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September 1st

The alarm-clock of his mobile phone rang loudly, making him groan and shift under the sheets. Extending an arm, he turned off the phone and let his limb fall flatly over the edge of the bed, his face buried in the pillow. He then remembered that there was something he had to do today, though his half-awaken mind couldn't figure out what yet. A few seconds passed before his brain started functioning.

'Right. School. First day.'

These weren't the best thoughts Yuri could have early in the morning to start the day, and they were definitely not the best incentive for him to get out of the bed. He rolled on his back lazily and opened his eyes with a sigh. Well, as much as he disliked school, he still didn't want to be late on his first day. He yawned loudly and stretched his arms, then after a few seconds of inner debate, he finally left his bed with some regrets.

As he drew the curtains of his window, he glanced at the clock on the wall. 7.20 am. The entrance ceremony was starting in forty minutes. Plenty of time. Within three minutes, his face was washed and his uniform was on – the tie was loose and the collar unbuttoned but it was merely because Yuri never bothered wasting time on them. Another ten minutes and his express breakfast was already in his stomach – he knew it wasn't healthy to eat too quickly but it had become a habit – and he was ready to leave.

Well, almost. How stupid would have he looked if he had forgotten his bag on the very first day of school?

'Very stupid.'

In any case, at 7.38 am sharp he stepped outside the building and headed for the university. The weather was still summer-ish yet not too uncomfortably hot, which was perfect for Yuri. The street was already buzzing with activity, filled with people getting their first coffee of the day in the pubs or buying the newspapers or running to catch their buses. Yuri shrugged and put on his earphones. Music covered all the surrounding noises and cut him off from the outside world.

As he walked near the school, he didn't even notice all the other students wearing the same uniform as him and calling out to each other, then chatting happily together after not seeing during the whole summer. Though he was entering his second year of university, Yuri didn't expect anyone to call his name for the simple reason that he didn't know anyone there, having moved to this city only two weeks ago. Ah well, his previous university was crap anyway.

At 7.47am he was at the entrance of the school grounds. The campus wasn't small but it was definitely not big, and Yuri had been pleased to see so many trees and grass there the time he had walked by the place. Stepping inside, he merely followed the flow of students – and the signs – to the conference room which was already almost full. At a first glance, he counted around two thousand seats, which was about a fifth of the size of his previous university. Oh well, fewer people meant fewer chances to meet stupid people.

Yuri spotted a seat not too far from the exit and decided it was a perfect – and strategic – place. The music still on, he leant against the back of the chair, crossed his legs, put his hands in his pockets and waited. At some point he smirked mentally, not missing how the girls would glance quickly at him while whispering something to their friends. His good looks was something he was very well aware of, even though he never made any particular effort to look attractive; he was merely born that way and he had to admit it was sometimes quite troublesome, especially when facing some particularly clinging girls.

At 8.12 am, a voice finally echoed from the big speakers in the conference room, and silence gradually fell. Yuri removed his earphones and his eyes moved to the front scene where he could see vaguely someone speaking in a microphone.

'Let's hope the guy knows how to make a non-soporific speech.'

Unfortunately for him, the speech turned out to be as boring as what he had feared. He yawned several times, which earned him the chuckles of the people sitting around him. After what seemed to be an eternity, there was a round of applause, telling Yuri that the speech was finally over.

"And now, all of you are invited to the gymnasium for the welcome buffet!"

It was the only signal needed for the beasts to be unleashed. Even if Yuri knew perfectly well that students only obeyed to their stomach, he still found it unbelievable how the mere mention of free food could stir such enthusiasm among them. Being seated near the exit, he didn't have many troubles making his way out. Now the question was: to leave or not to leave?

Basically there were no classes on that day. After the buffet, there was supposed to be some presentation of the school grounds for the first years by the student union and whatnot, and then some activities to 'get to know each other better'. A bore for Yuri. He pondered for a few seconds before deciding that free food wasn't such a bad thing after all; he could still leave afterwards.

Once again he followed everyone to the gymnasium and was barely able to hide his surprise at the sight of the many tables which had been placed there, all covered with hundreds of glasses, drinks and plates of appetizing snacks.

Well at least his morning wasn't completely wasted.

"Flynn!" a female voice called.

Letting out a small sigh, Flynn turned round and smiled at the group of girls who were running to him while waving enthusiastically at him.

"Flynn! How were your holidays? Did you have fun? Where did you go? What did you do? We missed you! A pity you couldn't come with us to the sea!" They started harassing him with questions.

'A pity? A blessing, you mean!' Flynn kept smiling out of politeness though deep inside, he was already getting annoyed by those girls. During his first year at the university, half the female population had openly declared their adoration for him and the other half merely admired him silently, to his utmost distress.

Of course, such popularity didn't make him much appreciated among his male comrades, but his seriousness and excellence in about every aspect of school life had forced respect and softened the edges a bit.

"Which courses did you pick for this period? I hope we will be in the same class for some courses at least!" One of the girls asked, grabbing Flynn's arm. "I'll change my courses if I'm not!"

"You should pick your courses according to what you wish to study, not because some other people picked them." Flynn replied nicely, freeing his arm as diplomatically as he could. The girl pouted and nodded.

Flynn had given up on trying to understand how those girls' brains were functioning, and sometimes he wished he was dumb and stupid for the sole reason of having some peace. He needed an excuse to get away from them.

"Oh! I just remembered that I forgot to take something." he lied. "Please go ahead without me."

"Oh no, really? But you're lucky to leave nearby. We can wait for you here!"

"That won't be necessary." Flynn replied with his most charming smile. "You should go to the conference room and get good seats."

"We'll keep one for you!"

But Flynn had already walked off in the opposite direction. When he was far enough, he stopped and let out a new sigh. He wondered for a moment if he'd be able to survive another year like that. Maybe he could ask for a transfer.

'That'd be stupid. It'd be the same no matter where I go. Anyway, I should go back now, or I'll be late.'

As he turned round to go back to the school, he spotted a mass of long, dark hair a bit farther ahead; but what actually caught his attention was that the uniform was a male one. Which guy nowadays would keep their hair that long? Did he think he was a popstar? Flynn shook his head, ignoring it. It wasn't his business after all.

Even though Flynn would never admit it out loud, he found the entrance speech as boring as the one given on the previous year. Fortunately he had arrived a bit late and the only seats left were at the back of the conference room where he could yawn without being seen too much. After the speech was over, the famished crowd rushed to the gymnasium with a speed that kept amazing Flynn. He waited patiently for most of the students to leave before exiting the room himself.

Outside, he was caught up with by some boys from the same year as him and they made their ways together to the gymnasium while talking about their holidays and other random topics.

"You're damn lucky to be so popular with girls, Flynn!" one of the boys patted Flynn on his back.

"I don't think you can call that 'luck' actually..." he replied sullenly.

"Are you kidding? I'd kill to get one of those chicks to go out with me!" another boy went on. "Speaking of which, why do you still have no girlfriend? Too many choices?"

"I'm just not interested, that's all." Flynn replied, not really liking the topic.

"Geez, you're really picky."

"As I said, it's not that. I just don't..."

"Woah guys! There are already way too many people inside! Come on! Let's make our way to the buffet!"

Flynn thanked the buffet mentally for distracting the thoughts of his comrades. Then he suddenly got the temptation to skip the buffet and go back home.

"Flynn, come on! There won't be anything left to eat if you don't hurry!"

'I guess I can survive staying here for the buffet.' he sighed mentally, following the other boys.

As he reached the tables, he noticed someone actually going in the opposite direction, away from the tables, which was already a surprise by itself; but what surprised him again was that it was the very same boy with long hair he had seen earlier from far. This time also, the boy had his back to him and had almost reached the gymnasium's exit door.

So he wasn't the only one who wanted to leave the place, was he?

And then, a sudden impulse to follow the long-haired boy seized him and Flynn quickly elbowed his way through the crowd while apologizing, then ran after the boy.

"Excuse me!" he called out as he caught up to him. When the other one turned round with questioning eyes, Flynn couldn't help but be slightly surprised as he saw his face. He wasn't an expert in that area, but he was smart enough to guess that such a face had to be pretty popular among girls. But then, he noticed the boy's neglected way of dressing – especially the loose tie and the open collar – and frowned slightly. Flynn disliked those kinds of negligence.

"Yes?" the other asked a bit impatiently.

"Oh, hm..." Flynn almost wanted to hit himself. What was he supposed to say? That he saw him leaving and wanted to say he approved of the decision? That sounded stupid. He improvised.

"Hello, my name's Flynn Scifo, I'm a second year." he held out his hand.

Taken aback for a second, the other boy didn't react immediately, but then he held out his hand as well and shook hand with Flynn.

"Yuri Lowell. Second year as well." he replied.

It was Flynn's turn to be surprised. First, because he didn't expect his voice to be that deep – maybe because of the long hair? – and second because he didn't expect him to be a second year.

"Are you new here?" he asked.

"Yeah, I just moved in two weeks ago."

"Oh, then I hope you'll find it to your liking here." Flynn replied with a smile.

"Me too. And you should go back. Your fan-club is calling you." Yuri motioned something behind Flynn with a faint smirk.

As Flynn turned round, exasperation seized him. The girls from before were waving at him while holding some plates of cakes in their hands.

"Flyyynn!" they called in unison.

"Good luck with them." Yuri said as he started walking away, looking pretty amused.

Luck was something that seemed to have deserted him a long time ago, Flynn thought.

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