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"So, how are things with Aya-chan as of late~?" Kaoruko was snooping about Kanou's office that morning, bothering the man as he focused on his papers, eyes narrowing at the tone of his "friend". That word alone made the broader male's throat constrict and stomach churn.

"That's none of your damn business," he growled.

"Well, I can't help but be a bit curious~ After all, Hibi-nii finally did it, right? Aya-chan is no longer 'bound' to you?"

Teeth were grinding as Somuku looked up to see the smug expression on the other's face, "He hasn't left."

Kaoruko sighed, "Oh please, he won't leave at all." He walked over, placing his hands atop the messy desk with strewn about papers decorating it, leaning forward, "This will help you two, I'm sure of it. And, I'm not the only one who thinks it."

Brow twitching, Kanou returned to his papers, "You all should just leave things as they are. Interfering in a place you shouldn't poke your noses into. Pains in the ass."

"But, you must tell me! Aya-chan's wellbeing is something that I am allowed to be informed of. He's like a duckling!"

Somuku's grip on his pen tightened until he glared at the other, shouting, "Get the hell out of here now! Damn okama! Now!"

Someya frowned, straightening before crossing his arms, turning on the ball of his feet and huffed, nose in the air, "Fine. I'll leave you to brood. Just don't bring that attitude back home, understand?" He walked to the door, adjusting his kimono briefly, looking over his shoulder, "Keep keen on him." And with that, Kaoruko was gone, closing the door gently behind him and leaving a frustrated Kanou to glare, fingers digging into the papers and almost ripping them.

How could Someya understand? With what happened yesterday…Ayase had thought that without the debt he was useless to Kanou, but of course the older man eased his worries with growls and a kiss. But, that kiss was all that happened. No, Somuku would not touch Ayase. He'll keep himself at bay the best he can. I won't ignore him again, though, he thought. Remembering back to when he first put space between them after their first meeting and incident after the auction, he'd be an idiot to ignore the boy. But he will refrain from any sensual touches and the like. He had no right, no reason now…His whole excuse of claiming Ayase's body was gone. The boy wouldn't leave, no, but his presence would always be daunting, especially now that Kanou craves his body from every taste he gets.

A groan was released from the devil-like businessman. He set his documents down, rubbed at his eyes and heaved a sigh. After that kiss, he simply restated his feelings and left for the evening, he came home only to find Ayase sleeping on the couch. He put the boy to bed, and made himself comfortable in the living room for the night. When he woke up that morning, Ayase was still asleep and he was silent with getting ready for the day and leaving without a word. He really wasn't sure how to face Ayase, as though all of his crimes towards the angelic idol he had worshipped for years were put into light and now he had a huge debt of his own to pay. Not money, but humility, kindness, respect, and of course justice. He had to wonder how many times did he actually "rape" the young man? Did he want any of them himself? Or, was it really all just Kanou's selfishness? Even at their most tender of moments could have been damaging to Ayase, even as he was saying that he was "aware" of Somuku now. How many times have I ignored the word "no" that left his lips? he wondered to himself. From the beginning, Ayase only wanted a "family" not a "lover".

Kanou returned in the evening, the lights on and welcoming him; but there was no Ayase. He walked around down the halls and so forth, before making his way to his room. When he opened the door, his eyes widened and throat constricted, and the young man he startled in the process looked over his shoulder with a light gasp, flushed cheeks. Ayase's skin was damp, droplets still falling and marking the floor beneath him. A towel was loose on his thin hips, his golden locks clinging to each other as well as his neck and forehead, framing his angelic face. The clothes he would no doubt be changing into by now were in a pile on the bad save for the underwear held tightly in his fist.

Somuku's own cheeks gained a light rosy color from both arousal and shame caused by the former. "I'm sorry," he murmured, coughing out the apology as his eyes fell away from Ayase's nude form, and he began to close the door behind him.

"Ah, K-Kanou-san!" a free pale hand kept close to the towel that threatened to fall, a foot took a step closer but the once intimidating "owner" was quick to the cut the other off.

"Ayase, get changed first," his voice was cold causing thin brows to furrow and a light frown to place itself on plush lips. "We'll…talk later…" And then, the door finally closed and Somuku found himself groaning on the other side, heaving a sigh and marching to the bathroom. If he was going to make this new arrangement work with the young blonde, he would have to start getting a real control over his urges. No more excuses.

Ayase had already begun to prepare dinner that night by the time Kanou had the whit to remove himself from his solitary confinement in the restroom. Now dressed in one of Kanou's old set of sleepwear, oversized on the thin frame of the younger's body, a light red long sleeved button nightshirt and matching pair of pants. Light spots were seen on the top of the shoulders of the fabric, indicating that Ayase's hair was still damp. Sharp eyes glanced around to see the towel he had been using earlier was left on the side of arm of the couch. Kanou was quick to pick it up and walked up behind the younger, instantly placing the towel on his head and scrubbing furiously.

"Y-Yowowowowow~! K-Kanou-san~!" the younger froze stirring his broth, eyes clenching shut as he felt his scalp and roots being attacked as he whined. "Kanou-san!"

Large hands froze, hesitantly removing themselves to reveal Ayase's soft hair in a mess in a fashion quite similar to a bird's nest. "You should dry your hair properly, and maybe I won't punish you like this," Kanou stated, whipping the towel over his shoulder and allowing a hand to settle on the light airy mass that was now Yukiya's hair. "Now you'll have to live with a ratted mess."

Though it appeared to Ayase that the way Kanou was speaking was in a way that was supposed to be his usual affectionate teasing, the tone was off. It was like he was trying so hard that it only came out half-hearted. Ayase felt a slight pang in his chest, reaching over the oven and turning the burner off and allowing the broth to simmer. He turned around, placing his hands atop Somuku's biceps, taking a step forward to instruct the larger man away from the dangers of a hot stove. They paused once far enough, still in the kitchen, before Ayase retracted his hands and glanced up into the darker eyes of the older male who returned it with his own gaze. "Kanou-san…"

"Ayase," large arms encircled the boy, however, not touching, merely hovering about his sides, hands seeming as though they would grab at his flesh any moment but never did, "are you…sure you'll be happy here…?"

Bright blue eyes widened at the question, Ayase nodded, "I…couldn't think of being anywhere else. If you'll allow it…and don't think it strange…I view this place…as my home."

"Even after…everything I did to you?" the question came out dry and pathetic to Kanou's own ears. "The many times I…took you with no restraint or consideration of your feelings…you really aren't afraid of me?"

The teen shook his head, a small smile on his lips, "I could never be afraid of Kanou-san."

A light of relief shined in Somuku's eyes, "I see. I'm glad to hear that." His smile was gentle, hand rising to caress a soft pale cheek with the back of his knuckles, Yukiya's eyes closing with a sigh that rang in man's ears. A tiny hand held the back of the larger, fingers curling about the sides of the palm and Kanou could feel the trace of a pulse at the tips of his fingers. "I should have known better."

At the sound of the stove alarm, Ayase pulled away, turning back to the food and reaching for the potholder, "Oh, dear, dinner's just about ready."

Before his fingers could even reach the pot, a strong arm wrapped around his middle, pulling him back to a broad chest as Kanou leaned over to whisper into his ear, "Ayase, if I asked…would you still sleep with me?"

Almost instantly, brows furrowed closely, a deep maroon color spread to the young man's cheeks, and his head fell, eyes keeping to the floor. "Kanou-san," his voice trembled slightly, "I need…to finish getting dinner ready."

A dash of anger hit Somuku's system, anger at himself, not Ayase, and he released the blonde, not gaining a look back as he scurried about the kitchen, moving the broth-pot to another burner as the one it was occupying cooled, he dashed for silverware and dishes, cutting up a bit of beef on a wooden slab after rolling his sleeves up to his elbows. Then, an inquisitive brow rose as a thought crossed Kanou's mind, "Ayase, why are you wearing my clothes?"

"Ah!" the young man froze, and Somuku could see an ear turn scarlet. "I-I still have to do some laundry after dinner…! Y-You haven't worn these in a long while so…" He peeked over his shoulder, a dampness in his eyes that complimented his apologetic brows. "I-I'm sorry…I-I have nothing left…"

Kanou rubbed at the back of his neck, "Well…it's not as though I particularly care…I mean, you can't go around without any real clothes on…" Thinking back, if he had the debt still over Ayase's head, he probably would have done just that. Ordered the blonde to remove the clothes that weren't his, force him to go about his daily activities in his undergarments, whether he wanted to or not. And, then, no doubt, it would end with Kanou raping the teen once again… A hand tightened on his shirt, his own just above his stomach. He could feel himself stirring once more, and muscles were twitching at the thoughts that passed his mind. Shit! he cursed to himself. He was going to restrain himself! Affection is one thing, a proper family would show affection, but no…no intercourse, no connecting, no…

"Kanou-san," the tiny voice instantly brought over the other's attention, and the broad man felt a lump in his throat at the flushed cheeks, "it's really…all right…?"

Lips twitched, the blood in his veins felt as though they were on fire, and that damnable question slipped before his mind could protest, "Even though I said it, what would you do if I told you I wasn't?" The young man froze, face ablaze with crimson. Kanou stepped forwards and crystal eyes turned away as the man towered over him from behind, arms almost embracing the younger once more, "If I told you to take them off, would you?" However, his sobriety suddenly kicked in at the trembling that enraptured Ayase's body. He stepped back, leaned over to get a view and see that the blonde's face was twisted in what looked like fear with clenched eyes.

Somuku sighed. He reached a hand to lay atop the blonde puff of hair that hadn't quite settled yet, and received a steady flinch that shot straight to his heart. His hand slowly smoothed down the mess he created, fingers combing through and catching a few knots, making Yukiya wince with a cry or pain. When it appeared the best as Kanou could make it, he placed a light kiss to Ayase's cheek from behind, whispering, "Sorry. I'll leave you to dinner."

"Ah, Kanou-san," timid eyes peered up. "Thank you." The words almost came out as a whisper, and in response Kanou gave a wry smile, scratching the back of his head as he turned away.

"Tell me when dinner's ready…"


A time went off and Somuku froze, grumbling but not looking back, "What was that…?"

An air light giggle floated to the man's ears, "Dinner's…ready…"

Kanou released a heavy sigh, a palm coming up to rub at the tired muscles in his face. "All right…" he erected his back. "You set up and I'll…clean up…"

"Yes," the response was cheery, which tugged the edges of Kanou's mouth upwards, but he still did not look to the blonde.

He headed towards the bathroom once again, feeling a little of his pride fall, but it didn't bother him too much, not entirely. If he had to sacrifice a little of himself to hold him back from devouring the blonde when he sincerely didn't wish for it, then so be it. He had to be determined, now more than any of the other times he half-heartedly vowed. This time, he would take care of Ayase completely, and he'd be damned if another tear feel from those pristine eyes because of him.

This was now absolute.

To Be Continued...!

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