Part 1: Trick or Treat

"So you're saying that this is absolutely normal behavior?" HG asked for the second time, still not quite believing it.

Myka glanced at her before turning her eyes back on the dark road. "Yes Helena," she said patiently. "Halloween is for kids. They want to get spooked. It's fun."

"I think it's a terrible idea. Barbaric," HG huffed again. "Scaring sweet innocent children like that. Horrid behavior," she said and folded her arms.

Myka chuckled. "Well those sweet innocent little children might play tricks on you unless you bribe them with candy," she teased.

HG shot her a sharp look. "What kinds of tricks?"

"Well, I remember TP-ing someone's house as a teenager," Myka said a little embarrassed. Truth be told, she had not been the instigator, only one of the tagalongs.

"You did?" HG said surprised. "I would never have taken you for such a hooligan."

Myka laughed. "It's Halloween, Helena, people expect things to happen. They don't get too mad about it."

"Well I for one would've been very upset to have toilet paper in my trees and bushes," she huffed. "Barbarians," she muttered.

"So you're saying that you had no scary holidays in England growing up?" she asked curious.

HG looked at her for a long moment. Myka glanced over and raised an eyebrow at the strange look on HG's face. "What?"

"Myka, we didn't need scary holidays. We had enough real events happening to cure us for a very long time."

"Like what?" Myka wanted to know.

"The Whitechapel Murders for one," HG said softly.

"Jack the Ripper?" Myka said surprised.

"Mm hmm."

Myka glanced at her again. "You were actually there when it happened?"

"Don't sound like it was something amazing. It wasn't. It was dreadful. All of London was in panic. And those poor women," she covered her mouth with her hand. "Dreadful, I tell you."

Myka reached out and put a comforting hand on HG's thigh. She smiled when HG took it and squeezed it hard.

"I'm sorry for teasing you Helena," she said honestly.

"I know," she whispered. "You know, it's been over a hundred years since those murders, but it feels like it was only yesterday. It happened in the autumn of 1888. It started out being a wonderful year. I was living in London, away from my father. I was free for the first time in my life. I attended all sorts of intellectually challenging events. I made new friends, hosted parties, and found love. Everything was lovely until those murders happened," she said sadly.

Myka didn't know what to say so she just held her hand, trying to comfort her. Finally HG seemed to shake her uneasiness. She smiled at Myka.

"Thank you for listening darling."

"Any time hon," Myka said softly. She turned onto the long driveway leading up to Leena's. As they approached the house they noticed that something was different. There were torches lined up along the driveway. Myka parked and they got out. HG moved closer to Myka.

"What happened?" she asked, her voice trembling slightly.

Myka looked around. A couple of old gravestones were seen through the mist on their left. The porch was covered in spider web and dead leaves. She jumped when she heard HG scream.

"Claudia!" she cried out and ran towards a body sticking out from under one of the bushes.

Myka took off after her. They stopped short by the body of their young colleague. Claudia's sneakers were covered in blood and her torso was one gaping hole. Blood and entrails were in a dark puddle next to her. HG started to bend down when they noticed movement on their left. HG grabbed Myka's hand in an iron grip as a tall dark creature approached. His cape fluttered in the light breeze. It was a man, she realized by his size and the top hat he was wearing.

HG took a step backwards pulling Myka with her. She placed herself between Myka and the creature. She gasped when she saw him raise his arm, a knife in his hand. She screamed.

"It's him," she whispered. "It's Jack the Ripper." She turned and pushed Myka forward. "Run!" she cried out.

The door creaked and they heard footsteps on the porch. Leena suddenly appeared surrounded by wispy mist, or at least it looked like Leena, except for that she was covered in blood and her eyes were glowing. HG screamed again. She pulled at Myka's hand. Myka was frozen in place just staring at Leena.

"Myka, move!" HG cried out and pulled her hand. She reached for her gun as the man hovered behind Myka, the knife raised high to strike. Myka finally burst into action.

"Helena, no!" she cried out and grabbed her gun arm.

"Myka, let go. He's going to kill you," HG screamed frantically and tried to get her arm free. Then suddenly the floodlights were turned on and she saw Pete's face grinning at her. He lowered his arm and put the knife back in its place.

"Gotcha!" he said and laughed.

HG turned as she heard Claudia laughing behind her. Claudia was rolling around on the ground laughing hysterically. She looked at Myka and saw her grin. "You knew about this," she said accusingly.

Myka bit her lip and nodded. "Happy Halloween honey."

HG glared at her, and without a word she stomped up the stairs and disappeared inside.

Pete looked at Myka and shrugged. "What's with her?" he said confused.

Myka started to worry that they had actually overdone it. "Later Pete," she said and took off after HG.

Claudia walked over and high fived Pete. "Awesome dude," she said and grinned.



Myka peeked into the living room. No sign of HG. She ran down the hall to the kitchen. It was empty. Realizing that HG must have gone upstairs she ran towards the stairs and quickly made her way to the second floor. She noticed that her door was slightly ajar. She peeked inside. It was empty. She slowly approached HG's closed door, and knocked gently. No response. She frowned. "Helena?" she called out softly.

"Go away," she said from inside.

Myka opened the door and entered. She was surprised to see HG curled up in a fetal position on the bed. She closed the door behind her and quickly crossed the room and sat down on the bed. She heard HG sniffle and realized that she was crying. She lay down and pulled her into a soft embrace.

"I'm so sorry Helena. I didn't realize that it would upset you this much."

HG sniffled. "You have no idea," she whispered.

Myka kissed her hair, gently rubbing her back. "It was just meant to be for fun," she said softly.

HG pulled back and looked at her. "For fun? What's wrong with you lot?" she asked heatedly.

Myka felt awful. She had no idea HG would react this strongly. "I really am sorry sweetie," she whispered.

"Well you better have some treat in mind for me, or tricks will be played on you," HG said and glared at her.

Myka laughed. "You want a treat?"

HG nodded.

Myka leaned closer and brushed her lips against HG's. "How's that?" she mumbled against HG's lips.

"A good start darling," HG whispered.

Myka deepened the kiss and felt HG respond as their tongues caressed each other. She felt HG tremble in her arms.

"So movie night is out of the question tonight then?" Myka asked with a sad smile.

HG smiled at her. "That's all right darling. I'm not a complete killjoy, you know. I assume that we are to watch another charming sample of gruesome unspeakable deeds?"

Myka chuckled. "Yeah, that's pretty much it."

HG shook her head. "Tomorrow night I think I'll pick the entertainment."

Myka was intrigued. "And what would that be?"

HG smirked. "I'll tell you the real story about Jack the Ripper. About the dark deeds happening in Whitechapel in the autumn of 1888, and why Jack the Ripper was never found," she said in a voice so cold it chilled Myka to the bones. She stared at HG.

"Myka darling, you look like you've seen a ghost," she said and chuckled.

Myka cleared her throat. "Yeah, well, you sounded pretty scary there for a moment."

HG smiled at her. "I'm a story teller Myka. It's part of the job."

Myka grinned at her and nodded. "I suppose it is. Well if that is any indication, I think we might be in for a real treat."

HG laughed and kissed her softly. "We should probably go downstairs before they start wondering where we are."

Myka nodded and nuzzled HG's neck. "I guess, though I'd rather stay here and give you your treat," she mumbled as she nibbled on HG's neck.

HG sighed softly. She stretched happily and pulled Myka closer. "I think it will be something to look forward to afterwards."

Myka laughed and rolled off the bed. She held out her hand to HG.

HG looked at Myka as they walked towards the stairs. "You are holding my hand the entire time," she said firmly.

"I wouldn't have it any other way baby," Myka said and kissed her.



HG held Myka's hand in a tight grip. She shrieked and jumped as Dracula appeared out of nowhere. Myka hugged her closer.

Pete chuckled and glanced at them. He winked at Myka and wiggled his eyebrows. "Good movie, huh?" he said and grinned.

Myka made a face at him. She knew she didn't need to have Helena suffer through a horror movie just to hold her. Still it was pretty nice how she clung to her. Then suddenly HG jumped and shrieked again. Myka looked confused at her. HG wasn't looking at her but at Claudia.

"Claudia," she said sternly. "Don't do that."

Claudia looked a little remorseful as she withdrew her straying hand that had spooked HG. "Sorry man, I wasn't paying attention. It's scary all right," she said and her chin trembled a little under HG's harsh stare. HG sighed and pulled away from Myka. She wrapped her arms around Claudia and hugged her protectively. "I'm sorry darling. I didn't mean to yell at you. It's just that I'm a little jumpy tonight."

Claudia grabbed her shirt and pulled her closer. "Thanks," she whispered.

Myka smiled at them. If she was Claudia's substitute for a sister, HG had quickly become a mother substitute. She caressed HG's hair and pulled her to her until the three of them were comfortably snuggled up together with HG in the middle.



"Will you be all right?" HG asked softly and caressed Claudia's hair.

"I'll be fine. It was just a dumb movie," Claudia said and shrugged. "I'll sleep with the lights on," she added with a smirk.

HG chuckled. "Good girl. And remember, if you get scared, you come find me, all right?" she said seriously and hugged Claudia.

"Aw, HG, I'm nineteen, not five," she protested, but secretly enjoyed the feeling of someone looking out for her.

HG kissed her cheek and gently pinched her nose. "I know that darling, but humor me and pretend that you need me," she said and smiled.

Claudia hugged her tight. "I do need you HG," she whispered and then scampered off down the hall to her room. HG chuckled and shook her head.

"Coming honey?" Myka asked.

HG turned and took the offered hand. "Absolutely. There's no way I'm sleeping alone tonight. I know I'm going to have nightmares."

Myka chuckled. "I know the best way of treating nightmares," she murmured in HG's ear. She laughed when she felt HG shiver.

To be continued...