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Chapter 11

Dean and I continued our hunt through the dark warehouse with machetes in our hands. My heart was still pounding despite feeling a rush of pride at the thought of what I had just accomplished. Dean occasionally gave me a wary glance, obviously not expecting me to actually be able to handle myself in a fight. I secretly smiled; glad to have proved him wrong.

"So you learned all that from Ju-Jitsu?" He cleared his throat as we moved silently on our way. I lowered my blade and gave him an annoyed look. For over half an hour he had been spouting the same thing.

"Apparently. Other than the fact hunting is in my blood." I shrugged and walked passed him. I was feeling even more confident every time I thought about what I had done. Killing a vampire was no easy feat according to Dean. His continuous awe of my skill was doing nothing but help, and part of me thought he was doing it to help encourage me.

After another hour Dean stopped and shook his head.

"What's wrong?" I asked, looking around for any sign of danger, which there wasn't.

"It's too quiet. They've got to know we've killed some of them." He answered shortly and lowly. His keen eyes surveyed our surroundings like I had done.

"Are you sure there are even more of them? What if that was it? There haven't been a lot of killings in town to suggest more." I asked in a hushed voice, looking over at my partner.

"There has to be more of them. Look." He used his machete to point to a doorway where a light softly glowed and distant voices could be heard. I said nothing, knowing it would be better to remain quiet as we tightened our grips and moved towards it. Dean went in first and I followed right after, ready to attack anything in sight.

Dean was right, there was another one, but he wasn't a threat. Sam and Felicity had him tied to a chair with chains and were interrogating him. Blood oozed from his skin but it didn't seem to hurt him that bad. My assumption was that he knew he would die if he actually tried anything.

"Where is Jean?" Felicity spat at the young looking vampire, with hatred written all over her face. I understood why she was so mad at vampires, especially seeing that this 'Jean' guy killed her family. I'd be vengeful too. Heck, I was vengeful.

"Go to hell." The vampire replied, looking away from Felicity and keeping his eyes on the far wall. She struck him with a piece of metal I guessed she had picked up from around here.

"I don't have time for your games. Tell me where he is or I'll kill you right now." She threatened, leaning down to make him look her in the eyes. I barely knew her and I figured she wasn't joking. The shear anger in her face was scary enough. I for sure didn't want to get on her bad side.

"Then kill me hunter. End my misery." The bloody vampire moved forward so their faces were only inches apart. His large sharp teeth protruded out of his mouth like a dangerous weapon, which they were.

"Suit yourself." Felicity shrugged and with one clean sweep she managed to sever his head from his body, splashing blood on her face and clothes as she did so. I watched with wide eyes, impressed by her accuracy before looking down at my own blood stained hands thinking about what I had done. I had actually taken a life. Granted it was the life of a murderous vampire but the thought finally struck a chord. I was a killer. A hunter. But the scariest part was that I didn't care. I felt numb. Absolutely nothing. All I could see was his flashing eyes and bared teeth aimed for me and instincts took control. It was as simple as kill or be killed; and this time, I did the killing.

"How are we going to find Jean now?" Sam asked, looking down at the lifeless head at his feet. Felicity wiped her face on her leather jacket's sleeve before cleaning her blade off on the lifeless body's clothes.

"Just like we have been doing. He's here somewhere and I won't rest until he's finally dead. I've waited too long for this moment." She replied, tightening her grip on her machete before moving passed Sam and into the next room.

Sam gave Dean and I a look saying he had no idea what she was doing, but followed after her anyway.

"Do we go?" I asked in a half whisper, glancing over at my experienced partner. Dean kept his eyes ahead of him and nodded once while moving through the door stealthily. I passed by the body still chained to the chair and the dripping blood made me shiver in disgust. I just wanted this night to be over and move on. The sooner I found Cirian, the better I would be.

I didn't keep track of the time that passed as our small party unearthed the scariest parts of the warehouse with no signs of any other vamps.

"Are you sure that he's here?" Sam asked Felicity, who still wore the same determined expression.

"I'm positive." She shot back defensively, never even bothering to look at him.

"Maybe we should-" Sam was cut off by a sudden noise. All eyes turned to the shadows to our left where several pairs of silvery eyes narrowed in on us.

"Well, well, well," A deep and alluring voice spoke up, slowly stepping out from the pitch black. His hair was graying black and his manner was threatening. He wasn't extremely tall, or well built but I knew that he could kill me as soon as look at me.

"Felicity, it's a pleasure to see you again. My you've grown into quite a beauty." He taunted the hunter mercilessly.

"Jean." She ground out, obviously tensing. Sam looked from her to the vampire and back again in a way that appeared that he wasn't sure who was more dangerous.

"Come now, we just arrived and I haven't even had any food yet." Jean held his arms out revealing a navy waistcoat and blood stained shirt from under his jacket. "Is that the way to treat your inspiration? The reason you live and breathe. That is what I am isn't it?" He raised one eyebrow at her, slowly walking around as if we weren't there to kill him at all. I stole a glance at Felicity, but her face read absolutely nothing. I could tell she was a master of controlling her emotions. Her knuckles were white with how hard she was gripping the machete.

"Don't flatter yourself. I just want revenge, you're practically just another hunt for me." She shrugged, lying expertly.

Jean smiled an evil and truly frightening smile before he let out a just as intimidating laugh.

"Oh Felicity, you tell yourself that. However, if on the slim chance you were able to kill me, what would you do then?" He questioned coldly. Felicity stepped forward to stare him down.

"You mean, when I kill you? That's obvious. I'll keep hunting down other animals like you, until I die. You don't control my life Jean, and never will." The hunter lunged forward swinging her machete towards his head and the fight ensued.

Sam, Dean and I were busy with the other five vampires surrounding us and this time I found it a little easier to find my feet than before. I stabbed one of the vampires in the back to distract him while Dean severed his head clean off. We were working well together there was no doubt about it. I felt blood spatter on my face but I forced myself not to think about it, in fear of fainting. In no time the five were dead, leaving no one left but Felicity and her struggle with Jean. He was a good fighter and she was pretty beat up. Sam and Dean moved to help her as Jean threw her against the wall.

"No!" She held her hand out and wiped off her bloody lip. "He's mine and mine alone." Felicity said, taking a new stance. Dean stepped back, pulling a reluctant Sam with him. We could do nothing but watch. Back and forth they went, battling for their lives and the anger of his deeds drove Felicity forward. Just when I thought one was winning, the tables turned again. It was intense just to witness. I noticed Sam tensing every time Jean got in a good blow while Dean softly urged her on. My palms were sweating with each grueling minute. I originally didn't like Felicity, but now that I understood her drive better I was starting to respect her. And just like that Jean hit the ground and Felicity's knife was at his throat. He was bloodied and broken in a few areas like she was.

"This is for my family." Felicity ground out breathlessly and with one final chop, Jean was dead.

Felicity sat beside his body, trying to catch her breath without looking away. I could only imagine the relief she felt in killing him. I hoped to have that feeling at some point after Cirian was gone.

"Hey, are you okay?" Sam asked, dropping to his knees beside a bruised and wounded Felicity.

"I'm fine. No, more than fine. I can't believe I did it." She spoke in shock while Sam checked her for any critical injuries.

"Yea, you got him Felicity. He's gone." Sam smiled at her, helping her get to her feet.

"Come on, we'd better get out of here." Dean grabbed our weapons as we all rushed out to the Impala.

Sam shut the trunk of his brother's car and wiped his dirty hands on his jeans.

"Well, mission accomplished." He commented walking over to the rest of us. I half smiled feeling victorious for the first time in a while. "Now what?" I piped up, looking from one person to the next.

"We eat and get some shut eye then we'll shove off tomorrow morning." Dean answered as he headed to the driver's side of the car.

"What are you going to do?" Sam asked a silent Felicity. She met his eyes for a moment and shrugged, never releasing her dislocated arm.

"To be honest, I have no idea." She admitted with a long sigh. I gave Sam a sideways glance pretty much positive of what he was thinking.

"Well, uh, if you need to do something, then you can come with us. One more hunter wouldn't hurt, right Dean?" Sam was more telling his brother versus asking. The older Winchester looked indignant and baffled.

"Why don't we just start a club?" He asked sarcastically climbing into his car and slamming the door.

"Another girl around might not be a bad thing." I smiled at the girl before getting into the car. It would be nice to have someone to talk with; someone who didn't have an abundance of testosterone.

"Sam likes her doesn't he?" I questioned Dean as we waited in the car. I moved so I was leaning on my arms on the passengers seat to get a better look at him.

"Yea I think he does. I don't like it. We know practically nothing about her." Dean replied somewhat angrily.

"Well maybe you need to trust your brother." I answered in a softer voice than I was used to having with Dean. His eyes caught mine and yet again we just stared at each other for a long moment, only to be interrupted by Sam and Felicity getting into the car. I patted Felicity on the shoulder and she buckled her belt beside me in the back.

"Looks like Team Winchester got a new member." I commented, giving Dean a small smile through his rear view mirror. In response he started the Impala's engine and skid out of the old parking lot.

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