"So, we are all in agreement of this new heirarchy?" The large, stalky man wearing a jet black business suit with ebony black aviator style glasses asked his associates. All in the ballroom agreed. This new unity would establish a strong powerbase among those involved, and the advantages far outwieghed the advantages of remaining individual. Most of them were smaller powers in the area, unable to get a firm hold over the more established 'regulators' of the city. This opportunity provided them with a access to muscle they could not garner themselves. It all would take is to swear fealty to their 'silent' head. It wasn't like they couldn't wipe him out in the future if their objectives came to opposition, after all.

"Then, I proudly welcome you to the new established.... what is that?"


Ranma rolled, while tucking his trenchcoat around him to protect himself from the glass shards from the window he just busted through. Before any of the armed men in the large hall could gain their bearings, the man with the braided ponytailed drew two berettas, and opened fire. In the first barrage, Ranma dropped nine men, all while diving under a table, and kicking it over to provide cover.

Bullets began to annialate the fiberboard table, forcing Ranma to dash from behind it, while opening fire in his strafe. The twenty remaining men kept their gunfire on the invader, forcing him to barely evade the hail of lead death raining vertically at him. In a gravity defying move, Ranma started to run up the curved wall of the circular hall, while concentrating on taking out the ones who seemed to have the most solid aim on him.

Before the gunfire became too concentrated on him, Ranma pushed away from the wall and into the air. As he soared over the remaining men, Ranma attempted to open fire again, and found himself out of bullets. The ponytailed man changed the grip on his guns from the handle to the barrel after ejecting the clips slightly, and launched the spent clips at the crowd, connecting with two gunmen.

Ranma didn't bother to reload his guns, instead he reholstered them, and ran at the gathered crowed of frantic men, all while weaving between bullets. Ranma dropped into a slide, taking out two men, then rolled and thrust one foot into the jaw of another man with his 'Shishkabob' attack. Ranma picked up the dropped gun in the same motion he was flipping back to his feet, and pointed at another guard at point blank.

After dealing with the last man, Ranma leapt up into a right spin kick, that caught an approaching man in the head, causing his neck to twist farther than capable. Ranma continued the kick around, and turned it into a thrust kick that sent another guy that was coming up behind him flying. While still in the air, Ranma brought up his left leg, and performed another side kick to one other man to keep him away, and finally landed in a low right back sliding heel sweep that took out two other men.

Ranma quickly stood up, and delivered a left back fist to yet another aggressor, and gave a push kick to the groin to another one standing in front of him. Ranma then quickly leaned to his side, allowing a bullet to fly right by his head, and strike the man behind him.

The ponytailed man bent back, evading a punch from one man, and delivered a snap kick that pushed his nose into his brain. As the man fell back, Ranma gave him a thrust kick in the gut, sending him into another group of men. Once they were delt with, another man tried to attack Ranma from the side, but a well place elbow into his back sent him stumbling forwards. Before he got too far, Ranma skipped foward, jumped up, and hooked his right leg around the guy's neck, while driving his left foot's heel into the guy's abdomen and causing him to double over. Once in position, Ranma brought the gun to the guy's temple.

Seven more men rushed at Ranma from the front, and the ponytailed man rolled backwards, and kicked the man he had just killed into them with his left leg after unhooking his right leg from the corpse. Continuing his roll, Ranma picked up two more guns, and came to kneeling. Without pause, Ranma emptied the clips of the glocks in his hands on the oncoming crowd. He ran out of bullets, just as they all dogpiled him..

The men rolled off of the downed man, only to find it to be one of their own, with his neck broken, and holding a mechanical dolly. The doll waved its arm as if saying bye, and pinned to it, was a note:

From Salvador, with love.

Ranma was almost to the window, before the explosion occurred. With a gasp, he was thrown through it unceremoniously by the force, and out into the yard where several dead men lay. His body came to a stop next to a somewhat tall man with red hair and a stock build. In one hand he held a dagger that had a gun clip loaded into the handle, and was using it to clean his nails.

"First of all, you were only supposed to get in there, plant the bomb, and get out. Second, all that grandstanding *should* have gotten you killed. Third, get rid of that trench coat, you look rediculous with it."

Ranma turned to his partner in his sitting postition, and chuckled nervously while scratching the back of his head.

Easy Target 2
'Dirty Shot'

"Damn Matrix," Rugar grumbled while keeping his eyes on the wet streets, "All you punks think you're damned Neo or something."

"Hey, the job got done, didn't it?" Ranma grumbled, his attituted coming half from the beratement from his partner, and half from the sudden shift in weather outside, and of course he didn't have his umbrella.

"Yeah, and wasted all your ammo while doing it, not to mention almost allowed several of them to escape. while we're talking about it, what in the Hell did you do in there? sounded like World War Three in there!"

Ranma's face came alight, "Oh, ya shoulda seen it! First I jumped through the window and dropped nine guys right off the bat, and then I... hey.. HEY!!!!!" Ranma screeched, as the automatic window rolled down, allowing the rain into it.

"Chill out, Ranma," Rugar stated casually, as his finger switched the passenger window to roll back up from his own control panel.

"Alright, I guess I deserved that," grumbled the luscious redhead that was now sitting in the ponytailed man's place, "But it wasn't like I was in any real danger." Ranma's partner gave a grunt that signaled exactly his opinion on the matter. The guy had been in the business for a good long while, and valued the art of subtlety and efficiency, it had to be some sort of pennance for him to have such an idiotic and hard headed partner handed to him. Rugar didn't know much about Ranma's past, only having met him a year ago wandering through town like a vagabond drifter. He had witness the young man take out a couple of rapists that he himself was about to handle, and had to admit he was impressed.

He treated the young martial artist to a meal at a local diner and found the kid was ravished for a meal. Fortunatly his pocketbook could easily afford Ranma's appetite, but it was apparent the young man couldn't himself. Rugar had to ask what the kid was doing with himself, not that he already knew, that is, and wasn't surprised at the answer. The redheaded man decided that he could help the kid named Ranma out. He could see the kid had a strong sense of honor, and was suffering from it for some reason or another he never enquired in (It wasn't his business, after all), and told him he could get Ranma a job that had some decent pay that would require his obvious talents.

Ranma ended up a bodyguard for the 'high' maintnance, and ended up making himself a rep for being the best. Although the kid had some concerns about getting his name known, he seemed to soak up praise like a sponge. That ego of his could barely be supported by his neck soon enough.

"Hey," Ranma-chan looked back to the way that would take them back to the office, "Office is *that* way."

"R&R" Rugar replied, with a tone of amusement in his voice.

"DAMMIT!" the redheaded woman shouted, "We're not going to that damn 'Giddy Bronco Texas' place again, are we?" Rugar continued to smile, but did not answer.

"TURN THIS DAMN CAR AROUND, DAN! I'M NOT GOING, *ESPECIALLY* AS YOUR YOUNGER LESBIAN SISTER AGAIN!!!" Dan Rugar just whistled as he kept on driving. Ranma cutely pouted, and crossed her arms under her chest, "You're a jerk, you know that?"

"And you're just soooo adorable, you know that, Squirt?" Ranma replied with a few choice words spoken in a low grumble, "What would Mom have to say about your language?" Rugar said with a mocking tone. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught Ranma flinching, from the prior comment, but assumed it was from the taunt itself.

Ranma turned to look outside; the rain streaked window barely providing any visual beyond itself, not that Ranma-chan wasn't focusing on anything but her past. It didn't take them long to arrive at their destination.