Flynn checked his watch, tapping his finger lightly on his arm. 'Checking the time every minute won't make time fly by faster.' he lectured himself, though pointlessly. He was almost an hour early and the first one to arrive at the terminal. The arrival board indicated that the flight would arrive on time, for now. Fortunately Flynn had brought a book with him, though he was more flipping the pages than anything else. He gazed absent-mindedly around him: travellers dragging heavy luggage, parents running after their children, foreigners asking the staff for directions, and people waiting. His eyes drifted to the huge clock above the board. Five minutes had passed. He sighed. 'Might as well go and have a drink.' It would certainly be a better way to kill time. Spotting a coffee shop nearby, he put his book back in his bag and headed for it.

Soon enough, a steaming cup of tea was between his hands. As he let it cool down a bit, his thoughts started wandering. The three years had passed rather quickly, in the end. True enough, there had been times when Flynn would feel the urge to simply throw away the insane amount of work plaguing him and fly over to Yuri, but during those times, a mere phone call from the latter would prove sufficient to put him at ease. Hearing Yuri complain about how Nylen kept giving him orders and how Yuri hated following them would always make Flynn smile. The twin girls wouldn't stop teasing him as well, but they were good friends now; someday he would introduce them to Flynn.

Ten minutes later found Flynn finishing his tea cup and paying the bill before walking back to the terminal. He stopped mid-way though, as he spotted two – no, three – familiar silhouettes a bit farther away. Two seemed to be arguing together while the third person was chuckling, indicating that the argument was most certainly not serious. Flynn hurried to them.

"Guys! What are you doing here?" he called them out.

The two who were arguing turned their heads to him. "Oh, hi Flynn! You're here early!" Karol said.

"Duh, obviously we're here for the same reason as you." Rita added.

"Good morning, Flynn." Estelle greeted.

"Weren't you supposed to be waiting for us at the orphanage?" Flynn asked.

"Yeah, but a certain person here changed their mind at the last minute and decided they wanted to pick Yuri up too." Rita answered, her thumb pointing at Karol.

"Hey! You wanted to go too!" the younger boy protested.

"In any case, it seems we're a bit early." Rita went on, completely ignoring Karol.

"Let's just wait patiently." Estelle smiled.

The small group waited, though not so patiently. Minutes passed, and after what seemed to be an eternity, a voice in the speaker finally announced that the plane had just landed safely at the airport. A quarter of an hour later, the first passengers crossed the gates of the terminal. Though he didn't show it, Flynn could hardly contain his emotions. Oh, Yuri had come back a few times, but every time it was only for a day or two. This time, he was coming back for good. A home was waiting for him, by Flynn's side; it had been waiting for him for three long years.

"I see him!" Karol exclaimed.

Quickly, Flynn scanned the crowd, and within a second, he spotted him. His long hair was tied up, but Flynn would have recognized that cocky smile of his from miles away. While Karol and Estelle were waving their arms at him, Flynn merely stood there, waiting for Yuri to finally turn his eyes to him. When he did, Yuri's face lit up and he almost ran to them. Seeing that Flynn wasn't moving, Rita clicked her tongue and shoved him in the back:

"Come on, don't be shy." she sneered as Flynn gave her a surprised look, but he didn't have time to reply anything as a pair of arms wrapped themselves around his neck and embraced him tightly. Taken off guard, Flynn could do nothing except hug back, a broad smile on his lips.

"Missed me?" Yuri asked.

"An idiot like you? Never." Flynn replied with a chuckle. An intense warm feeling was spreading through him, making his heart flutter, and for a moment he wished he could stay like that forever, with Yuri in his arms.

The others laughed as Yuri released him and pouted.

"Come on, let's hurry back to the orphanage, there are some people there who want to see that idiotic face of yours too." Rita added happily.

"Geez, I come back and first thing you do is insult me." Yuri complained while shaking his head. "Maybe I should reconsider going back."

"Don't be stupid and just come already!"

The first thing Yuri noticed when they arrived at the orphanage was the big metallic plate on the entrance gate.

"Elucifer Orphanage House

Patronized by the Sidos Heurassein family"

He cocked an eyebrow upon reading it: "You never told me the orphanage has a name now."

"Well, most orphanages have a name, so why not ours?" Rita pointed out. "Besides, it's only fair."

"I guess so."

"Come on, come on! We've got plenty of food waiting!" Karol urged with excitement as he ran to the orphanage's main door.

"What a glutton." Rita muttered.

"But he's right! Come on, let's hurry to the party!" Estelle added, laughing.

"Oh man, you even organized a party?" Yuri asked.

"What did you expect?" Flynn smiled.

The door of the orphanage opened, and someone was standing on threshold, her fists on her waist. Yuri's heart warmed up at her sight, and even more when she strode to him, her eyes shining and a falsely upset expression on her face. Pia hugged him so tightly he almost choked, but at the same time he couldn't help but smile.

"Welcome back, my stupid boy."

The orphanage was probably as noisy as during the welcome party for Pia, and though half the kids didn't know Yuri, they were already happy enough to have an opportunity to run around the hall, eat cake and shout.

Flynn and Yuri were standing by a window, slightly apart from the others.

"I do hope you're prepared to have your flat turned messy." Yuri joked.

"I've been looking forward to it for three years." Flynn replied on the same tone.

"It's good to be back here." the dark-haired male stated, gazing outside the window.

"And it's good to have you back."

But Yuri wasn't listening anymore. Rather, he was frowning. Outside was standing a suspicious-looking man dressed in a long, crimson coat with a high collar partly hiding his face. He seemed to be reading the plate on the entrance gate. Despite the distance, Yuri could have sworn the man had silver hair and somehow, he immediately imagined a pair of ruby eyes. However, as he blinked once, the man was nowhere to be seen anymore.

"Yuri?" Flynn called his name. "What is it?"

"Hm? Oh, nothing." Yuri shook his head. "By the way, I've just realized, but you didn't even greet me once since I came back."

"I didn't?" Flynn frowned.


"Then I must apologize for my rudeness." Not caring that everyone could see them, Flynn leant in for a kiss and as he pulled back, he murmured with a smile:

"Welcome back, Yuri."

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

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