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A young boy saw the smoke in the faroff distance and wondered at it. Hadn't there been an island there, a moment ago? An island with a giant tree? He blinked, scrubbed at his eyes with the back of a hand, and sat back down in the rowboat. Strange. Very strange. For a boy of twelve years, it was certainly the strangest sight he'd ever seen. He blinked, squinted up into the sunlight, and, for a moment, saw a huge, massive shadow.

It was as if all the light had been blotted out from existence. He winced, winced as a massive beast swept overhead, nearly dislodging him from his place in the raft. Yelping in disbelief, he stumbled backward and flopped out of the boat, landing in the waters with a mighty splash. And still, spluttering and coughing, he couldn't bring himself to tear a single lid from it, from the majestic creature that had overtaken him and-mockingly-overturned his craft.


"Acnologia." He breathed in disbelief, recognizing the glinting, golden markings upon the dragon. "Oi! Wait! Acnologia!" He raised a hand after it, his fingers straining for it as it soared above him and roared, high overhead and into the clouds. "You have to tell me! You have to tell me where she went! Please! Wait! Aconologia!" He cried out after it, even when it receded into the distance and vanished from his sight. Even then, even though he wept and spat and moaned, it did not answer. Even then...

...the Dragon did not reply.


In the end, as he pulled himself back into the boat, there was only silence.

(Seven Years Later)

The door opened to Fairy Tail opened swiftly, and slammed shut just as quickly, shutting out the harsh light of the afternoon. A stranger stepped through these doors, his eyes darker than the deep blue sea, his hair brighter than the shining sun itself. All eyes fell upon him; this strange lad, wrapped in a matte-black cloak, garbed as if for the coming of winter, not the middle of spring. He pulled back his hood, revealing the likeness of a face that had not been seen for seven years.

He was a handsome youth, if intense. His blond hair was disheveled, his blue eyes intelligent, his features balanced. Whisker marks tripled each cheek cheeks that might have dimpled with a constantly bright and enthused grin; no matter the situation or mission. Now, he was intense, his visage free of the baby fat that had cursed him in his younger years. Chiseled and nigh but expressionless, that face squinted against the sunlight and peered through the door, wondering at the strange sight that lay within. Furniture had been viciously overturned, bottles broken, and, as he looked on, he realized that the destruction had come to a sudden halt; most likely due to his sudden entrance.

"Is this Fairy Tail?" These were the first words out of his mouth.

"Huh?" Everyone gawked at him.

"This is Fairy Tail...right?" The young man asked, his eyes sweeping across the room. "This is Natsu's guild, isn't it?" When no one answered him, he stepped over the threshold, allowing the door to swing shut behind him. Noting the intense looks of displeasure levied upon him by a number of curiously garbed individuals, he blinked, offering his shoulders in recompense for his temerity.

"I am interrupting something? He asked pleasantly, as if that were not painfully obvious. "If so, I can come back later...

"Who the hell do you think you are?" One of them asked. The blond turned towards him. He was a tall, lanky looking man, and, at the moment, his face was twisted as though someone had wrenched it into a permanent grimace. "This is Twilight Ogre turf, pal." He jerked a thumb toward the door, not even bothering to approach. "If you know what's good for ya, you'll get lost, if ya get my meaning."

The blond took one look at the club strapped to the man's back, and blinked.

"Twilight Ogre?" The blond frowned, once more proving oblivious to the obvious. "Sorry, but I don't have any business with you. I came here to join Magnolia's greatest guild." He turned, pointing to the weathered banner that hung over the hearth. "I came here, to join Fairy Tail." Turning toward the assembled members of Fairy Tail, he asked, "Say, could one of you point me toward your Guild Master? I'm really anxious to meet him-

"OI!" The club-wielding man known as Teebo shouted, interrupting him. "Weren't you listening to what I said earlier?"

"Not really, no." The blond answered blandly, earning a series of shocked gasps from those of Fairy Tail. "If you're not from Magnolia's greatest guild, then I really don't have anything to say to you right now."

"Have you been living under a rock or somethin', buddy?" Teebo scoffed. "Fairy Tail hasn't been the greatest guild in Fiorre for the last five years! Twilight Ogre runs this town now, you get me? If you had any sorta sense, you'd be joining our guild, not theirs!"

"But that's just it," The blond repeated flatly, the sudden lack of enthusiasm betraying his words. "I've already been to your guild! And it's boring! I don't want anything to do with it! No, I'd much rather join Fairy Tail." He let the statment hang, unadorned between them. "That's not a problem, is it?" He asked-quiet-his eyes narrowing slightly, ever so slightly.

"And what if it is?" Teebo sneered.

"Well, in that case, I don't much care what you have a problem with and what you don't." The boy answered simply. "Is it any business of yours which guild I join and which I don't?" Even as he said this, he brushed the club-wielding mage aside, the man already forgotten, in his mind. "Now, I wonder who the master is-

"Hey!" Teebo snarled, seizing the boy's shoulder. "We're not finished yet!"

The blond mage stopped in his tracks, his face slowly appearing over his shoulder as he curiously regarded his once fallen opponent. A look of irritation crossed his single eye as it regarded the self-serving servant behind him.

"You're bothering me." The blond stated swiftly, his composure slipping somewhat. "Please, step away."

"And if I don't?"


The blond mage looked Teebo directly in the eye and released a dense wave of magical energy.

Teebo's mouth hung open in shock as he and those members of Twilight Ogre surrounding him fell to their knees. His eyes were staring straight into Naruto's, the expression on his face a mixture of fear, fury, confusion and defeated dejection. His jaw started working but he couldn't force any sound to come out. Everyone gawped. Gawped, as the mysterious blond took three steps forward, and brought himself face to face with his fellow mage. He frowned down on the men, severely.

"Speak again at your own peril, fools." He warned, all of his earlier composure falling to the wayside. "I'd rather not kill you, but unfortunately, I'm not feeling very merciful at the moment."

One of them scoffed.

"You wouldn't dare!" One of the grunts said, turning his gaze toward their leader. "Ain't that right, Teebo-san? Fairy Tail wouldn't dare lift a finger against Twilight Ogre!"

"Is that so?" The blond mage-to-be smiled. "But you seem to have forgotten something."


"I ain't a part of Fairy Tail yet, kono yarou." The blond snapped back, his gorgeous white grin streaking across his mouth as he inhaled sharply. "Even so, you lot have insulted this guild for the last time!" Another oppressive wave of magical power burst froth from him, the sheer force of such a power serving as to drive them back several steps. Back they went, staggering, stumbling, struggling to reclaim their footing as the wind abruptly tore the boy's cloak open and revealed him for who he truly was.


"Suiryū no...

A blue magic seal burst before his lips, inviting a torrent of azure energy to the heart of the guild. The boy inhaled and his stomach swelled, then his chest, then his cheeks, as all the while the magic worked its way upward through his body, building into a blinding surge. He thrust his face forward, his lips parted in a defiant scream that rippled forth, from his lips, bursting forth in a sea of cerulean light that caused everyone's eyes-Twilight Ogre and Fairy Tail alike-to bulge in comprehension.


Within a gash of blinding light, his breath tore forward and slammed into the mages from Twilight Ogre.

By the time the whole of Fairy Tail did think to drop to the floor, a screen of blue was discharged without warning. While everyone felt the strong pull of the massive tidal wave the only ones who absorbed the worse of it were the mages from Twilight Ogre. Unable to believe their eyes nor their ears, the unlucky magicians were flung clear out of both bar and battle, sent flying across the next street where they caromed off the steps leading to the guild hall, landing in a gaggle of arms and legs and mud.

Yet strangely, the only one that was left standing was the mysterious stranger who seemed unharmed by the sudden surge. It almost seemd as if the cone of destruction might have originated from his very flesh. But that was impossible. The only one's who could perform such a spell were those who knew Dragon Slayer magic. And yet, was this not what they had just seen? But it had been years since they'd last seen such a magic! It had been nearly seven years!

Seven, long, arduous years.

Back then, three others had wielded this very same type of magic. Back then, Fairy Tail had been a brighter, happier place. Back then, they would never have allowed themselves to fall so far as they had fallen now. Now, as a boy-a man-bearing such an ability appeared before them; wielding the very same magic said to have been banished from the face of the earth for almost a decade, their shock was overwhelming.

Now, as the water retreated, turning itself to mist, roiling, boiling, baring its fangs with a mind numbing intensity, they began to understand. With a soft, squelching sound he turned his attention toward them, the waters retreated inward, dissipating before their very eyes.

"Sorry about the mess," the cloaked stranger apologized to the shocked guild. "Did I...overdo it a little?" He scratched at the back of his head and adjusted the muffler across his neck. "Damn, I did, didn't I!" He swore profusely, his words emerging as little more than a frenzied blur. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do that much damage its just that I'm not used to using that much magic at once and they were wrecking everything and I...I...I'm so sorry!"

His mouth opened and closed several times, but no words made their way from it. His shoulders pumped up and down heavily as he breathed, his face dragging the floor as he shoved his head down further and knelt, prostrate before them.

"Please forgive me!"

Everyone sweatdropped at his sudden departure from normality.

'Is this guy for real?'

But before anyone could hope to voice her opinion on the matter, Laki stepped forward. She crossed the threshohold between them and the newcomer, approaching him with out any of the hesistation expressed by the other members of the guild. She knelt before the enstranged blond and reached forward, cupping his chin, tipping it upward so as to get a better look at him. Briefly, his eyes found hers once more. They were no longer the same, shimmering blue they'd been previously she realized, though the thought of staring into these light, glassy orbs of sapphire brought her little comfort. She could still see the anger, the confusion burning beyond his vision. At length, she smiled. It was a soft, watery, smile, this one, bellying the element she'd seen him so blatantly release upon those from Twilight Ogre.

"Thank you." She said softly. "For doing that."

"You're welcome." The boy muttered weakly. "They had it coming."

'They certainly did.' she mused to herself, but instead asked:

"What's your name?"

"My name?" The boy blinked. "You mean...nobody never mentioned me?" When this was greeted by silence, he seemed about to dissolve into begging for forgiveness again-a trait that eerily reminded everyone of another Dragon Slayer that they knew-but Laki's shake of the head seemed to dispel this concern, somewhat. Straightening, bending at the knees, he stood woodenly and not taking enough care.

"M-My name is Uzumaki Naruto." He stammered, hesitantly. "M-Might I...ask your name?"

"Laki Olietta." Laki introduced herself. "Say, just now, was that...Dragon Slayer Magic?"

Naruto nodded, albeit hesitantly.

"Yes it was," He began, his words growing steadily stronger with every syllable. "Lady Tsukiumi taught it to me. Seven years ago, she told me that I'd find Dragon Slayers like myself here, eventually, but I kinda got lost...for the last seven years."

Everyone facefaulted.

"For seven years!"

Laki sweatdropped.

"Here we go again...

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