I have been thinking about doing a one-shot or story with a Winnie/M pairing and was talking to trappinismygame two days ago. Well I guess you can see I decided to get it out of me. I also have gotten trappinismygame to help me write it so we're both writing this and combining paragraghs. XD I'm really excited about this story.

We aren't sure on all the plots yet.

The title 'Only Time' was inspired by the song Only Time by Enya.

M is based off the M in my other two stories Everything Can Change and The Secret Life of M.

'Only Time'

(A Winnie/M story

Written by The Narnian Phantom Stallion

trappinismygame formerly known as womd.)

Chapter 1:

No matter how much I try I can't get her out of my head. Who you ask? I will tell you but first let's pass some facts about me so you know who I am.
My real name is Marque Isidore but I'm known as M to everyone in Ashland, Ohio. I don't like people to know my real name because then they would know I'm French. People would poke fun and smear it in my face that I wasn't a true American. I know because in the first town I lived in that is exactly what happened.

Maybe one day though I may feel comfortable enough to tell others.
Still people find something to make fun of; like my initial. They claim it means many things. Mysterious or mute... I guess I am both of those things. A few people even said M stated for moron.
I never have said anything or acted upon harsh comments. I have heard worse. The truth is I'm not mute at all. I just don't speak because I don't want people to hear my accent. I can make my voice sound unaccented but it is hard to keep up.
I try to keep a low profile best I can.
Catman Coolidge and Winnie Willis are the only two I am friends with. I occasionally speak around them if I'm comfortable enough.
Catman is the only who knows my secret. Around Winnie I keep my unaccented voice stable.
I met him the same year I moved to Ashland. Catman has always been there for me ever since and even without me saying anything he still understands me, and that's the same with Winnie I can actually feel comfortable with them.

But Winnie, I can't ever get her out my head.

Like yesterday…

I was over at her house with Catman watching her work with her horse Nickers, her dark brown hair was blowing in the wind. (She hates her hair because it is so wild and curly but secretly to myself-I love it!) Her green eyes were sparkling with love as she took Nickers over the jumps. I couldn't help but want her to stare at me with the same spark that she has when she rides or is around her horse and Buddy.

I try not to be but sometimes I feel a little envious around Winnie and Catman when they are together. Those two are the best of friends. Many people said when we were growing up since we were all 12 and 13 that they would get together later years. It makes my stomach churn to think about it. Now that me and Catman are both 18 and Winnie 17 it could happen anytime.

Was there even a slight chance she might like me? Was it even possible that she could choose me over Catman?

Only time will tell I guess.

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