The Seven Fiancees

A woman of Japanese nationality walked down the hall towards the two men. Her hair was cut short to a type of moter cycle helmet cut, with the front covering her face exept for a thin slip that widened the further down it went. The tips of the front of her hair had red highlights, scarlet red, angry red. Her sultry walk had shown none of that anger in her approach, accentuated by the tight black leather pants she wore, the leotard shirt, the small leather jacket that was forcefully rolled up at the sleeves and only came down to her mid-drift if it were closed, and the leather gloves with steel nuckles.

"Uh, how'd you get in here?" The first man asked, unconciously reaching for his gun.

The woman tilted her head sideways, as if it were a stupid question to ask, "I walked in."

"You couldn't just walk in here!" The second man stated, "this is a restricted building! There are guards posted at the door! Christ, if they're not doing their damn jobs up there..."

"Oh, they tried to do their jobs, and put up a valiant attempt, while they were at it." The woman put her hands on her hips, and her lips that could be barely seen smiled.

"Huh?" Both men asked at the exact same time.

"In fact.." the unwanted visitor checked her watch, "We should be hearing about it right... about..."

Suddenly, the alarms in the building blaired to life, and before either of the guards could react, the woman with the scarlet tipped hair went into action. Her right hand shot out, trapping the guard on her left's right arm to where he was trying to draw his gun from his vest holster. The woman then spun back to her left, ramming her left shoulder into the guard that was on her right. His head bounced against the ground, and he down the hall from the force of the short charge, as the woman, still holding onto other guard's arm, pulled him around to her left. she then brought her left hand into play, grabbing the man by his right inner thigh. She used her brute strength and the momentum from the spin to hoist the guard into the air, and then slam him back down so hard, the ground shook when his back connected. The woman clicked her tongue, and walked down the hall with a casual stride.

In a gymnasium of some sort, a woman with her hair cut short, exept for a ponytail down the back, wearing a conservative men's style business suit that had been cut for a women twirled a thin six foot black whipping cane in front of her with her right hand. The three guards that she was confronting.

Just as the first one drew his gun and pointed it at her, her staff shot out, straight into the barrel. The gunman tried to pull the trigger, but found the chamber jammed from the staff. With a jerk upwards, he was relieved of his gun. As the gun soared into the air, the woman quickly twirled her staff around, and made a backhand downwards strike , causing the middle gunman's gun to drop down, and shoot his partner in the foot. The woman then brought her staff over the middle guard, and brought the reverse end down onto the cheek of the first gunman who was still standing dumbfounded from being relieved of his gun. She then reversed the staff again, raising it in a fierce shovel, catching him in the chin, and launching in up and onto his back to land on his head.

The third guard fell to the ground in agony, while the second one brought his eyes back to their advisary, who was standing there calmly, holding the staff in front of her for support. With a growl, he started forward, only to have the first man's gun land on his head. The woman watched the second guard's eyes roll into the back of his head, and fall backwards. Without giving it a second thought, she continued forward, stepping on the second gunman, while ignoring the cries of pain from the third.

A woman in a lavender trenchcoat slammed her right palm into the chin of the first guard, and the thrust her right elbow into the neck of the second one. She then brought her left hand up, and open handedly back slapped the first man, then brought her right hand under her left hand in a yin-yang pattern and back fisted the second guy with her right hand. She then brought he right fist across, and socked the first guy, and spun into a left back fist into the second guy, as he recovered and turned back to her.

The woman in lavender turned to sock the first guy again, but instead parried his clumsy punch with her right hand, and then ducked. A fist soared over her head from behind, clocking the first guard and rendering him stunned. The woman reached her left hand down to her right hip, and pulled out a custom lavender-chrome plated Jericho handgun. She slammed the second guard's head against the wall he was constantly being rebounded off, placing the side of the gun against his ear. As she raised her right leg up for a sideways split kick to knock the first guy out, she pulled the trigger twice.

The woman giggled, dropping her leg back down in a sultry manner; first bending it at the knee slowly, and then at the hip. She then slinked off in a sultry manner, as the second guard screamed from a split eardrum.

The man sitting in his office was climbing the walls at the alarm, wondering why in the hell anyone would choose to break in to the office building of his small, almost uknown specialized organization that was highly selective of its clientelle.

He recieved the answer he truly didn't want, as his locked office door flew inwards, revealing three women right out of his favorite wet dreams, standing at the door.

"Knock knock!" Scarlet mocked sweetly, with her hand still raised from 'knocking'. She walked in uninhibited, followed by Chef and Lavender.