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Bull Sh … shoes.

Chris sat in the passenger seat in the cockpit of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet ready to give the episode intro. Chef Hatchet was also there and was flying the plane.

"Last time on Total Drama Tween Tour the sparks were really flying as we landed on China, there was drama everywhere! Karrie and Zora were feuding, Edgar was insulting everyone, Ramona was the birthday girl and Craig faked sick so that he could throw Ramona a birthday party. It looked like it was going to be a big episode full of drama and ratings … and indeed it was!" Grinned Chris. "We landed near a local Monastery and the head Monk, Grandmaster Feng, agreed to help with the challenge. I guess I'm just really good at negotiating."

"No you're not; Grandmaster Feng agreed to help because I was once a student of his." Said Chef Hatchet flatly.

"Tomato, tomarto." Shrugged Chris. "The tweens competed in an endurance challenge and did what the monks do everyday … brutal training. One by one they dropped out of the challenge until eventually Vinsun was the last tween standing. He wasn't my first pick for victor, but he's alright in my book. I am willing to bet through that Terrence would have won if the branch he was hanging upside-down from hadn't broken. He was given a special badge that, according to Grandmaster Feng, has magical powers. Megan was angry and jealous since she wanted the badge"

"That girl is nuts." Admitted Chef Hatchet.

"Indeed she is." Agreed Chris. "After the challenge Craig's birthday party for Ramona was a huge success and she later agreed to go out with him; Vinsun took this surprisingly well. When it came to the vote of Ceremony Karrie had the most votes … but Oliver passed his solo immunity on to her which meant that Zora was out due to having the second most votes. She played a good under the radar game, but she was screwed over my one little thing she didn't see coming."

"She was Under the Radar Negative." Stated Chef Hatchet.

"The most shocking part of the whole episode however was what Edgar did to Vinsun." Said Chris with a sickened look on his face. "I admit I'm a total prick and a narcissist … but he beat Vinsun on his bare back with a cane ... that's just not right. Emily gave Vinsun some comfort after she found him and promised him that she would take down Edgar."

"I would have thought the 'villains' of the game wouldn't be so bad given that they are just kids … you know Chris, they say that there is nothing more pure or cruel as a child." Mused Chef Hatchet.

"Right you are." Nodded Chris. "So, twenty six tweens are left in the game and we're not even halfway done with the contest. Who will be the next person voted off? Will anyone reveal any juicy or shocking secrets? Will Emily fight back against Edgar? Will Pandora's inner demon Bedlam force her to hurt herself again? Will anyone get humiliated? And will any of the tweens grab the bull by the horns? Find out right here and right now on Total Drama Tween Tour!"

(Theme Song, I wanna be Famous)

(First Class)

Vinsun stirred on his sleep and yawned as he woke up. He sat up and flinched due to the pain in his back that was caused by Edgar beating him. Vinsun sighed to himself as he reached for his cowboy hat and put it on; he'd always considered his hat a good luck charm ... but it wasn't granting him very much luck lately. Vinsun then glanced besides him and saw Emily was fast asleep still. Vinsun couldn't help but smile at her; it was nice to know that he had somebody who was on his side.

"She's innocent in all of this; she could leave Edgar's alliance at any time … but her affection for me is what stops her from doing so … what a selfless and kind girl." Mused Vinsun as he slowly got out of bed so as to not wake Emily. "I truly am glad she spent the night with me, I'd have probably not gotten any sleep if I was alone."

Vinsun reached into his suitcase and took out a picture; it showed a man, a woman and an older couple as well. It was his family.

"I miss you guys; I wish I could see you all sometime soon, it'd give me the strength to keep going. I don't know how much longer I can last … maybe I should just quit." Sighed Vinsun as he looked at the picture.

"Is that your family?" Asked Emily as she looked at the picture.

"Oh, good morning Emily; I didn't hear you wake up." Greeted Vinsun. "Thanks again for staying with me."

"My pleasure." Assured Emily. "You know; your family look like really nice people; they say kids turn out like their parents and from that logic your parents must be wonderful saints."

"That they are; they're the type of parents who are always there for you and even if we fight we're always willing to make up afterwards. Trust is a big part of a family … and I trust my parents with my life. I just wish that they were here now, they'd know what to do." Sighed Vinsun. "I've always been very naïve about the world outside the country … so I really don't know what to do in the case of blackmail. I mean, Edgar made me massage his feet the other day."

"… Seriously?" Gagged Emily.

"Sadly yes." Nodded Vinsun. "It felt like I was touching poison. I used to think that everyone had a least a bit of good in them … but now I see that I was very wrong to think that. I guess I'm outgrowing optimism."

"It's true that there is a lot of bad in the world Vinsun … but there is just as much goodness as well. You've merely hit a speed-bump in your life; you will overcome it." Assured Emily. "But at the same time … I'm thinking of ways that we could overthrow the Pig King."

"Pig King?" Blinked Vinsun.

"Yeah, I thought it was a good title for Edgar. He's fat and egotistical after all." Stated Emily.

"Yeah, he seems to be a living embodiment of Gluttony and Pride, two of the seven deadly sins." Nodded Vinsun. "Do you think he'd feel pain if we splashed holy water on him?"

"I doubt it." Giggled Emily. "But we should soak him anyway; he could do with a bath. But first things first, we're gonna get you some treatment for your injuries."

"But who could help us? If we ask the interns then they might disqualify Edgar and he'll follow up on his threat." Gulped Vinsun.

"We could ask Suki; she knows a bit about medical stuff, I'm sure she'd be willing to help you." Assured Emily. "And I'm gonna be trying to think of ways that we can get rid of Edgar without him tracing it back to us."

"That's easier said than done." Lamented Vinsun. "And the next time we lose we'll likely have to vote for who he wants gone … what if he wants to vote out Ramona?"

"You still like her don't you?" Smiled Emily.

"A little, but I respect her decision and I'm not mad at all. Maybe I'll find someone else … I feel a bit of heartache, if that's the right word, but I'm sure I can move on." Said Vinsun as he adjusted his cowboy hat.

"Well, a wise book once said that if you can't have what you want you should be happy with what you've got." Winked Emily.

"Do you have something in your eye?" Asked Vinsun.

"No, I just … in fact, never mind, it isn't important. Let's go and get breakfast shall we?" Smiled Emily.

"Sounds like a plan to me." Nodded Vinsun.

(Airplane Confessional: The best plans are those that are improvised.)

Vinsun: When my heart grows too heavy in this contest and I feel sad I think of my family; that makes me feel better. I wonder what Emily's family is like; I bet they're just as smart as she is. On the same topic, I wonder what Edgar's family is like … if kids turn out like their parents then I don't want to be anywhere near his mum and dad.

Emily: You know, now that I'm helping Vinsun with his Pig King problem I feel as though I might have a chance with him. Romance is nice … but Vinsun's well-being comes first; I just hope I can get rid of Edgar before it's too late.

Emily and Vinsun exited the bedroom and entered the main section of First Class; the rest of their team was already awake and were hanging out. Megan was the first to notice them.

"How come you two were sleeping in the same room?" Asked Megan suspiciously. "You behaved yourselves didn't you?"

"Vinsun had a horrible nightmare and I acted like a good friend and gave him some comfort, that's all." Assured Emily.

"I see." Nodded Megan.

"Are you alright now Vinsun?" Asked Bonnie in concern.

"I'm fine." Assured Vinsun.

"Why do you even care? He rejected you; shouldn't you be mad at him for breaking your heart?" Asked Edgar.

"When you love someone you'll let them go … not that'd you'd know anything about love." Frowned Bonnie.

"Touchy." Shrugged Edgar. "See you guys later, I'm gonna laze about until the challenge … not that it matters since I won't be going anywhere even if I don't win solo immunity in the case of us losing."

"You're delusional and rubbish." Said Ramona flatly. "In fact, you're so rubbish that if you were thrown onto a pile of rubbish the other rubbish would say 'well, there goes the neighbourhood'. You stink like a dumpster as well."

"At least my eyes aren't the result of a chromosome defect." Replied Edgar as he left First Class.

"I'll go with him, I'll make sure he doesn't start on anybody from the other teams," Lied Megan.

"Good idea; that's very nice of you Megan." Smiled Vinsun.

Megan left First Class to pursue Edgar which left the rest of the Sneaky Snails by themselves.

"You know, it's odd." Said Craig suddenly.

"What's odd?" Asked Ramona.

"Megan can be really nice to you guys … but she treats me really badly. Just because I royally screwed up once in the past she's always out to get me. The other day she kicked me in the crotch. I really want to vote her out; if Edgar wins solo immunity then I know who I'm voting for." Frowned Craig.

"I'll have a talk with her; I'm sure I can convince her you're not a bad guy." Said Ramona before frowning. "But I don't want her kicking you in the crotch; no boyfriend of mine is gonna have his biscuits battered."

"Boyfriend … I'm still in shock that you agreed to go out with me; I was a complete jackass for the first few days." Smiled Craig.

"You've changed; you were still finding your voice when it came to acting properly around girls. If you'd acted like you do now from the beginning I'd have probably fallen for you without you having to do anything … I'm still weirded out by how I attracted two great guys without even trying, it feels weird." Mused Ramona. "It must be the belly shirt."

"That and the mismatched eyes." Grinned Craig.

"You like them? I've always hated them; it's from a condition called Heterochromia. I sometimes get teased for it at school. But if you like them … that's really sweet." Smiled Ramona.

"I'll leave you lovebirds alone; I think that you'd appreciate the privacy." Smiled Emily as she turned to leave.

"I'll come too; I wouldn't want to get between the new couple." Said Vinsun as he followed after Emily.

"You can stay if you want to Vinsun; just because I didn't want to go out with you it doesn't mean you're not my friend; you're a great guy." Assured Ramona.

"Thanks, but me and Emily have some important things to talk about anyway; you enjoy yourself with your boyfriend." Smiled Vinsun as he left.

"You know what; I think Vinsun is gonna move on pretty quickly; he and Emily are hanging out quite a bit as of late." Noted Craig. "I bet they'll be playing 'spin the bottle' within a week."

"I'm happy that Vinsun is happy." Agreed Bonnie, "Hopefully I'll find someone too. So, we're agreed on voting Edgar off next if he isn't immune, right?"

"I dunno, I'd rather vote off Megan to be honest." Admitted Craig. "She's really becoming a jerkette."

"Please Craig, can you vote for Edgar please?" Requested Ramona with cute puppy dog eyes and a quivering lip.

"I can't resist those eyes." Sighed Craig. "Fine, Edgar it is … but who will be the next person voted out after Edgar? Can it please be Megan?"

"I'd rather not vote for anyone; with the exception of Edgar we all get along very well … I bet there will be a very spread out vote." Mused Ramona.

"I got it!" Declared Bonnie. "The three of us should form an alliance! If we vote together we'll be able to survive longer; we're all besties and stuff, so joining up is only common sense."

"Maybe we should get Emily and Vinsun in the alliance too, that'd give us more power." Suggested Ramona.

"But then we'd have to split up the alliance when it came down to the five of us." Reminded Bonnie.

"Oh, right." Blushed Ramona in embarrassment. "I feel silly now."

"You're still a great girl though." Smiled Craig. "Ok then, from this moment on we're allied … how about a celebratory kiss?"

Ramona's blush deepened and she stammered a little.

"Err … maybe another time." Said Ramona quietly.

"Sure thing, no problem." Nodded Craig. "Anyway, we should get to the Airplane Canteen; there might be something good on the menu, like hash browns."

"What should we call our alliance?" Asked Bonnie. "I was thinking something like The Prickly Pokeballs."

"… Creative." Nodded Craig. "Sounds good to me; the alliance name is just for fun anyway."

(Airplane Confessional: Pokeballs aren't spiky; they're smooth and round.)

Bonnie: This is really nice; I'm in an alliance with my best friends. This competition is giving me all the socialisation and friends that my early childhood lacked. The money would be nice, but I'm having a great time with my friends. I'm not sure if I can win or not … but I'm eager to see how far I can get. Usually people play dirty and make big moves on reality TV … but if you can make it to the end without doing what is typically expected then that's awesomesauce as well.

Craig: I feel a lot more secure with an alliance; hopefully this will be the very thing I need to vote off Megan. Edgar is the first target … but Megan is second. I think this alliance has just got me past the next two vote offs. (Craig's expression turns more serious). On another note Ramona looked a little nervous and uncomfortable when I asked for a kiss. Maybe she's just shy … well, she can kiss me when she feels ready, I'm not gonna rush her.

Edgar: For today my goal is to take out Ramona if we lose; this will weaken Craig sufficiently and will also make Bonnie a push over. This game is in my control.

Ramona: The thing is … though me and Craig are going out now … I still feel a bit hesitant to kiss him. It's not that I don't trust him or anything, because he's a lovely boy … but after what happened in France I don't really know if I'm ready for kissing him. If mama were here then she'd know what to do, she always does.

(Second Class)

The Spooky Spiders were all awake and were getting ready to start the day; Suki and Ted were in one of the bedrooms and Tony and Benjamin were in another one. This left Winter and Bea by themselves in the main room to watch TV. Well, Bea was watching TV but Winter was reading a book.

"Hey Winter, why are you reading a book?" Inquired Bea. "This is a #bleep# good show."

"I just prefer reading to watching TV; it's productive and I find it very relaxing. When I'm stressed nothing soothes me as much as a good book." Stated Winter.

"What do you #bleep# have to be stressed about? You always seem so #bleep# calm." Blinked Bea.

"Well; you know how I've told you guys that my parents have raised to be a proper lady right? Well, I tend to get etiquette lessons a lot on things such as table manners, dancing, conversation … well; it just gets a bit much sometimes. I'd rather just be left alone to read; I'm a loner by nature. If people at school think I'm a dork then that's their problem, it just shows they aren't worth knowing. I'm better off just doing my own thing."

"I completely agree with that … though admittedly I want nothing #bleep# more than to fit in; I'm a bit of an outcast." Admitted Bea.

"Sorry to hear that … why don't people like you? You're a really nice person." Inquired Winter.

"Err … well … I kinda have … never mind, it's not #bleep# important. I just don't have very good people skills." Said Bea quietly.

Winter thought to herself for a moment but quickly shook off whatever she had been thinking.

"I can understand that; I don't have much in the way of social skills either. I'm no social butterfly and I rarely go to parties even if invited; large crowds and loud noises make me nervous. But I always have the best interests of my friends at heart. Trust me Bea, being popular isn't that big a deal; as long as you have people who like you for who you are then things will be alright." Assured Winter. "Say Bea, I have a question. Why do you wear gloves? You've never once taken them off since the show began even in very hot locations. Is there any reason for that?"

"Oh, they're just my style. They're basically my #bleep# good luck charm, nothing big really." Lied Bea since she didn't want Winter seeing her scars and asking questions. "I find it admirable that you're ok with #bleep# not being accepted."

"As I said, it doesn't bother me. If somebody judges me before getting to know me then they're not even with acknowledging. I'll be happy as long as I have my family and my books and maybe…" Trailed off Winter.

"Does the next thing you were going #bleep# to say have a name that rhymes with 'brony'?" Giggled Bea.

"Well … maybe." Blushed Winter. "Nothing wrong with a little crush is there? But I won't act on it; I'm his teacher and he is my student, it wouldn't work out."

"If you say so." Sad Bea with a smile.

(Airplane Confessional: Tony did say he was a ladies man back in France.)

Bea: Curse my weak wills, I could have #bleep# told her about my condition … but I #bleep# chickened out. I can really relate to a lot of what Winter is saying … but unlike her I desperately want to fit in yet she seems satisfied with being a loner … if only I was like that.

Winter: I wonder what Bea was going to say … I get the feeling she has a few secrets. And yes, I do kind of like Tony … but teachers cannot date students. Besides, my parents might not approve. They'd rather I date an intellectual or something.

Ted and Suki were sitting next to each other on a bed in one of the bedrooms of Second Class. Currently Suki was reading a medical text book and Ted was thinking to himself.

"Gee, there are so many diseases without cures." Lamented Suki before noticing her boyfriend's silence. "Something on your mind Ted?"

"I'm just thinking; that's all." Said Ted. "I'm thinking about the next time we'll have to vote somebody off."

"We might not lose again though; the six of us could make it to the merge completely intact." Said Suki positively. "After all, we haven't lost in days."

"Maybe we will … but we should still think about who we're going to vote off if we do end up losing, it never hurts to have a back-up plan." Pointed out Ted. "Maybe we could vote out Bea?"

"No!" Exclaimed Suki. "Err, I mean, no, she's my friend; I don't want to backstab a friend. Can we talk about something else? I don't really want to talk about voting off my friends."

"Hmm … well, I know something I can do that you might like." Grinned Ted. "Ever heard of a manticore?"

"Yeah, they're kinda scary." Nodded Suki.

"Well I'm a manticore, but not just any manticore … I'm a tickle manticore!" Exclaimed Ted as he pounced on Suki and began to tickle her.

"Hahahaha! Stop! Hahahaha! Help! Hahahaha!" Laughed Suki as she squirmed about.

A few moments later Ted stopped and the two kids just laughed together. Suki sat back up and picked up her medical book as she caught her breath.

"Give me a warning the next time you're gonna do that." Said Suki with a giggle.

"Where's the fun in that?" Replied Ted with a grin.

"So, before we go and get breakfast, would you like to read with me?" Offered Suki. "I've got a lot of cool medical books we could read."

"Oh, err, no thanks." Said Ted quickly.

"Why not?" Asked Suki.

"Oh, err, I just prefer fiction." Lied Ted.

"Well that's no problem, I've got a few story books as well." Said Suki cheerfully.

"Err … I feel kinda hungry, maybe later. I'll see you at breakfast." Said Ted as he quickly left the room.

Suki was silent for a moment.

"That was odd … is Ted not telling me something?" Asked Suki out loud.

(Airplane Confessional: Ticking, you either love it or hate it.)

Suki: Ted looked a little bit nervous, I'm sure he's hiding something. I think I'll talk to him about it after the challenge. I wonder what he's worried about; surely he knows I'll love him regardless of what secrets he was, right?

Ted: I'll tell Suki I'm dyslexic eventually … but I want to tell her at the right time; too early and she may break up with me, too late and she might think I'm a liar. She's really special to me … I hate lying to those that I love. Maybe I could ask her subtly is there is a cure for it that she may know of.

In a different Second Class bedroom Benjamin was pacing while Tony sat on a bed.

"What are you doing Benjamin? You look like you've got a cramp." Said Tony.

"I'm thinking." Stated Benjamin. "We've nearly caught up to the other teams now; if we can just win this challenge, or even simply avoid elimination, then we'll be set for a short while. I just have to make sure that we don't lose … I wonder if sabotaging one of the opposing teams would work."

"Benjy, that's not nice." Frowned Tony.

"Maybe so, but it's two million dollars Tony; this is really a once in a life time opportunity. We need to have plans set in motion to assure that we make it through to the next round." Explained Benjamin. "It's impossible to win a reality show without strategy or dumb luck … and I'm not really known for my luck. It's just the two of us in this alliance at the moment, but if we can get somebody else to join us then we'll end up with a tie at worst. Who do you think would be the best person to join us?"

"Winter, she's pretty." Grinned Tony goofily.

"And that's why she cannot join; she would distract you … and she might get you to join her and vote me out. No offense to the others, but we need somebody I can take full control over." Continued Benjamin. "My main plan is to vote off Ted, secure Suki's loyalty and have her as our puppet up until the merge and in a worst case scenario both of us will make the merge whereas the others won't."

"That's mean Benjy! They're our friends!" Exclaimed Tony. "It's just a game."

Tony seemed to have hit a nerve because Benjamin scowled.

"It's more than just a game to me Tony, it's a matter of life or death!" Growled Benjamin.

"… Huh?" Blinked Tony. "Life or death?"

"Forget I said that." Stated Benjamin.

"But I want to know; I've been your best friend since day one so you owe me an explanation." Pleaded Tony.

Benjamin was silent for a moment before sighing and nodding.

"Ok, I'll tell you. But seriously, you MUST NOT tell this to ANYONE." Warned Benjamin. "Do you promise?"

"I promise." Saluted Tony.

"Ok, there is a reason why I play so strategic and hard in this game. I need that money; not because I want stuff like toys or video games or possessions … I want it so I can use it to…" Benjamin paused. "… To afford treatment for my mother, she has cancer."

Tony gaped in horror.

"Is she ok?" Asked Tony hesitantly.

"What do you think?" Asked Benjamin flatly. "Without treatment she doesn't have much longer left. I auditioned for this show so that I could save her life. I fully intend to make it to the end … I don't even want to know what will happen if I don't. This is why I am so strategic; I don't want to lose because if I do I'll lose my mother. If I have to backstab people and play hard in the process … then that's just life."

"Then … you just want to backstab me?" Asked Tony quietly.

"No Tony; I fully intend to take you to the finals with me." Promised Benjamin. "Part of it is because I'm sure I can beat you … but another part of it is that I'm grateful to have your help … I'm sorry I haven't been completely honest with you about my situation. Please stay with me … I can't do this without you."

Tony was silent for a moment before he smiled.

"If you wanted my help then all you had to do was ask. We're allied alliance allies until the end!" Exclaimed Tony. "But … you don't seem very sad; I would have thought you'd be sad as Squidward."

"Normally I'm quite excitable and fun … ever since my mother was diagnosed I've been quite dry and emotionless like I am now. Also…" Benjamin trailed off and raised his hair covering his eyes which revealed his turquoise eyes; they were red and tear stained. "Sometimes the stress just gets a bit much."

"So … is this why you didn't want to date Winter? Because you might get distracted from winning?" Asked Tony gently.

"You read my mind buddy." Nodded Benjamin. "I admit she's a really pretty girl with a wonderful personality … but romance isn't for me. I have noticed her glancing at you a bit though; I think you've got an admirer."

"Really?" Blushed Tony.

"Indeed … but if it comes down to me and her you have to choose me. You can always see Winter after the show, but if I lose my mother she'll be gone forever." Stated Benjamin. "Now remember Tony, you cannot tell this to anyone; if you do you'll be out of the game faster than you can say spork."

"Tony understands." Nodded Tony.

(Airplane Confessional: And the story takes another level of darkness.)

Benjamin: I know that a lot of you are probably feeling sorry for me … well don't! I do not want to be pitied; if I told everyone about this I'd get through the game through pity and I don't want that to happen. None of them know the pain of possibly losing one of their parents, especially their mother. There is no love greater than that of mother and child. But I'm not giving up, I'm gonna make it to the end and win my any means possible. I may feel guilt … but guilt is irrelevant when my mother's life is one the line.

Tony: Poor Benjy…

(Third Class)

Jarvis was the first person of the Rotten Roaches to wake up; he yawned and stretched out as he sat up. He automatically put on his hat as he looked around at his sleeping team mates. Amy and Gareth were cuddled up while Natasha was sucking her thumb. Jethro and Lars were quietly snoring while Pandora looked like she was having a bad dream. Jarvis's care for his best friend quickly made an appearance as he approached Pandora and knelt beside her.

"I wonder what she's dreaming about." Whispered Jarvis to himself. "Judging by her expression it can't be anything good."

As Pandora continued to have her nightmare Jarvis thought to himself. Should he do it? He'd promised himself before the show that he wouldn't use his powers during the game since it would give him an unfair advantage. Then again, it wasn't going to help his game … it would just stop Pandora from having a nightmare.

Jarvis gently placed both his hands on Pandora's head and focused very hard; a few moments later there was a small flash and he let go looking like he'd had the wind knocked out of him. Pandora was now sleeping peacefully.

"Man, doing this is really tiring; I guess that's comes with being a preteen psychic." Sighed Jarvis. "At least Pandora is ok now."

(Airplane Confessional: PK Good Dream!)

Jarvis: Remember earlier in the competition when Dil said I was like Ness? Well … I kinda am. You see, I'm what people would call a 'psychic'. I've been born with certain powers that are both a blessing and a curse. They're a blessing because I can do things most people think are impossible, like spirit calling and mind reading … but they are a curse because I can't get too close to someone lest they find out. It's possible some people might try and use them in bad ways. Like, what if somebody was to hypnotise me into being their mindless psychic soldier? The very thought sends shivers down my spine. Obviously I can't do things like PK Fire or PK Starstorm… but I can do some things I'm going to keep a secret … I just hope I don't have to use them; the last thing I want is to become a world known celebrity; I'm quite a shy boy admittedly.

Jarvis sat quietly for a few minutes before his team mates started to wake up. Jethro quickly got to his feet.

"Good morning everyone; sleep well? Hopefully you slept better than me." Said Jethro.

"Yep, I slept like a baby." Nodded Natasha. "I dreamt me and Dil were sledding down Mount Everest."

"I dreamt me and my dad were at a theme park in space." Said Lars with a rare smile and a tone of sincerity.

"I had a horrible nightmare … but for some reason it vanished and was replaced with a nice dream … a dream I've always wanted." Said Pandora with a sweet smile.

"What dream did it become?" Asked Gareth curiously.

"Oh, err, nothing you guys would find interesting … just something personal is all." Said Pandora quickly.

"Well guys, I think today is gonna be a good day. We're doing quite well in the challenges and if the Snails lose this challenge we'll have the numbers advantage. Then again, if one of the other teams loses they'll become weaker and easier to beat." Mused Amy. "If we can win today's challenge we should be set for the long term; but if we lose I think I know who we should vote off."

"Me right?" Frowned Lars. "Come on, I've never really done any real damage; you do realise that order cannot exist without chaos right? Besides, what did I do to you that should warrant voting for me?"

"To name two things … you slapped me on the butt and insulted me for once being bulimic." Growled Amy.

"In my defence I didn't actually know that you were bulimic." Stated Lars.

"That doesn't really make it better; you shouldn't joke about things like that." Frowned Amy. "I have to wonder though … I've learnt in this contest that there is more to people than what is obvious ... do you, by chance, have some troubles in your life that make you so mean?"

Lars looked stunned for a moment at Amy's observation but quickly put on an aggressive face.

"What are you? My psychiatrist? You're no grief counsellor so don't act like one!" Snapped Lars. "I don't need to rely on anyone; they'll just let me down like everyone always does. Back off!"

"Well what would you prefer Lars? Opening up and potentially making a friend or two … or getting voted off and nobody caring about you?" Asked Gareth. "I know which one I would choose. Even the worst people in the world have a scrap of goodness in them … I get the feeling you are no exception despite how mean you are."

"I don't need to change my ways because I'm not getting voted off." Scoffed Lars. "I may be the bottom link … but if I go then the second weakest link will go next. So I speak to the sixth rank … whoever you are, you'd best keep me around or you'll go too. With that, I'm outta here."

Lars left Third Class and the rest of the Rotten Roaches looked amongst each other.

(Airplane Confessional: That was surprisingly logical and strategic.)

Lars: The worst part is that Amy is right … but my troubles are my troubles. I'm not relying on anyone else; they'll just let me down. It reminds me of all the empty promises my mum makes; if she can't keep her promises then why would anyone else? But with two million dollars I'll show them how great I am, they'll all see.

Amy: I've decided to try and see the best in people from now on. If I can end up dating Gareth and be very happy about it … then maybe I could extend Lars the branch of friendship. Looks like I might have a bit of trouble with this though.

"If only he wasn't so aggressive, maybe then we could try to help him … I do dislike him, but I cannot hate anyone. Am I right for thinking he may not be past redemption? Or do I just care too much?" Asked Amy.

"There's no such thing as caring too much." Assured Gareth. "You know Amy, when the contest started I thought you hated everyone … now I see how very wrong I was."

"Well, I never did anything to make people feel different. I guess I was in a lot of denial. Being spoiled all of my life definitely didn't help my social skills. Perhaps that's why Cadvis advised that I audition for the show … to make friends. He's like a substitute daddy for me. I wonder why butlers are always so smart." Pondered Amy.

"Beats me." Shrugged Natasha. "But Lars has a point guys … who is the second lowest rank on the team?"

"I hope it isn't me, I don't want to have to work with Lars." Gulped Pandora. "I have enough problems as it is."

"Come to think of it … maybe it's me. I'm not too strong or smart and I'm not really a power player … but I'd rather be put on the line than try and save Lars. There's a fine line between surviving and being immoral." Lamented Natasha. "Still, the two million would be nice; it would make things easier for my community; it isn't easy being an eskimo."

"What sort of difficulties are there?" Asked Jarvis curiously.

"Well, sometimes the weather is extremely cold … sometimes it has taken lives. Not only that but sometimes wild animals steal our supplies and there are times where food gets a little low. It's a hard life, but it's what I'm used to. But with two million dollars I could really make things better for my community." Explained Natasha.

"That's really sweet of you Natasha." Smiled Amy. "Maybe I could convince mummy and daddy to help your community too; got any dreams you want? Just say what it is and I can try and make it happen."

"Why are you being so generous?" Asked Natasha curiously. "You don't have to do so much for me."

"I thought good friends did favours for each other; I'm already going to help Gareth out of the poor house; I figured I might as well add more things to the list. It'll be like at Christmas time where I watch Noel Edmund's Christmas Presents … I know Christmas is ages away, but it never hurts to give gifts." Explained Amy. "I'm just doing what is expected of me."

Natasha couldn't help but giggle.

"You don't have to do all of these great things Amy; I mean, crusading good will around the world is great, but you don't have to do all of these things for us." Assured Natasha. "And I warn you; if you kept doing favours for people then some might take advantage of you."

"Natasha's right." Agreed Pandora. "You don't want people pretending to be your friend, backstabbing you and then laughing at you when you cry. It really feels horrible."

"Did that happen to you?" Asked Amy hesitantly.

Pandora didn't make eye contact with Amy.

"Let's just say I have a habit of being too trusting when somebody shows me kindness." Said Pandora quietly.

"I have the same problem." Agreed Jarvis. "Thankfully nobody has taken advantage of me before; there are some things about me I don't want people using for their own means."

"Such as?" prompted Jethro.

"It's not important; but it's really just stuff like school work since I'm quite good at academics." Lied Jarvis … well, it was more of a half lie, but still. "One time we had a Mexican history essay and everyone wanted me to give them the answers since I had an advantage due to my heritage."

"I can understand that; some people try to sit next to me in Japanese class so they can copy off me." Nodded Pandora.

"Strangely nobody has ever tried to use my bug powers for their own means to an end. I suspect they just fear what they don't understand. I don't see why though; everything in history was unknown as some point and everyone accepts it just fine." Pondered Gareth.

"They're really missing out then, you're a wonderful guy." Assured Amy.

(Airplane Confessional: The only person who has a right to judge someone is the Chief Justice. *rimshot*)

Jethro: I wonder if I could hypnotise Gareth into using his powers to help me progress … no; if I did then the others would get very suspicious. Still, it is indeed fortunate that my team mates are so insecure; people with insecurities are as easy to mould as clay. I'm still annoyed that Zora is gone … but hey, there's a lot more girls here with even finer bodies. I wonder if I could hypnotise one into kissing me. If you're watching this Zora … our relationship is over, thanks for getting Robbie and yourself eliminated. Ha!

Gareth: Amy's generosity is really admirable … but I may have to keep an eye on her so she doesn't do anything foolish. I just want her to be safe.

Natasha: It's hard living in an eskimo community … but most worthwhile things are hard. If I won the money I'd try and get my community a proper town going, or at least started. That way we wouldn't have to keep moving around. I'm all for traditions, but I do wish things could be a bit easier; sometimes we have to trek on after the sun has set … it gets really cold.

Pandora: It's kinda sad in a way; people are only nice to me at school when they have something to gain … and when they've got what they want they just cast me aside. My nightmare wasn't very nice … Bedlam was screaming insults at me and … hurting me in ways I don't want to repeat. But then it just vanished and was replaced with something wonderful ... me and my mummy on a day out at an amusement park; I wish it was reality.

(Squalid Class)

The six Buzzing Bees were in Squalid Class trying to relax … but with the living conditions as crappy as Mr. Hanky this wasn't easy to achieve. Currently Ling was sitting in her meditative position and was trying to meditate.

"Peace … chilled … calm … oh what's the point, this isn't gonna help." Sighed Ling as she opened her eyes. "Poor Zora; if only she had admitted she was in the wrong. I can only hope she and Karrie will make up one day."

"Are you feeling alright Ling? You look upset." Said Pablo as he put a hand on Ling's shoulder. "What's wrong?"

"I just feel like I could have done something to repair Karrie and Zora's friendship. If I had been more firm and gotten them to have a heart to heart then maybe it wouldn't have ended as it did." Sighed Ling.

"Why do you feel as though every time somebody fights it's your fault? It had nothing to do with you." Inquired Pablo.

"I just don't like people fighting and I try to keep the peace. When people fall out and never reconcile it hurts, especially when I could have done something about it. I guess I just feel a responsibility to help my friends. Friendship is give and take, especially give." Stated Ling.

"You've done a lot of giving." Nodded Pablo. "But you haven't done a lot of taking. It's completely fine to want something every now and then; don't you want something just for you that we could help you get? Just name it and I can help."

Ling was silent for a moment.

"There's something I would like … but it's impossible. I'd rather not ask for something that cannot happen." Said Ling quickly. "Anyway, enough of that. We're down to six now … who are we voting off next?"

Pablo noticed Ling change the subject but decided not to press her for an answer.

"I have no idea." Admitted Pablo. "We all get along so well; I really do not know."

"Well, we'll have to decide at some point; we never know when we might lose another challenge." Lamented Ling. "Hopefully there won't be any more inner team conflict. By the way, our next karate lesson is going to be after breakfast in the cargo hold. I would have done it yesterday as I said … but the birthday party had me distracted."

"I look forward to it then." Smiled Pablo. "How about we go and get breakfast? Maybe a good meal will cheer you up."

"Hopefully" Said Ling as she and Pablo got to their feet and left Squalid Class.

(Airplane Confessional: I wonder what Ling wanted … guess we're about to find out!)

Pablo: Ling often thinks that she has to help everyone with their problems and that she's a failure if she doesn't. Hopefully I can get her to relax. What she needs is a nice pampering at a spa, I'm sure that she would appreciate it; unfortunately there aren't any spa's on the plane … I wonder what I could do to ease her stress.

Ling: I have a lot of stress; I don't know why but I've always been a naturally stressed person. I just wish I could be mellow like Pablo for a day or two … it'd be nice to just have a do nothing day. And you know what I wanted that I couldn't tell Pablo … I wanted him to kiss me. I really liked the kiss we shared back in France … but a kiss that is 'just because' and not due to a challenge … that'd be nice. But I don't want to tell him that, it'd just make things very awkward. I wish I was more experienced with boys, but since I'm not very social and also because I'm home-schooled … that won't ever happen.

After Pablo and Ling had left the rest of the Buzzing Bees woke up.

"Good morning cadets; sleep well?" Asked Terrence.

"I did." Nodded Oliver. "Then again, I can't help but feel a little worried."

"What's wrong soldier?" Asked Terrence in concern.

"Well, the way I got Zora out … not only do I feel guilty about it, but I bet you guys are kind of angry right?" Guessed Oliver.

"Not at all cadet; you did what you thought was right and that is good enough for me." Assured Terrence.

"You're worried about your big move yesterday, right Oliver?" Asked Molly knowingly. "Don't worry Oliver, we all make mistakes. Like when I become a bad girl to try and not to seen as special and perfect. Things would have worked out better if I'd just talked about my problems … just like how Zora might still be here had Karrie and her talked out their conflict. It's human nature to make mistakes; God made us to be flawed, the point of life is to try and learn things from your mistakes."

"Molly is right, you shouldn't dwell on the past … no matter how much you may want to." Said Karrie quietly.

"Are you ok Karrie? Let me guess … are you feeling upset about Zora being eliminated?" Asked Terrence in understanding. "I guess you wanted to forgive her right?"

"Yes, I did. I know that if not for Oliver I would have been eliminated … but I feel bad for Zora. One moment she was safe, the next moment she wasn't … it all happened beyond her control. I thought I would be happy to see her gone … but all I feel is sympathy and sadness. I wish we could be friends again." Sighed Karrie.

"Maybe you still can be." Smiled Terrence gently. "The next time you see each other you can both have a heart to heart and make things right. Don't back down and make sure she hears you out; trust me, things will work out ok."

"Thanks Terrence." Smiled Karrie. "You know, if Robbie were here I'm sure that he would have been able to diffuse the conflict … I really miss him. Is it weird that I haven't fully gotten over it yet?"

"Not at all; it's natural to miss a loved one after prolonged separation from them; especially since you hadn't spent much time together as a couple. I'd feel the same if me and Molly were separated … oops." Blushed Oliver.

"Looks like someone has a crush." Giggled Karrie.

"What are you guys talking about?" Asked Molly. "Only that Oliver is blushing redder than a ruby."

"Man, it feels so awkward talking about Molly when she isn't able to hear me." Mumbled Oliver.

Terrence gestured for Molly to follow him and pointed towards the door.

"Oh yeah, it's breakfast time. Let's get going then; maybe they'll have waffles and maple syrup." Said Molly hopefully.

Terrence and Molly left Squalid Class which left Karrie and Oliver by themselves.

"So … you like Molly huh?" Giggled Karrie.

"Don't laugh." Mumbled Oliver.

"I wasn't laughing at you; I was just giggling like a schoolgirl. I think it's really cute. You know, I could help you two get together if you want." Offered Karrie.

"You don't need to do that." Blushed Oliver.

"But you're the reason I'm still in the game; I said I owed you one and this is how I'm going to repay your selfless kindness." Smiled Karrie. "So what do you say; care for a bit of help?"

"Err … could you give me a little while to think about this?" Requested Oliver. "I'm still coming to terms with my own feelings at the moment."

"Fine by me." Nodded Karrie. "So, any particular reason you like Molly?"

"Well … she's cute and kind … and she's willing to admit to her mistakes … and she's quite a tough girl. I like her eyes as well, they're pretty. And also … well, there are a lot of reasons." Admitted Oliver.

"It's the same with me and Robbie; we like each other for probably hundreds of reasons." Said Karrie wistfully.

(Airplane Confessional: Matchmaking is always funny.)

Molly: I wonder why Oliver was blushing … eh, it's not my business. Still, I wonder if he has a crush on anyone. I hope it's me he likes … but if he likes someone else then I can live with that. If I wasn't deaf I could be a good match maker.

Terrence: I've noticed how Molly glances at Oliver from time to time … I think she might be gaining her first crush. (Terrence chuckles). They grow up so fast. Maybe I could give her some advice; you know, how to act, teasing strategies to use, how to flirt … it'll be quite fulfilling.

Karrie: I feel like a jerk due to the whole Zora and me fiasco … so helping Oliver with love should create enough good karma to cancel out the bad karma. But I'm not just doing this for karma reasons; Oliver's my friend and he needs a bit of help; it's only common friendship decency to give him a hand.

Oliver: (He injects himself with insulin). I've always been fond of Molly, but my feelings have only become romantic recently. I hope she'll be willing to give me a chance, not many girls are attracted to non-muscular nerds. But even if she doesn't want to date me hopefully we can remain friends. Who knows, maybe she'll give me a hug. (Oliver smiles.)

(Spare Jumbo Jet Room)

Edgar and Megan were in one of the unused spare rooms of the Jumbo Jet; Megan was sitting on an armchair while Edgar was sitting on a sofa.

"Ok Megan, I think I have guaranteed our safety in this game for at least three more votes offs; I have Vinsun totally loyal to us, and if he is loyal then Emily will be as well. Four is a majority of seven and thus we are safe for a while. There's a good chance that both of us will be making the merge. All we have to do now is pick off the outsiders … I think we should vote out Ramona first." Stated Edgar.

"Why? She's nice and most of the team likes her." Frowned Megan.

"Precisely; she's keeping up the morale … and if we're going to take control of this team we need the others to be miserable. It's like the saying goes, cut off the head of the snake and the body dies with it." Reasoned Edgar. "We can take out Craig after Ramona though; trust me, taking out Craig's girlfriend will make him suffer … besides, it'll get Ramona away from him, right?"

"You make a good point." Admitted Megan. "If you're sure this is the best way to break Craig … then fine. But what if Ramona wins solo immunity?"

"Trust me, that won't happen." Assured Edgar. "But if she does then we can vote for Craig unless I can think of a better idea; there might be merits in voting out Bonnie for example."

"I don't really mind Bonnie." Said Megan. "She's nice."

"I see." Nodded Edgar.

"Also, I have a bone to pick with you. Why did you beat Vinsun with a cane yesterday? I get that he needs to be loyal to us … but don't you think it was a bit much? I did think he deserved it back then … but now I'm thinking it might have been way too harsh." Frowned Megan. "You were acting like a Dalek."

Edgar was silent for a moment; he had to think of a way he could diffuse a possible argument … and he quickly thought of an idea.

"I did it for you." Lied Edgar. "I take it that you didn't hear everything, so let me explain. He was planning on joining up with Craig to get you out. I had to do it or you would have been voted out. Maybe it was a bit harsh … but I care about you Megan, I didn't want to see you possibly risk getting voted off."

"That's really nice of you Edgar … wait, when you say care … do you mean like?" Blushed Megan.

"Well, you're the only girl who has ever really given me a chance. You would not believe how many girls dismiss me for my weight." Sighed Edgar. "I value your friendship Megan, me and you are going to the finals, no doubt about it. You're a sweet girl Megan; don't let anyone tell you differently. You are everything that Craig is not."

"Thanks Edgar, you're really sweet." Giggled Megan.

(Airplane Confessional: About as sweet as salt.)

Edgar: What a gullible idiot.

Megan: So Edgar likes me? That's really sweet; I know he can be kinda mean … but I get the feeling he's underappreciated and a bit insecure. Maybe a friend is all he needs. But do I like him? I'm not sure … but I do consider him a very good friend though.

(Jumbo Jet Cargo Hold)

Ling, Pablo and Pandora were in the Cargo Hold; Ling was setting up an inflatable dummy that she had found; the type that would wobble and return to position after it had been hit.

"Ok students; today we are going to be working on punches, but I've come up with a way that should work for us … working with your emotions." Stated Ling. "Now, I want you to punch this dummy … but I want you to imagine that it is the thing that you hate most in the world, something you despise. This should get some adrenalin going and increase the strength in your punches; after this we will move on to blocking. Pablo, you can go first."

Pablo moved over to the dummy; after a moment of silence he gave it a very hard punch. The dummy was knocked over but quickly righted itself.

"Good job Pablo." Complemented Ling. "When you are punching a target, be sure to focus all your energy on one spot for maximum effect; also, try to figure out where a target is most weak. Remember though, this is only for self-defence, you must not start a fight."

"I understand Sensei Ling." Nodded Pablo.

"So, what were you imagining the dummy to be anyway?" Asked Ling curiously.

"I was imagining it to be Pigma Dengar." Replied Pablo.

"Who's he?" Asked Ling curiously.

As Pablo began to explain who Pigma was to Ling Pandora stood off to the side thinking to herself.

"This is nice, a simple karate lesson among friends. I have a feeling this is going to be a good day." Thought Pandora.

"Guess who!"

"Please leave me alone." Gulped Pandora.

"Why should I? My existence depends on your misery; I have to keep you sad so that I may live, and you're the biggest doormat I've ever met. You are a waste of oxygen, worthy only to become a rotting corpse. I bet your so called 'friends' are embarrassed to be the same species as you. Hehehehehe!" Taunted Bedlam.

"You're wrong, they're my friends." Thought Pandora weakly.

"Are they? No, they're only hanging out with you because you make them feel better about themselves. Nobody is as meaningless and irrelevant to existence as you are; you're lucky the doctors didn't have a coat hanger! Hehehehehe! You can't learn karate, you can't do anything; you're just … loathsome." Sneered Bedlam.

Pandora was now starting to visibly shake; Pablo and Ling quickly noticed this.

"Are you alright Pandora?" Asked Ling in concern.

Pandora walked up to the dummy and punched it with all her might; it was sent flying into the wall of the Cargo Hold. As she took a few deep breaths Pablo and Ling applauded.

"That was a really good punch Pandora; I've never seen a punch that strong." Complimented Ling. "What were you imagining it to be?"

"… Myself." Said Pandora quietly. "I'll see you guys later; I'm gonna get breakfast."

Pandora quickly left the Cargo Hold while Pablo and Ling glanced at each other.

"What's got her so upset? She was fine a few minutes ago." Blinked Pablo.

"… It's all in her chi; she has a lot of insecurities and troubles … it is somewhat disturbing." Stated Ling. "The most we can do is offer her support … if she is willing to accept it."

(Airplane Confessional: Bedlam sure is nasty huh?)

Pandora: I don't know how much more of Bedlam's taunting I can take; she's really stressing me out and making me feel on edge. Cutting makes her go away … but I hurts so much and I don't want to do it … why couldn't I have a normal life?

Pablo: I wonder what got Pandora so upset; one moment she was fine and the next moment she was miserable … is it possible that she's bipolar? It'd probably be rude to ask … if only somebody here could read minds, but what are the chances of that?

(Another Spare Jumbo Jet Room)

Emily and Vinsun had bought Suki into a spare room of the Jumbo jet so they could talk to her in private.

"So, what did you guys need me for?" Asked Suki.

"Well, it's not easy to say but … do you have any medical supplies for bruises and markings?" Asked Emily.

"I might yes, but why do you need such a thing?" Asked Suki curiously.

"Well … Vinsun, show her." Requested Emily.

Vinsun turned around and raised his shirt; Suki gasped in horror upon seeing the red marks on his back.

"Oh my goodness! Who did that to you?" Asked Suki with wide eyes.

"Nobody did it to me; I fell down the stairs in the Cargo Hold and landed on some sharp objects." Lied Vinsun.

Suki gave Vinsun's shoulder a gentle squeeze.

"Vinsun; I can tell by looking at the shape and colour of the marks that these were inflicted by an implement wielded by someone … you can tell me who did this, I won't tell anyone else." Promised Suki.

Emily and Vinsun were silent for a moment.

"I can't tell you; I'd like to … but I can't." Said Vinsun apologetically. "He might be listening to us."

"So it was a guy who did this huh?" Inquired Suki.

"I shouldn't have said that." Gulped Vinsun.

"Sorry Suki; Vinsun's been through a lot recently and is kind of feeling stressed and scared; we'd tell you more if we could." Explained Emily. "So, do you have any lotion of some kind?"

"Hmm … I think I do." Nodded Suki. "I'll give you some after the challenge today since it requires a fair bit of rubbing in to make it work and there might not be enough time before the challenge starts."

"Fine by me; thanks Suki." Smiled Vinsun.

"My pleasure." Assured Suki. "You know; you two make a really cute couple, I love interracial romances."

Emily and Vinsun both blushed.

"She's not my girlfriend." Mumbled Vinsun in embarrassment.

"And he's not my boyfriend." Added Emily before thinking. "Though I wish he was."

"Well, maybe someday." Giggled Suki. "So, I'll have the medical lotion ready for you by tonight; until then we should get back to the Airplane Canteen. Good luck in the challenge today you two."

"Thanks Suki; you're really nice, it's easy to see why Ted loves you." Smiled Vinsun,

"Yeah, he makes me feel like a Hime." Giggled Suki. "That's Japanese for princess."

(Airplane Confessional: You can't do a World of Warcraft raid without a healer!)

Suki: I wonder who did that to Vinsun … part of me wants to find out but another part of me worries that I'll get hurt as well if I get involved. This game sure does have a lot of darkness in it.

Emily: Ok, I've managed to get Vinsun some help; that's a good thing … but I still need to take down Edgar before he can do anymore damage. I have to wonder though; isn't bulldozing somebody's town illegal? I'll have to ask somebody about this … but who is smart and mature? Hmm…

Vinsun: Even though there are some vile people in this game … it's good to know that people like Emily and Suki are there for me. I have to wonder … maybe I could cause an accident and get Edgar taken out of the game injured without him tracing it back to me … no, that's not right, I was raised better than that … but I do think Edgar deserves it.

(Airplane Canteen)

The four teams were sitting in the Airplane canteen eating their breakfast; as they ate and talked amongst each other Oliver made his way over to Jethro who was sitting by himself at the end of the Roaches table.

"Hey Jethro, can I talk to you for a moment?" Asked Oliver nervously.

"Sure, what do you need?" Asked Jethro without looking up from his breakfast.

"Well … I'm here to apologise." Mumbled Oliver.

This made Jethro look up and raise an eyebrow.

"Apologise for what?" Asked Jethro curiously.

"Well … I want to apologise because … well … you and Zora are together and … well … I'm the reason Zora got eliminated." Said Oliver in shame.

"How?" Asked Jethro calmly.

"Well; as you know I won solo immunity yesterday. And when the votes were cast Karrie ended up having the most … but before the Safety Souvenirs were handed out … well … I passed my solo immunity on to Karrie which meant Zora was out since she had the second highest number of votes." Confessed Oliver. "Please don't kill me!"

Jethro was inwardly screaming in rage but he managed to keep a calm expression. He looked Oliver in the eye and gave him a fake reassuring smile.

"Don't worry about it; you were just playing the game. I admit I miss my sweet Zora … but at least we were able to spend time together. I'll see her again so I can't really stay mad. I forgive you." Assured Jethro. "Just don't do it again, ok?"

"Don't worry, I won't." Nodded Oliver while looking very relieved. "Thanks for being so understanding."

"Not a problem; I admit I am a little upset … but I'm a big enough person to forgive and forget. It's all in the past." Said Jethro as he went back to eating his breakfast.

(Airplane Confessional: He was holding a lot in.)

Oliver: Well … that went better than I thought it would. Thank goodness Jethro wasn't angry; otherwise I'd be in wedgie city right about now.

Jethro: That little rat! I am seriously not happy with him … and yet I am impressed with his game move. I'll deal with him some other time; I find the fact passing solo immunity on to somebody else is allowed to be very interesting. This will really help my chances should I ever be in danger of getting voted off.

After the tweens had finished their breakfast the Jumbo Jet intercom crackled into life.

"Attention passengers; we are going to be landing in our next destination in around twenty minutes. Today's destination is Spain, so maybe some of you could get a tan or something." Announced Chris.

The tweens looked interested upon hearing this, but Chris then continued.

"Also, I have another announcement. In yesterday's ceremony one of the Buzzing Bees passed solo immunity onto somebody else which is why Zora got voted off. Long story short, the chairman of Total Drama isn't very happy and neither are some of the fans. So … I am now saying to all of you that you cannot pass solo immunity around in the future; it'd be great for ratings but people feel it is a bit unfair. That is all."

Chris hung up the intercom as the tweens glanced at each other.

"I wonder what happened at the Bees' ceremony." Pondered Natasha. "Maybe we could ask them."

"I think we might do really well today." Said Amy cheerfully. "We have Jarvis; he's Spanish so he'll feel right at home."

"Actually Amy, I'm not Spanish, I'm Mexican." Corrected Jarvis. "They may be similar to some, but actually there is a big difference. I'm just as new to Spain as the rest of you."

"Oh, right." Blushed Amy in embarrassment at her mistake.

(Airplane Confessional: Hola Amigo!)

Jethro: Dammit!

Lars: Spain should be pretty cool; I've got a few Spanish relatives. Though I'm legally white and my skin tone is as it is due to tanning … I do have some Spanish roots on my dad's side, I'm about one eighth Spanish … so this should be fun. Maybe a bull will scare the girls. (Lars sniggers).

Megan: There have been a lot of UFO sightings in Spain recently; hopefully I'll see an alien!

Winter: Ah Spain, this should be quite relaxing. I love warm weather; it's not Africa, but it'll do. I don't really need a tan though, I'm naturally dark. (Winter giggles). I wonder what the challenge will be; Spain is known for bulls … but I'm hoping it'll be something a bit easier … like dancing for example.

Karrie: Spain sounds nice and relaxing; I'm in need of relaxation after the past few days.

A while later the Jumbo Jet had landed and the twenty six tweens stood grouped in their teams; there were four pens set up nearby. Noah was ready to give the sign language translation so Chris began to speak.

"Welcome to Spain everyone, specifically Madrid. This is the capital of Spain and as such is quite a busy city. However, we are in a more secluded part of the city on the outskirts since today's challenge cannot be done in a crowded environment. Spain is known for quite a lot of things such as a great football team, hot girls and, most notably, the running of the bulls which on average results in the deaths of at least twelve people. And today's challenge is going to need to be grabbed by the horns because it involves bulls." Stated Chris.

"Aw crud." Gulped Bea.

"You can't be serious." Muttered Benjamin.

"I don't wanna get hurt." Whined Edgar.

"Today's challenge is very simple; there are four bull pens behind me. There are also four bulls roaming around the area. All you have to do is herd your team's bull into your team's pen. Each bull is marked with a colour; red, yellow, blue or green. Get your bull into the pen that represents your team, once again coded by colour, and you win. The last team to get their bull in the pen loses and has to vote somebody off. Any questions?"

Winter raised her hand.

"Isn't this dangerous?" Asked Winter uncertainly.

"You'll be fine as long as you don't antagonize the bulls." Assured Chris as he took out a starter pistol. "Ok then; on your marks … get set … go!"

The four teams quickly took off running in different directions; Chris chuckled to himself.

"I wonder if any of them are gonna get butted by the bull." Chuckled Chris. "I hope this challenge works."

"Don't worry Chris; if anyone can beat an idiot at his own game it's you." Assured Noah.

"Thanks." Grinned Chris before he realised he had been insulted. "Hey!"

(Airplane Confessional: You messed with the bull, now here come the horns!)

Noah: Antagonising Chris is the highlight of my day.

Bea: This is gonna #bleep# sting…

Terrence: I think I can do this challenge … but I hope the bulls don't get hurt; then again, they're stronger than us so I probably shouldn't worry about them. I hope nobody gets hurt…

Edgar: I might as well sit back and do nothing; I'm not getting voted out anyway so I may as well milk my safety for all it's worth.

Gareth: I may be able to talk to bugs … but I cannot talk to bulls; this is going to be somewhat of a problem.

Tony: People have called me bull-headed before so this challenge should be easy; hooray!

Next Time: The tweens try and capture the bulls … the key word being try.