This is only my second story. I decided to write it because I noticed that in the Alphas section there was only Second Gen. This is my version of what happened between Belle of the Brawl and Top of the Feud Chain. Please read and comment!




5:22 PM

Charlie's POV

Charlie Deery stretched out on picnic blanket with her boyfriend, Darwin Brazille, enjoying the early evening breeze. Everything was peaceful. Charlie worked on her computer as Darwin absentmindedly stroked her hair and read a book. The beautiful pink sky meant that Shira was in a good mood.

As Charlie finished a particularly complicated code meant to try to break Shira's cameras, a note popped up on her screen, informing her that she had an invitation to Skype. Without really noticing what she was doing, she clicked on it. Without reading the name.

The owner of that name popped up on the screen. Jessupha Rabate.

Charlie's eyes widened to the size of golf balls. For the first time that day, she remembered where she was. Leaning on Darwin. His hand stroking her hair. Serious-leh? Why did Jessupha—Jess—have to have such terrible timing?

The truth was, after she made up with Darwin, she'd never really given Jess a second thought. Charlie had been sincere when she said she'd love to see him—she really did. But that was when she was alone.

Obviously she chose Darwin. And now Jess was on-line.

"Hi, Charlie," said Jess. "Hey, is that…" Jess asked, trying to see past Charlie.

"Um, a sec," she blurted, and pulled down the window.

"Char?" Darwin looked her over, closing his book. "Are you okay?"

"Of course, I just need to do something. Be back in a sec." Charlie kissed him and grabbed her computer, hurrying off into the jungle. She felt Darwin's eyes on her, and was relieved when he went back to his book.

Moving out of earshot, Charlie sat on a rock and debated what to say to Jess. But Charlie didn't have to say anything when she finally pulled up the window.

"Guess what, Charlie?" Jess burst out excitedly. She glanced around, but there was no one. However, Charlie lowered the volume before returning her attention to Jess.

"I'm going to visit you on Alpha Island soon! Isn't that so cool?" He grinned. Then he blushed. "I meant, awesome."

Charlie laughed, although her heart was sinking. How would she tell Jess she wasn't interested anymore when she had flirted so openly before?

"When are you coming?" she asked, trying—and failing—to sound enthusiastic.

"The day after tomorrow. Isn't that so coo—I mean awesome? Sorry I didn't get to tell you sooner. It just came up."

"Yeah. But didn't you say you were coming around Christmas? It's only October. "

Jess' smile grew. "My dad decided to come a little earlier because he got an invitation to spend Christmas with the Obamas. It's going to be so great!"

"I know." Charlie forced a smile. "Listen, it was great seeing you. But—um, Shira will get mad if we aren't in our cabins by curfew. See you."

"Bye," Jess flashed a dazzling smile at her as she shut the laptop. How would she explain this to Darwin? Hey, Darwin. When I wasn't talking to you I Skyped with Jessupha Rabate—you know, that kid from Thailand—and he's coming over. Only, you can't act affectionate because he thinks I like him, which I totally don't but I don't want to hurt him.

Even in her head it sounded lame.