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Chris Maclean was standing in an airport near a runway; planes were, err, 'standing' around without motion due to not being in flight. Chris looked excited and slightly sadistic as he always did every time a new season of Total Drama was about to begin. He had high hopes for this season; he knew that the new contestants would be easy to torture, and for a very noticeable reason.

An intern gave Chris the signal that meant they were filming and Chris grinned for the camera.

"Hello Muskoka! It's me again, Chris Maclean. The fact I am on the air can only mean one thing. No, not that I am drop dead gorgeous, though that is true, haha! Nope; it means that a brand new season of Total Drama is about to begin!"

Chris walked over to his left and gestured around him.

"Due to the fact Total Drama World Tour was such a success we're going around the world a second time! That's right; more outrageous challenges, more drop of shame ceremonies and more locations of the world to be visited! Haha! But this time our old favorites aren't going to be boarding the plane with us … well, maybe a sort of 'odd pair' but more on that later!"

"You see; the contestants this season will be kids! That's right, kids of the ten to twelve year old range; a total of forty preteens overall. Each of them is in with a chance for the ultimate prize a kid could ask for! Not one million dollars … but TWO million dollars!

"So which kid will reign supreme and who will be voted off along the way? We've reserved a first class seat for you to find out the answers and laugh at the kids misfortunes. Grab a drink and don't change the channel; we're kicking off this season with a bang on Total Drama Tween Tour!"

(Theme Song, I wanna be famous)

A coach with the Total Drama logo on it pulled up in the airport and the doors opened. Chris grinned and turned to give the camera a sideways glance.

"For the entire coach ride each of the kids has been screened from the others. None of them knows the other kids despite riding with them for the past hour or two." Grinned Chris as he rubbed his hands together. "Now; here's our first contestant … Ted!"

A ten year old boy with spiky brown hair stepped off the coach. He wore a green headband and a red shirt with a basketball picture on it. He also wore winter cameo shorts and lime green and bright orange sports trainers.

"Ted! Teddy! Teddy bear! Welcome!" Grinned Chris.

"Please don't call me Teddy Bear." Frowned Ted before smiling again. "I'm gonna rock this contest! If we go to Brazil we could play soccer; they have a good soccer team."

"You think you can go all the way?" Asked Chris with a wry smile. "The world is pretty big and you're pretty small."

"Big power can come in small packages; I say bring it on!" Said Ted in determination as he pumped a fist.

"Well get ready to meet your competition starting with Edgar." Announced Chris.

A slightly overweight brown haired eleven year old stepped off the coach. He wore teal pants, yellow and green tennis shoes and a blue and purple striped shirt that revealed his gut. He has a pair of red framed glasses on his face.

"Edgar; our resident nerd." Greeted Chris.

"I prefer the term 'underappreciated genius'." Replied Edgar. "I hope we don't go to any rainforests; the plants will give me an asthma attack."

"Hey dude; names Ted." Said Ted a she held out his fist for a fist bump.

"Oh look; the sub species of schoolboy known as the jock, easily distinguished by low intellect and steroid usage." Said Edgar while looking at Ted's fist as though it was HIV positive.

"Dude; I'm ten, why would I do steroids?" Asked Ted as he adjusted his headband.

"To get ahead of the game; jocks are useless in class so obviously they try and cheat their way to the top in the only subject they are any good at … gym." Explained Edgar as he let out a nasally sigh.

"I admit I have trouble at math; but I'm not like one of those jocks that you see on TV." Assured Ted. "Man; and I thought nerds were as easy to be around as my friend Charles."

"Maybe the next contestant will be easier to be around; it's Darby."

A girl stepped off the coach looking half asleep. She wore a purple shirt with blue spots, yellow and blue shorts, yellow shoes and a Santa hat. She looked like she was asleep on the spot but not quite in dream land. She had brown hair with a vanilla colored streak put into a pony tail.

"Hello." Yawned Darby sleepily as she sat on her suitcase and lowered her head.

"Did you get much sleep last night?" Asked Ted. "I bet you were excited for the show to begin huh?"

"Wrong you are Jock Strap; she has insomnia." Explained Edgar.

"You mean like the game company?" Asked Ted.

"No; it means she has extreme trouble getting to sleep." Sighed Edgar. "Maybe sports lower somebody's IQ."

"I doubt that." Mumbled Darby with a big yawn. "But yes; I have extreme chronic insomnia; maybe flying in a plane up in the night sky can help me nod off easier."

"Have you tried counting sheep?" Asked Ted.

"Many times." Nodded Darby as she fully closed her eyes and began to lightly doze without going to sleep.

"Prepare to meet a future general in the army; here's Terrence." Said Chris.

A muscular brown haired twelve year old stepped off the coach and saluted. He wore an army hat and green cameo short with a blue button up under shirt. His pants were desert cameo and he had hiking boots on his feet.

"Attention! This war has begun." Said Terrance as he marched over to the other three and stood still. "Greetings cadets."

"So; are you a soldier?" Asked Ted curiously.

"I plan to be; representing our great country and helping them win the war against the enemy." Nodded Terrence.

"War is a bad thing." Mumbled Darby.

"I completely agree the casualties are a very bad thing; but my granddad says it's a small price to pay for world piece." Said Terrence.

"People only become soldiers if they have poor grades or are criminals." Snarked Edgar.

"No backtalk soldier!" Yelled Terrence. "Without the army there wouldn't even BE schools!"

"School is nice." Yawned Darby sleepily.

"Prepare for trouble, and make it double, because here comes Ramona." Grinned Chris.

A ten year old girl with dirty blond hair covering her right eye stepped off the coach. She had a short sleeved T-shirt with a picture of an eyeball on it that revealed her belly button. She had green pants with orange spots on them and pink shoes.

"Ramona! Pleasure to have you on the show." Said Chris as he extended his hand for a shake.

"The pleasure is all mine." Replied Ramona as she accepted Chris's handshake.


Chris wailed in pain as Ramona shook his hand; Ramona laughed as she revealed she had used a hand buzzer.

"I've always wanted to do that! Heehee!" Giggled Ramona cheerfully. "Zappity zap zap!"

"Not cool!" Whined Chris as Ramona skipped over to the others and put down her suitcase.

"Good one!" Laughed Ted as he and Ramona exchanged a high five.

"Look out because here's Bea!" Said Chris as an eleven year old girl with red hair in two pony tails with a head band, teal shirt, red gloves, blue pants, grey shoes and red socks stepped off the coach.

"Hey dumb #bleep#! Ready to #bleep# lose?" Grinned Bea as she flipped off Chris with both hands.

"Hey!" Frowned Chris while looking offended.

"That language is unacceptable." Said Terrance with a disapproving frown.

"Oh shut the #bleep# up and live a little." Smirked Bea.

"Hi! I'm Ramona; wanna be friends?" Asked Ramona as she held out her hand.

"#bleep# yeah." Shrugged Bea as she shook hands with Ramona.


Instantly Bea was zapped by Ramon's hand buzzer.

"What the #bleep?" Yelped Bea.

"Got ya!" Grinned Ramona sunnily.

"You stupid #bleep#!" Frowned Bea.

"Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?" Asked Darby sleepily.

"Rarely." Said Bea indifferently.

Another kid stepped off the coach; actually, she leapt off it! She looked about eleven and had orangey red hair. She wore a silver short with yellow pants, blue shoes and a gold cape. Her shirt had a picture of a penny on it.

"Penny! Welcome to the show." Greeted Chris.

"Hi-Ya!" Yelled Penny as she kicked Chris in the shin. "That's what you get for being such an evil villain!"

"Good one." Grinned Ted.

"How the #bleep# are you?" Asked Bea.

"Blasphemy against the forces of good!" Growled Penny. "Swearing and laughing at others misfortunes!"

"She looks like an over-the-top hero." Noted Edgar.

"What's one of those?" Asked Ted.

"It means she's utterly obsessed with doing good; lawful stupid in other words." Explained Edgar with a nerdy laugh while Darby sleepily nodded agreement.

"That's right; and while I'm here everyone is going to be nice and kind, not evil and meanieish!" Declared Penny as she struck what was supposed to be a heroic pose.

"Arriving straight from the middle of nowhere in Nunavut it's Vinsun." Said Chris.

An average sized blond ten year old stepped off the coach. He was wearing a plain whitish grey shirt, blue trousers and black hiking shoes. Most noticeable about him was his cowboy hat.

"Hi everyone; I'm Vinsun." Greeted Vinsun politely. "Boy; that coach ride was a heckuvva lot of fun; I've never rode in anything besides my pop's truck."

"Oh look; a yokel, just what we need." Said Edgar with deadpan sarcasm.

"He seems alright." Mumbled Darby as she let out a tired yawn.

"Howdy m'lady." Said Vinsun politely to Ramona. "What's your that there name?"

"I'm Ramona; nice to meet you Vinsun." Smiled Ramona as she shook hands with Vinsun before anybody could warn him.


Vinsun retracted his hand in surprise.

"I reckon I don't know what on earth that was." Mumbled Vinsun as he glanced at his hand and then Ramon's.

"It's a hand buzzer." Explained Ramona as she showed it to Vinsun.

"That's a fine watchamacallit." Nodded Vinsun as Ramona explained how it worked.

"Give a helicopter of a hello to Henry." Grinned Chris as a guy leapt off the coach like a helicopter.

"Wheeee! I'm a helicopter!" Cheered Henry as he span around.

Henry had bright orange hair and a green shirt with a picture of a helicopter on it. His trousers were grey with yellow stripes and his shoes were also grey. He looked to be about ten years old.

"Hey guys, how's it going?" Asked Henry in a fast voice. "I love airports; so many plans but we all know helicopters are the best right?"

"Err…" Said Ted as he trailed off.

"…What's a helicopter?" Asked Vinsun as he cocked his head to the side in interest.

"… I'm very disappointed in you." Said Henry with a shake of his head. "But you'll learn the wonders of helicopters in time!"

""What a #bleep# idiot." Muttered Bea with an eye roll.

"Next up to make her debut we have Jarvis." Said Chris with a grin.

An eleven year old Hispanic guy nervously stepped off the coach while tapping his fingers together in a nervous gesture. He had tidy brown hair, a light turquoise shirt with a brown jacket that had the bottom three buttons done up. He had light yellow pants with brown shoes. On his head was a blue and red cap.

"Hi guys." Said Jarvis with a nervous smile as he joined the others.

"Hi; I'm Terrence, pleased to meet you solider." Said Terrence as he gave Jarvis a polite and firm handshake.

"Pleased to meet you too Terrence." Mumbled Jarvis as he stood quietly with his hands in his pockets while looking at the clouds.

"Well he was #bleep# quiet." Voiced Bea rudely.

"Eep." Flinched Jarvis at the swear word while Darby shook her head disapprovingly.

"If you keep swearing *yawn* you'll probably be voted off pretty early." Cautioned Darby sleepily as she slowly got to her feet and ambled over to Jarvis. "Hi Jarvis; you ok? You're kinda quiet."

"I'm just a little nervous about being on TV." Explained Jarvis. "Many, many Thousands of people will be watching us; I prefer staying quiet."

"That's fine." Smiled Darby tiredly before smiling a little. "That'll make it easier for me to get some sleep."

"Now it's time to say hello to a very interesting contestant; see if you can get her to here you … it's Molly!" Said Chris as a short ten year old girl stepped off the coach.

Molly had light blond hair and pale skin. She wore a green winter hat with two red pom poms and the holy cross on it. She wore a green jumper with a picture of a bell on it and light purple shirt underneath. She also wore a pair of turquoise gloves and blue pants with a few turquoise stripes. Her shoes were in fact maroonish purple winter boots and around her nack was a red and gold scarf.

Molly stepped past Chris and stood with the others and smiled.

"Hello; my names Ted." Said Ted as he offered his hand to shake. Molly shook his hand and smiled but didn't speak.

"Howdy missy; I'm Vinsun." Said Vinsun as he politely tipped his hat.

Molly shook Vinson's hand but still didn't speak.

"Can't she #bleep# speak?" Asked Bea rudely.

"Isn't it obvious?" Asked Edgar as he took out a pen and a notebook and began to write. "She's deaf."

Edgar quickly finished writing and handed Molly the paper; Molly read it and nodded.

"You want to know about me? Ok. I've been deaf since I was born and I easily get cold which is why I'm wrapped up warm. If there is one sound I've love to hear it would be popcorn popping but sadly I'll never be able to … I also believe in God." Said Molly with a happy and sunny smile. "I'm Molly by the way."

The other kids began to shake hands with the deaf girl as another guy stepped off the coach and grinned.

"Everyone, especially the girls, this is Craig." Grinned Chris. "How's it going Craig?"

"It's going pretty awesome Chris; especially as I see some laaaaadiiiies." Grinned Craig eagerly.

Craig looked about twelve and was had bright blond hair and a green cap with a pink female symbol on it like the one of the previous season's Team Amazon logo. He had a dark blue shirt with a light blue collar and pink '#25' on it. His legs were quite skinny and on them he wore purple and orange shorts while on his feet were a pair of bright yellow and pink trainers.

"Hey babe." Flirted Craig as he winked at Darby. "I'll help you 'wake up'."

"And you; you look like the ultimate force of good, that's hot." Smirked Craig at Penny.

"And you … you're as pretty as an angel." Winked Craig flirtatiously at Molly.

Molly looked like she didn't hear (and she obviously hadn't) and just blinked.

"Stunned by my hotness?" Asked Craig with a grin.

Molly still didn't respond and looked up at the clouds.

"Hey! Listen to me when I flirt with you!" Said Craig with a little annoyance.

"She's deaf you perv." Frowned Ted.

"Stop flirting so shamelessly! It's evil!" Pouted Penny.

"Oh, sorry, my mistake." Apologized Craig as he turned away from Molly. "Deafness is a major turn off; I prefer girls who can hear me hit on them."

"Drop and give me fifteen solider!" Snapped Terrence as was in front of Craig in an instant. "That was shameless and unacceptable behavior!"

"Make me." Said Craig confidently.

Terrence pushed Craig down and glared. Craig gulped and began doing the push ups.

"Playa's make me sick." Grumbled Terrence as he saluted Molly who smiled and saluted back.

"Let's get ready to get cold because here's Winter!" Said Chris as he gestured to the coach as an eleven year old black girl stepped off.

Winter had shoulder length black hair and pink glasses. Her shirt was a sort of cosmic purple color and her pants were sea green. She wore pink high heels as well. Under her arm she carried bag which was full of books.

"Hello everyone." Waved Winter. "It's very nice to meet you."

Winter sat down on Darby's suitcase next to Darby and took out a book titled 'The Zirisian Princess and the Shrine of the Serpent' and began to read it.

"Finally somebody I can sort of relate to." Said Edgar in relief. "Everyone should always bring a book with them; reading is a wonderful thing, especially after you fake an injury in gym class."

"Agreed." Nodded Winter as she turned a page of her book. "Though I don't skip gym class; it can be fun."

"Not during dodgeball." Replied Edgar gravely.

"Get ready to put your baguettes where your mouth is because here's Albert!"

A clearly French twelve year old wearing a blue beret on his black hair stepped off the coach. Besides the beret he wore a pair of sunglasses, a red and white striped shirt and blue pants. His shoes were black and shiny.

"Bonjour à tous; J'ai l'intention de ramener la victoire pour les Canadiens français partout." Said Albert almost elegantly.

"… Could you say that again? Only this time in English?" Asked Ramona.

"… Fine." Said Albert in a slightly miffed tone. "I said, 'Hello everyone; I plan to bring back victory to French Canadians everywhere."

"Oh; so you're from France; I should have known really." Smiled Ramona. "Is Paris really the most romantic city on earth?"

"Some say so; I'd say it is best in the springtime." Nodded Albert.

"Are you French or a Canadian who has descended from French ancestors?" Asked Winter.

"I lived in France until I was six; my family moved to Canada after that. But France is still with me in here." Said Albert proudly as he patted his heart area.

"Do the French really eat #bleep# snails?" Asked Bea in disgust.

"Not all of us do; I certainly don't." Said Albert while looking affronted by Bea's bad language

"Are there helicopters in France?" Asked Henry eagerly.

"… Probably." Said Albert. "Why do you ask?"

"Because I really love helicopters!" Cheered Henry.

"We'll have to continue that conversation later because here's Robbie and he's gonna make you laugh." Introduced Chris.

A tall eleven year old stepped off the coach. He had short black hair and pale green eyes. His shirt was maroon with a laughing face on it. His pants were orange and his shoes were blue. He had a big smile on his face.

"Hi guys!" Waved Robbie. "Do you know why dehydrated people always win the Olympics?"

"Why?" Asked Jarvis.

"Because they always finish in 'thirst' place!" Said Robbie before laughing at his joke; a fair few of the others laughed as well.

"That was funny." Laughed Ted. "Got any sports jokes?"

"Or maybe boob jokes." Grinned Craig as he got back to his feet after finally finishing the fifteenth push up.

"I know some sports jokes." Nodded Robbie before frowning at Craig. "And I never tell tasteless jokes like those."

"Bummer." Frowned Craig in disappointment.

"Here's our next contestant; please welcome Pablo!" Announced Chris as a ten year old guy stepped off the coach.

Pablo had very tidy black hair with a small fringe at the top; he had hazel eyes and a kind smile. His shirt was yellow with patches of blue here and there while his pants were dark green with light green dollar signs on them. His shoes were brown and looked very expensive.

"Hi everyone; it's great to meet you all. I hope we can all be friends despite any inevitable clashing personalities, hehe." Smiled Pablo as he shook hands with a few of the others and stood next to Ted. "We're gonna rock this season right Ted?"

"That we are Pablo, that we are." Grinned Ted.

"Wait; how do you two know each other?" Asked Penny. "Did you cheat? Cheating is worthy of a punch from the forces of justice and good!"

"No; it's just that we're from the same neighborhood back home; we're good friends." Explained Pablo. "Funnily enough we both got on the show."

"That'll bring up ratings." Grinned Chris.

"Being best friends with a rich kid has it's advantages." Chuckled Ted.

"You're rich?" Asked Henry excitedly. "Do you have any helicopters?"

"My dad had one but only uses it for business." Explained Pablo. "Don't worry though; I didn't bring any of my money with me so we're all on an equal playing field."

"This next person certainly won't want to play fair; it's Lars!" Cackled Chris as a twelve year old guy stepped off the coach.

Lars had short spiky black hair and an expression of malice. He wore a blood red shirt with an angry face on it and an orange collar. His pants were dark green with a belt while his shoes were blue with red at the heel area. He grinned as he looked over the others.

"Isn't this nice of the producers; so many punching bags to choose from." Smirked Lars as he walked past the others and shoved down Jarvis as he passed him before stopping in front of Molly.

"I heard that you were deaf while I was waiting inside. You'll be a pretty easy target." Grinned Lars as he reared back his fist.

"Leave her alone!" Yelled Pablo as he ran over and grabbed Lars's fist; Ted quickly ran up too and put on a tough face.

"Yeah! Picking on somebody who can't fight back … pretty weenie." Growled Ted.

"Shut up steroids." Said Lars with a bored yawn before looking at Pablo. "So; you're the rich kid? If you give me a hundred bucks I won't twist your wrist off."

"I didn't bring any money with me." Said Pablo coolly.

"Wrong answer." Smirked Lars as he pushed Pablo over and prepared to bring his foot down onto Pablo.

"Hiiya!" Yelled a strong and majestic voice.


A foot made contact with Lars as a result of a flying kick by the foot's owner. Lars was knocked off his feet and to the floor.

"Beating up others for monetary gain is a very shameful and dishonorable thing to do." Said the owner of the foot.

"Yeah; that's Ling everyone." Shrugged Chris while looking amused that a fight had broken out so early.

Ling was an eleven year old Chinese girl; she had short black hair and wore a karate uniform with a black belt and blue trousers.

Ling helped Pablo to his feet.

"You ok?" Asked Ling simply.

"I am thanks to you; and whoa, awesome flying kick!" Grinned Pablo.

"Thanks." Said Ling with a respectful nod as she sat down and began to meditate in the lotus position.

"Thank you." Smiled Molly; Ling nodded in response.

"You horrid girl! I'm telling!" Growled Lars.

"I wouldn't interrupt my meditation if I were you." Said Ling coolly.

Lars looked afraid for a moment but simply snarled and stood in the crowd with a big frown.

"Try to speak in simple words because here's Tony." Said Chris as a ten year old guy stepped off the coach.

Tony was a blond with hair covering his eyes and a very dopey expression. His shirt was lime green with a blue letter T on it. He had brown shorts and pale blue shoes.

"Hello!" Waved Tony as he joined the crowd.

"Hi Tony." Mumbled Jarvis.

"Hello!" Waved Tony again.

"Howdy Tony buddy." Greeted Vinsun.

"Hello!" Grinned Tony dopily to Edgar.

"You've said hi three times now." Muttered Edgar.

"Why?" Asked Tony.

"Because you did." Replied Tony

"Why?" Asked Tony.

"Because you're most likely stupid." Muttered Edgar.

"Why?" Asked Tony.

"Genetics maybe." Shrugged Edgar in irritation.

"… Why?" Asked Tony again.

"Stop asking why!" Fumed Edgar.

"He seems a few pieces of yeast short of a baguette." Said Albert with a raised eyebrow.

"No kidding." Agreed Ramona.

"Don't make any squawking sounds because here's Karrie!" Said Chris with a sudden sadistic grin as a short ten year old stepped off the coach.

Karrie had tidy reddish orange hair and blue eyes. She wore a brown shirt and a green shirt. She also had yellow tights that went partway down her legs along with purple shoes on her feet.

"Hi everyone!" Waved Karrie cheerfully.

"Caw! Caw!" Squawked Chris.

"Help! AAAAARGH!" Screamed Karrie as she cowered in fear.

"I should probably mention that Karrie is very ornithophobic." Chuckled Chris. "She's terrified of birds of all shapes and sizes."

"Don't worry; there aren't any birds around here." Said Darby with a yawn.

"Oh … that's a relief." Said Karrie as she calmed down and stood with the others.

Lars had a devilish gleam in his eyes bit just before he could make a bird sound Penny glared at him.

"Don't even think about it!" Snarled Penny. "I will not tolerate evil of any kind, got it?"

Lars gulped as a short guy got off the coach.

"Here's Cuthbert." Said Chris while gesturing to the ten year old who had stepped off.

Cuthbert had some nerdy green glasses and tidy blond hair; his expression looked like a mixture of irritableness and whinyness. His shirt was dark blue while his shorts that went halfway down his legs were a shade of royal purple. He also wore an orange tie that had a single green stripe. Lastly Cuthbert's shoes were a medium shade of black.

"Salutations simpletons; the overall winner of the competition and the future successful guy is here, you may begin sucking up for a potential alliance with me." Said Cuthbert arrogantly.

"… What a stuck up snob." Said Winter as she continued reading.

"He's a right old #bleep# isn't he?" Agreed Bea.

"Stop ganging up on me! I command you!" Whined Cuthbert as he stomped his feet angrily.

"Maybe if you were little more polite." Said Ted as he adjusted his headband.

"If you value your feeble white trash existence you will obey me!" Snapped Cuthbert.

"Before things get out of control get ready to meet Dexter." Said Chris as an eleven year old guy got off the coach.

"Oh my gosh!" Gagged Ramona.

"Eww." Said Molly with a grossed out look.

Dexter looked a little strange; he was wearing a bright pink bathrobe and a pair of blue swimming trunks with a picture of a fish on them. His blond hair was put up into an afro as well.

"Hey Chris; where's the bathroom?" Asked Dexter.

"Can you hold it in until we're on the plane?" Asked Chris.

"I don't even need to go … I just miss the wonderful creatures known as bathrooms." Sighed Dexter wistfully. "Bathrooms have a special place in my heart, I'd marry one if I could."

"Ok; go stand with the others weirdo." Said Chris with a shudder.

Dexter took out a bubble pipe and blew into it which made some bubbles fly up. Some of the others took a few steps back when Dexter got near them.

"Why are you wearing a bathrobe?" Asked Tony dumbly.

"Because everyone who worships bathrooms as seriously as I do has to wear one every hour of every day all the time!" Said Dexter as he put on a shower cap for no apparent reason.

"Let's … move on and say hello to Natasha." Said Chris while looking disturbed by the weird bathroom obsessed guy while a short twelve year old girl stepped off the coach.

Natasha wore a pink Eskimo anorak with yellow fluff within the hood; she also wore thick pink pants and brown snow boots. On her hands were dark purple gloves and a bright blue scarf was around her neck.

"Hi everyone." Waved Natasha. "It sure feels different here than it does back in the Yukon … it must be the heat."

"Why are you wearing that anorak?" Asked Terrence curiously. "This isn't a war in the snow you know."

"It reminds me of home." Replied Natasha simply. "Also it hides my hair; it's a bit of a mess since I don't live anywhere near a hairdresser."

"I bet it's hot." Grinned Craig as he wiggled his eyebrows.

"Get your head out of the gutter." Said Ling while still meditating.

"If you have injuries don't break a sweat because here's Suki!" Said Chris.

A bouncy looking ten year old Japanese girl skipped off the coach. She was dressed in a nurses outfit along with a black and blue short skirt, red tights and grey shoes. Her hair was a little down past her head and was put into a pretty looking ponytail.

"Hi everyone!" Chirped Suki cheerfully. "I hope we're all going to have a great time, and if anybody gets a scrape, graze or any other injury I'll be ready to make you feel better."

"Can you cure insomnia?" Asked Darby hopefully.

"Sadly not … but I might be able to if I study it." Smiled Suki.

"Alright! Two Japanese cuties!" Grinned Craig.

"No, you are mistaken." Said Ling as she stopped meditating and got to her feet. "I am Chinese, Suki there is Japanese. There's a difference!"

"You're both hot as fire though so who cares?" Grinned Craig.


Before Craig could blink Ling had punched him in the chest.

"As I said, get your head out of the gutter." Muttered Ling as she balanced on one foot and crossed her arms.

Suki shook hands and curtseyed to a few of the others and stood next to Ted.

"Are you a sporto?" Asked Suki.

"I prefer the term jock, but yeah, I play a lot of sports." Confirmed Ted with a smile.

"I bet you get injured a lot; but no worries, any medic enthusiast knows how to treat a scrape or athletes foot … though it's a little icky." Smiled Suki sunnily.

"Here's a medical joke." Said Robbie as he walked over. "Doctor! Doctor! I feel like a pair of curtains … pull yourself together then!"

Suki giggled at the joke as another girl got off the coach.

"Please give a warm welcome to Emily." Said Chris as an eleven year old black girl cart wheeled off the coach.

Emily's most noticeable characteristic was that her hair was died two shades of pink; as for cloths she had a goldish yellow shirt and pink shorts with maroonish red trousers under them. Her shoes were green. Emily had a very big silly grin on her face.

"Hi bouncy beans! I just finished eating a waffle! Oh what a wonderful life Mr. Pickle the waffle had; three children, a wife and a pet cactus but boy was he super duper muper tasty! Hahaha!" Laughed Emily slightly insanely while talking really fast.

"…The #bleep# was that?" Blinked Bea in confusion.

"Tony is so confused." Said Tony while looking like he had a head splitting headache.

"How are you doing m'lady?" Asked Vinsun as he tipped his hat politely.

"I'm doing fine! I'm as fine and dandy as the time I discovered the cure for athletes face but ate the formula and boy did it taste good! After that I got tired and went to bed where I dreamt about non reflective mirrors."

"…O … k." Blinked Vinsun in a little confusion.

"She's retarded." Said Cuthbert rudely with an eye roll.

"Stop being evil!" Snapped Penny.

"Let's move on and introduce Vicky." Said Chris in amusement.

Another girl stepped off the coach; this one caused a few raised eyebrows as she was dressed in a suit of medieval knight armour. Her eyes were covered by the visor of the helmet and she had shoulder length blond hair. In one hand she had a shield colored red, yellow, blue, green and purple while in the other she held a (hopefully!) fake short sword.

"Greetings adventurers; I am Sir Vicky and I shalt smite the evil that resides in the hearts of thou." Said Vicky proudly and in determination. "Now how about a joust before we start our quest to save the princess?"

"It's the twenty first century stupid." Scoffed Lars. "Were all knights of the middle ages this retarded?"


Penny punched Lars which sent him to the ground.

"Stop being such an evil meanie! Be nice!" Frowned Penny.

"Nice punch thou caped one." Complimented Vicky while laughing at Lars.

"And stop laughing at him! Two wrongs don't make a right." Said Penny seriously.

"Here comes another rich contestant; it's Amy!" Said Chris as a twelve year old girl stepped haughtily off the coach.

Amy was quite thin and wore a lot of pink; pink shirt with a red heart on it, pink skirt, pink socks as well as a pink and yellow pair of expensive fashionable boots. She had silky wavy light blond hair and a very 'holier than thou' type of expression.

"Well; isn't anybody going to get my bags?" Asked Amy impatiently.

"Actually the interns will do that for you guys." Said Chris promptly.

"But I need people to do things for me! I'm a princess!" Whined Amy. "Well; at least staying in first class will make up for the fact you have you audacity to make me ride in a filthy coach."

"Surely it wasn't that bad." Said Suki.

"Yeah, well, you weren't sitting next to some guy who kept mumbling about bugs." Gagged Amy is disgust. "I may not have been able to see him because of the screening … but I could still hear him!"

"It could have been worse." Pointed out Darby with a really tired yawn.

"Wait; why am I talking to peasants? You are all below me." Said Amy haughtily as she folded her arms in a huff.

"Why don't we meet somebody who has a lot of six legged friends, it's Gareth!" Grinned Chris as a twelve year old guy stepped off the coach.

Gareth certainly looked a little … unsettling. His brown hair was untidy and messy and was covered mostly by a bobble-less toque with an orange rim and a spider picture on it. His T-shirt was brown and had a cockroach on the chest area. His jeans were tattered and ripped while his shoes were worn and had green soles. Something about Gareth was just … scary; perhaps it was the dirt marks on his face?

"Hey Gareth; how's it going?" Asked Chris to the odd guy.

"… I feel lonesome … but I know that around the world there will be bugs that will regard me as a friend and parental figure." Said Gareth casually in a voice that was surprisingly soft. "They will crawl on me … look up to me … obey me."

"… That guy's kind of creepy." Said Ramona nervously.

"I second that motion." Agreed Natasha as Gart6eh walked over to the others.

"Ants are cool." Said Gareth softly while talking to nobody in particular. "They work well as a team and can life forty times there own weight … they would be a very good army… a bug army"

Those that were standing near Gareth edged away from him in usion.

"Our next contestant is going to 'shock' you; give it up for Jade!" Smirked Chris as a short grinning girl jumped out of the coach.

Jade had a big grin on her face and twitched every couple of seconds; she wore a green shirt with a thunderbolt picture on it as well as orange and yellow pants. Her shoes were light blue but the most noticeable thing about Jade was that her hair was sticking up in odd angles as though it had been freshly struck by lightning; it even had four pink ribbons in it!

"Hi, I'm Jade!" Grinned Jade as she took out a tazer and set it to maximum.

"Don't zap me!" Cowered Chris as he stepped back.


Jade jabbed the tazer at herself and was zapped by a couple hundred volts and let out a happy giggle.

"That's my batteries recharged." Grinned Jade insanely.

"You mean you're a robot?" Asked Ling with a raised eyebrow.

"Cool." Said Edgar with a look of interest.

"Nope; I'm human but I love the painful feeling of voltage shocking me." Cackled Jade in a nutty way.

"She seems cool." Grinned Emily widely.

"Why did she zap herself?" Mumbled Molly almost silently.

"The next contestant loves the underwater world; it's Zora." Said Chris as a twelve year old black girl stepped off the coach.

Zora wore a small blue shirt that bared her midriff and had a picture of a green fish on it. She also wore a blue mini skirt. Her brown hair was very long and went down to her lower back. For shoes Zora had blue crocks though she wasn't wearing any socks on her feet

"Hi, hello, greetings and hello again." Greeted Zora. "Let's get ready to explore the world and go under the ocean; say, Chris, are we visiting the great barrier reef?"

"We might be but we might not." Said Chris vaguely.

"Keeping it a secret are you? Yay! I like surprises." Grinned Zora. "And maybe we could go to Hawaii; I've always wanted to go there."

Zora walked over to the others and said hello to a few of them; when she said hello to Gareth she immediately noticed something was off … mostly because of his reply.

"The ocean is fine … but the dirt is where the amazing things are; ants, beetles, cockroaches … bliss." Said Gareth almost poetically.

"…I'll just go and stand over here." Murmured Zora as she walked a number of steps away from Gareth.

"Hide the food because here comes Dil." Said Chris as an overweight twelve year old stepped off the coach.

Dil wore a sleeveless blue shirt with a pale yellow undershirt; his shorts were a pale pastel green colour. For shoes he was wearing bunny slippers. Dil was overweight but from a first glance he looked like he wasn't such a bad guy.

"Hi guys! I'm ready to travel the world!" Whooped Dil. "The great wall of china, Hollywood movies, African wildlife … Indian curry! Awesome!"

"Eww! A fat slob." Gagged Amy.

"I may be a little big; but it's better than being underweight. Body fat isn't necessarily a bad thing." Said Dil casually. "Plus; my weight is partly genetic."

"Hi Dil; I'm Pablo." Said Pablo as he offered his hand for a shake.

"Hi Pablo!" Said Dil jollily as he gave Pablo a tight handshake. "I hope we go to Kentucky! I've always wanted to try the fried chicken in it's original homeland!"

"I'm hoping for china personally." Said Pablo as Dil released his hands.

"I'd like to go to Angkor Wat in Cambodia." Murmured Jarvis.

"I bet I know where the next person will want to go; let's welcome Megan." Said Chris as an eleven year old girl stepped off the coach.

Megan almost looked like she was a government secret agent; she wore sunglasses, a black trench coat with golden colored buttons and black pants. Her shows were white with black soles and she had green socks too. Megan's hair was a hazel brown color. On her head was a hat that resembled a sort of stereotypical alien with three eyestalks.

"I saw something shiny outside the window on the way here." Said Megan as she walked passed Chris without even speaking to him. "It could only have been aliens."

"Aliens?" Repeated Karrie.

"Yes; aliens. When the biscuit jar is mystery empty … aliens. When the internet goes off … it's aliens. And when a desecrated human corpse is found on a college campus … you know it, aliens once again."

"Aliens aren't the answer to everything brainiac." Said Edgar dryly.

"True … just ninety nine percent of things." Agreed Megan.

"That's … not quite what I meant … never mind." Muttered Edgar.

"What about when a bathroom is out of soap?" Asked Dexter.

"It's obviously aliens that are responsible." Said Megan as though she was talking about something as simple as the weather.

"Oh geez; zis will be a long season." Muttered Albert almost silently.

"The next contestant will make the season even longer." Grinned Chris. "It's Jethro!"

A short eleven year old stepped off the coach. He had light brown hair in a buzzcutt, a nave rue jacket, a pale yellow shirt with a caution sign on it, green pants and grey tennis shoes.

"About time I was allowed to come out of the cramped coach." Muttered Jethro. "Why couldn't I have been one of the first few?"

"That's just the way it is kid." Smirked Chris.

"Fine, whatever. Let's see who I'm up against." Said Jethro as he looked over the competition. "Hey guys; name's Jethro, what's up and all that greeting stuff?"

A number of hi's, hello's, what's up's and do you like helicopters were his response (the last one was from Henry. As Jethro stood with his competition he wondered who would make the best alliance mate as well as who he could turn against others for his own advantage.

"Can we speed this up Chris?" Asked Jethro. "I'd like to get the competition started."

"We've just got a few more contestants to introduce." Assured Chris as a twelve year old girl stepped off the coach. "The first of which is Bonnie."

Bonnie had light red hair and a blue hat with a yellow rim and a pokeball picture on it. Her shirt was pitch black with the P from the Pokémon logo on it while her skirt was bright red. Bonnie's shoes were purple with green Velcro straps on them.

"TotalDramaMon I choose you!" Grinned Bonnie as she skipped over to the other tweens and faced Vinsun. "What's your favorite Pokémon?"

"What's one of them there Pokémon's?" Asked Vinsun blankly. "I reckon I don't know what you're talking about."

"My favorite is Pikachu!" Piped up Jade as she turned on her tazer to make it flicker with electricity. "Thunderbolt! Hahaha!"

"Pikachu is awesome." Agreed Bonnie. "My favorite is Snorlax … and it looks like we've got one over there!"

"Thanks for the recognition." Yawned Darby sleepily.

"Prepare to meet somebody who needs a little cheering up; it's Pandora and she's not got a box." Laughed Chris at his bad joke as an eleven year old girl stepped off the coach.

Pandora had pretty black hair that went past her shoulders; she wore a light blue jumper with a light indigo shirt underneath it. Her skirt was purple and she also wore a pair of pink shorts and lime green shoes. Pandora looked a little depressed and sad.

"Hello everyone, I'm Pandora." Mumbled Pandora as she shuffled over to the crowd.

"Are you ok?" Asked Pablo with a little concern.

"Do you need a band aid?" Asked Suki.

"I'm not ok; but it doesn't matter." Mumbled Pandora sadly as she put her hands in her skirt pockets.

"Haw ha!" Laughed Lars cruelly. "What a little crybaby! I hope we end up no the same team; you'll be easy to reduce to tears!"

Pandora just sniffled and hung her head while lots of the others glared at Lars; Vicky pointed her sword at him.

"Take back thou's words of hatred or I shalt smite thee!" Said Vicky sternly.

"Ok! I'm sorry!" Whimpered Lars at the sharp sword which he wasn't sure if it was a fake or not.

"Not cool dude." Frowned Dil.

"Shut up!" Growled Lars as he backed away from Vicky.

"Our fifth to last contestant is Elvira." Announced Chris as a short twelve year old girl stepped off the coach.

This girl had curly mousey brown hair and an expression that was like that of both a politician and a toad. She had a fluffy pink button up shirt and a small red scarf around her neck. Her pants were red and elegant while her shoes were pinkish maroon high heels.

"Hello everyone; I am Elvira Umcliff. I hope to be a useful asset to the team I end up on and I am hoping we can all be friends." Said Elvira in a sweet girly voice that would have made even a man with lots of chest hair cringe uncontrollably. "And, of course, I hope nobody resorts to cheating or … disobedience."

"Hi! I'm Zora." Greeted Zora as she shook Elvira's hand.

"Charmed." Replied Elvira.

While Elvira conversed with some of the others Ted shuddered slightly which Pablo noticed.

"Something wrong Ted?" Asked Pablo.

"I don't know why … but something about that girl doesn't seem … right." Muttered Ted quietly.

"This next contestant is a big fan of the Simpsons, Frasier, Futurama and pretty much any television show, it's Morton!" Said Chris as a short Hispanic eleven year old guy jumped off the steps of the coach.

Morton had spiky black hair and tanned Latino skin. His shirt was pale green with a picture of Homer Simpsons face on the chest area while his shorts were a pale orangey peach colour. Morton's shoes were orange while covering his eyes were a pair of cool sunglasses.

"Yo Chris!" Greeted Morton as he shook Chris's hand. "This is mondo! I'm going to on TV! I've always wanted to be on television all my life! … Speaking of which, hi mum and dad!"

"Before you ask Morton, yes, we got the memo about you having to watch TV everyday or you'd suffer a nervous breakdown. There is TV on the plane this season which I'm sure you are glad to here."

"About as glad Del Boy was when he and the other trotters finally became millionaires but I also feel as excited as Cartman when he received a million dollars from inheritance." Grinned Morton.

"Do you watch the Big Bang theory?" Asked Edgar curiously.

"Any Sitcom fan has to watch that at least fifty times." Nodded Morton. "Sheldon is hilarious!"

"Finally somebody who enjoys the same shows I do." Said Edgar with a rare smile.

"Sitcoms are stupid!" Whined Cuthbert.

"I don't think the next contestant is stupid; give a wave for Oliver." Said Chris as a short eleven year old guy stepped off the coach.

Oliver wore green rimmed circular glasses and had rather pale skin. His short was dark blue with a picture of a banana on it while his pants were lime green with yellow stripes at the sides; on another note Oliver's shoes were blood red. Oliver had blond hair with a fringe and also a bit that was quite long and went down past his neck.

"Hi Oliver; got any wise words for us? You are the wise diabetic after all." Smirked Chris.

"Knowledge talks, wisdom listens." Replied Oliver wisely.

"We… since you're our first diabetic contestant I wish you luck." Said Chris as he began trying to decipher Oliver's words.

"Thanks." Smiled Oliver as he walked over to the other thirty seven contestants.

"You're diabetic? That must suck." Said Robbie sympathetically.

"It isn't really that bad." Shrugged Oliver. "I just have to inject myself with insulin twice a day; it also helps that I do not fear needles at all."

"Needles are awful." Shivered Terrence. "The one downside of fighting for your country is that you need injections so you don't catch a jungle virus or something."

"A fear of something is what makes us human." Said Oliver as he adjusted his glasses.

"The next contestant is not only human but is also the last of the girls; here's Sophie … and you might want to cover your ears." Said Chris as a loud 'whoooo' echoed from inside the coach and a blond twelve year old girl ran out of it.

Sophie had blond hair that was tied into a short ponytail; her shirt was dark blue and she wore a small army cameo vest over it. She wore maroon shorts with yellowy gold stripes at the base of them and also blue belt. She wore fishnet stockings and blue boots with turquoise soles. Sophie even had a ring piercing in her belly button.

"Hi guys!" Yelled Sophie very loudly. "What a lovely day for flying!"

"She's louder than a helicopter." Mumbled Henry.

"Crikey! That's a big plane!" Yelled Sophie as she gazed at the total Drama Jumbo Jet that was parked a short distance away.

"Could you please be … in fact; forget I said anything, sorry." Mumbled Pandora as she hung her head.

"Oh cheer up! We're going to be going all around the world to the best places of all! America! Japan! Sweden!" Yelled Sophie as loud as before.

"Finland!" Piped up Emily.

"Exactly!" Whooped Sophie.

"Before we start our trip around the world let's welcome our fortieth and final contestant; here's Benjamin!" Said Chris as an average sized twelve year old stepped off the coach.

Benjamin looked like he had the ultimate poker face; this might have been because of the fact nobody could see his eyes. He was wearing a large bobble-less beanie that was dark blue and orange striped with a light indigo rim with some blond hair sticking out from it which concealed his eyes from view. His shirt was plain orange and his shorts were light blue. Lastly his shoes were brown and casual; Benjamin strolled past Chris and joined the large crowd of other tweens.

"Hi." Said Benjamin simply as he looked around at the others.

"Eww; what an ugly hat, that went out of fashion in the seventies!" Gagged Amy haughtily.

"Don't care." Shrugged Benjamin while making a mental note to make sure she lost as he turned to Tony. "What's up?"

"Hi; my name's Tony." Said Tony dumbly.

"Wanna be friends?" Asked Benjamin with a half smile as he extended his hand for a shake.

"Okey dokie!" Said Tony with his tongue hanging out as he dopily shook Benjamin's hand.

"Cool." Nodded Benjamin in satisfaction while thinking. "That's one ally; I'll have to backstab him soon though, there are much better 'fish in the fishmongers' so to speak'."

Chris clapped his hands twice to get the attention of the forty contestants; once he was sure that they were all paying attention he put on his signature smile and began to speak.

"Well; that's everyone! From the ten year olds to the twelve-year olds, from the A's to the Z! I can tell this is gonna be an awesome season!" Announced Chris as he gazed at the crowd of kids in front of him; some looked excited, others quite passive, some calculating and a few rather irritable. "I bet you're all excited to be on Total Drama! After all; who wouldn't want to be on the best show with the handsomest host? Haha! Now; let's get aboard the Total Drama Jumbo Jet and set off for our first destination."

"How come the Jumbo Jet is here anyway?" Asked Winter as she closed her book. "I thought it got blown up in Drumhella last season."

"We rebuilt it; mechanics really put effort into things if you have a lot of money it seems." Smirked Chris idly.

"What about our luggage?" Asked Oliver. "I'm not going across the world without my insulin."

"Don't worry about that; the interns will be loading your luggage onto the plane." Assured Chris. "Now enough talking; onto the plane everyone, there are a few familiar faces on there who I'm sure you'll want to meet."

As the crowed of kids headed towards the plane and one by one boarded it up the ramp Chris turned to the cameraman and flashed a grin.

"So there you have it; all forty lucky kids who will be travelling the world and risking their hides and hair for a big cash prize! Don't change the channel because we'll be back after the break where we'll be visiting our first location, one that should be very familiar to all of you!" Grinned Chris as he gave a wave to the camera. "See you then!"

Chris ran towards the plane and started up the ramp as he wanted to get a first class seat to all the inevitable drama and hilarity throughout the season.

Forty kids had began their journey around the world … a once in a lifetime adventure … but only one would be walking away with the prize … who could it be?

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In case you want to know the characters stereotypes if you haven't figured them out here is a list of them in alphabetical order.

Albert- the Frenchman

Amy- the Spoiled Brat

Bea- the Potty Mouth

Benjamin- The Backstabber

Bonnie- The Pokémon Fan

Craig- The Shameless Ladies Man

Cuthbert- The Oran

Darby- The Sleepyhead

Dexter- The Guy Obsessed With Bathrooms

Dil- The Jolly Giant

Edgar- The Nerdish Know-It-All

Elvira- The Umbridge

Emily- The Off Center Silly

Gareth- The Bug Boy

Henry- The Helicopter Fan

Jade- The Zapper

Jarvis- The Nice Quiet Guy

Jethro- The Dirty Rat

Karrie- The Ornithophobe

Lars- The Bully

Ling- The Karate Kid

Megan- The Paranormal Enthusiast

Molly- The Religious Deaf Girl

Morton- The TV Addict

Natasha- The Eskimo

Oliver- The Wise Diabetic

Pablo- The Nice Rich Kid

Pandora- The Sad Girl

Penny- The Over-The-Top Hero

Ramona- The Mischief Maker

Robbie- The Funny Guy

Sophie- The Loud Girl

Suki- The Medic Enthusiast

Ted- The Jock

Terrence- The Army Enthusiast

Tony- The Ralph Wiggum

Vicky- The Medieval Fan

Vinsun- The Country Boy

Winter- The Intelligent Bookworm

Zora- The Marine Lover

Next Chapter: The kids begin to bond and arrive in their first location. Also the teams are formed.