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Drowning in Love

The waves crashed against the very rocks she sat on - being attached to the shore only by a thin strip of land that annoyances found too troublesome to cross, the young woman felt the dampness a fair trade. The skies were grey and the clouds above her were blackening. Yet another storm would be making its way to her small town. The cat-like ears on the top of the woman's head twitched from an icy raindrop. June was about to stand and make her way indoors when something on the waves made her pause. No, not on the waves, IN the waves - PART of the waves. The color of the ocean itself, and seaming to be at least part water, was a man standing (no, not standing, but not sitting or crouching either... it was as if he WAS the wave) with his arm outstretched toward her.

Never before had June seen such beauty. Elf ears framed his youthful face and his eyes, one with strange marks on it, beseeched her to take his hand. A moment of fear gripped her, only to be squashed by the ever-growing need to reach out and grasp him. Realizing she was still in a position of being ready to rise, June scooted closer to the edge of the rocks and held out her hand to the strange creature promising her bliss, happiness, and deep, wonderful love. No more hateful fathers. No more incurable illness eating away at her. Her solid fingers met his liquid ones and he pulled her into the water.

Salt water rushed in around her and June fought to keep her breath. Her eyes opened, she could see him there in front of her - his loving eyes telling her all would be well. Down, down he dragged her. June's throat began to burn, her eyes teared, and her chest ached. Oh, how she needed to breathe! Still further down the strange water elf took her. The need to breathe soon overwhelmed all else and June took a breath - salty ocean entered her mouth, filled her lungs and caused her to choke. Blackness soon invaded her vision, the pain ever more unbearable, until she couldn't even see the eyes that had lured her to this painful place. She felt betrayed, felt hurt, felt angry. Then she felt no more.