours, the car had reached its location, and came to a surprisingly gentle stop. Matthew slid himself back into his seat where he finally buckled his seatbelt, and then Magnus said "Ok, here ve are!"

Yukari once again raised her eyebrow at the doctor, and said "well well, you actually managed to move your entire castle to the location I gave you. I'll be right back." Yukari opened a gap under herself, and disappeared. After a couple seconds, the air in front of the car distorted, and a large gap big enough to just barely fit the castle through opened up.

Yukari dropped herself back into the passenger seat of the car, and said "Hurry,*pant* I can't keep it open too long."

Magnus nodded, and slowly drove into the gap. As the car passed through the rift in reality, Magnus awed at the sight of the natural landscape.

The car passed smoothly through, but there was a sudden jerk when the castle was halfway through the gap. Magnus looked behind the car at the castle, then coughed and sighed. "Vell, it seems zat my castle iz wedged in between realities." Magnus looked back down at the array of shifting sticks, and then firmly grasped the wheel with Franz while pulling the stick for transmission #2 with his right hand. "LOW GEAR!" he yelled, and with a loud roar from the 4 engines. The castle slid right through the gap.

The gap closed behind Magnus after the rest of the mountain chunks fell through, and the castle landed right next to the SDM. It slowly sank into the ground until the front door was at ground level. The latch between the car and the castle undid itself, and the large balloons on the castle towers deflated.

At last, Magnus had found his way into Gensokyo!

To be continued…


*Ok. This just occurred to me, but Dr. Magnus may have been an accidental tribute to Dr. Strangelove. The friend that helped me make Dr. Magnus is a huge fan of the movie, and I only just watched it. So… yeah.

**Netherrack is a substance from Minecraft that burns perpetually. Apparently, Magnus made himself some.

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