Hello! Well this is my new obsession, so why not write a fanfiction about it. Sadly, there aren't a lot of FF's about this anime or any about, Jiro-kun~=w=, so I decided to change that. I love Jiro x Elly. There my favorite characters out of the whole series and I think they would make a kick ass couple. Hmmh, shocker, for once in my life I don't have anything to say. Oh well, Enjoy~

Valentine's Day, the day that Jiro Nezu dreaded the most. ''Tch. Such a
stupid holiday," he'd say. He watched as the girls in classroom give
chocolate to the ones they loved. He watched as they hugged and kissed
and blushed.

He rolled his eyes. It seemed like every guy in the school received
some chocolate. Hell, even twenty got some chocolate! But didn't it
bother him, or so he thought. No one ever loved Jiro. His parents gave
him up to an orphanage. No ever adopted him, and no one ever cared for
him. But he didn't care, life isn't all sunshine and rainbows, he'd say.

Jiro sighed, and looked out the window. He saw a girl with beautiful
long brown hair. She blushed as she handed her lover her chocolate. He
blushed and took it. She smiled and gave her a passionate kiss. Jiro
rolled his eyes and stuck out his tongue. "Bleh."

threw a text book at the student. "Ow! Sensei, what the hell," The
young boy yelled as he, rubbed his forehead. "You weren't studying my
greatness," Twenty yelled.

Jiro rolled his eyes, "Gomen," he sighed and sat back down. "Now where
were we? Oh yes, look at my sexiness" Twenty exclaimed and danced
around the room like a ballerina. Jiro sweat dropped.

He sighed and started listening to the Milky Holmes conversation. "I'm
going to give my chocolate to, midori-kun" Cordelia sighed dreamily, at
the mention of his name.

"I'm giving my friendship chocolate to Henrietta-San," Sheryl
squealed. "I'm going to give chocolate to myself and eat it," Nero
smiled proudly. Cordelia smiled while rolling her eyes.

"Who are you giving your chocolate to, Elly" Sheryl smiled while Elly
blushed. "Um…I-I was going to give some to you guys," She replied
quietly. "No! Elly, we all agreed that we weren't giving each other
chocolate this year. I'm on a diet remembering," Cordelia reminded.

"O-oh" Elly sighed sadly. "Maybe I could give some to Henrietta-San"
Elly smiled. "Nope, Sheryl's giving some to Henrietta-San" Nero
giggled, Sheryl nodded.

Elly sighed, who could she give her chocolate to? She looked up to
see Jiro staring at her. He blushed and quickly turned his head,
frowning. Elly laughed. Sheryl looked at Elly, then at Jiro and back
at Elly. Sheryl smiled, she had an idea.

Jiro frowned, "who cares," he said out loud. "What did you say Jiro-
kuuuuunnn" Twenty said an eerie ghost like voice; a dark aura
surrounded him.

"Did you just say you don't care about my gorgeous body," He asked in
the same scary, ghost voice. Jiro stared with wide eyes," No! I was
talking to,"

"Oh you were talking instead of studying my god like body," Twenty
asked, still using his ghost voice. "No, I" Jiro protested.

"You just said you were talking to someone,"

"Yes, I was talking to-"

"Oh so you were talking,"

"What, no!"

"You just said you were."

"No! I- Oh just give me my punishment."

Twenty smiled mischievously, as he pulled out his whip. "Pull your
pants down, Jiro-kun" He laughed evilly. Jiro gulped and did what he
was told.


"Ouuuuchhh," Jiro's screams of agony echoed down the hallways.
Followed by, "WHIP OF LOVE!"

"Poor Nezu-kun," Cordelia sighed, as she walked down the hall, along
with the other members of the Milky Holmes. "Hey Elly," Sheryl
whispered. "Yes Sheryl," Elly whispered back. "Maybe you should give
your chocolate to Nezu-kun. I'll help you make it," Sheryl smiled.

Elly's eyes widened, blush creped on her face, "G-Give my chocolate
to, Nezu-kun" She squeaked. Sheryl nodded, "yep! I think he likes you,"
Elly blushed. "Do you think so," she said quietly.

Sheryl nodded, "Plus, I think it will make him really happy, and ease
the pain he's getting from sensei." Elly laughed, "You might be right
Sheryl" she smiled. "I know I am," Sheryl laughed.

"You know your what, Sheryl" Cordelia asked. "That I'm right about,
Nezu-kun" Sheryl smiled, nudging Elly. "Right about what? That he's an
annoying bastard," Nero smirked, Cordelia frowned. "No, that he
likes," Sheryl started but Elly covered her mouth.

"Woah! Nezu likes someone? Who is it," Cordelia yelled. "Ohhhh, I am
so going to blackmail him about this," Nero smiled wickedly. "Nezu-kun
doesn't like anyone, does he Sheryl" Elly asked, wearing a face that
said 'please don't tell'!

"Nope, I'm just made it up," Sheryl said slowly. "Awww, I was looking
forward to blackmailing him," Nero whined. "Are you sure Sheryl"
Cordelia asked suspiously. Sheryl squirmed a bit and said, "Nope!
Everything is fine, ahaha! Let's go Elly ahaha!" Sheryl grabbed Elly's
hand and raced to the kitchen; leaving Nero and Cordelia alone. "What's
up with them," Nero asked scratching her head. "I have no idea,"
Cordelia replied and continued walking.


"Sheryl, what are doing in the kitchen," Elly asked nervously. "We're
going to make Nezu-kun some chocolate," Sheryl looking the supplies.
"Wouldn't be easier to buy some chocolate," Elly asked. "I'm pretty
sure Nezu-kun would like homemade chocolate better," Sheryl replied
and grabbed a large bowl from the cabinets.

"But what if Ishinagare-San comes back," Elly asked. "Trust me, he
won't be coming back for a while," Sheryl smirked mischievously, which
scared Elly.


"Souseki! What the hell have you done" Henrietta shouted. "Whats
wrong, my lady" Souseki Ishinagare asked. "What did you put in these
kids soup" she yelled. "Nothing my lady, just your basic soup
ingredients" He replied. "Then tell me why all the students are
VOMITING," Henrietta screeched and opened the door. It revealed
several students vomiting and hunched over in pain.

"W-What happened," Souseki asked in horror. "You tell me. Are you sure
you didn't put anything bad in their soup," Henrietta asked, calming
down. "No my lady," Souseki said as he watched another student heave
stomach acid.

"Tch. Clean this mess up. I'm going to find out what's making the
students sick," Henrietta said. "Yes my lady," Souseki bowed and
walked out.

Back with Sheryl and Elly...

"But Sheryl, we don't know how to make chocolate," Elly said, as
Sheryl got out the last thing she needed. "Yes we do," Sheryl smiled,
holding up a giant cookbook. "See? This book has the recipe for
chocolate," Sheryl smiled. "Are you in Elly," Sheryl asked. Elly
smiled, "I'm in!"


"We did it, Sheryl" Elly cried with joy. "Yep! And it only took eleven
tries," Sheryl squealed with delight. "We did great," Elly added. Even
though it took eleven tries, you had to admit they did a good job. The
chocolate was in the shape of a heart with sprinkles on it, and read
'Nezu' written in frosting.

"Alright Elly, go give this to Nezu-kun," Sheryl shouted. "EH" Elly
screeched. "I said 'Alright Elly, go give this to Nezu-kun" Sheryl

"I h-have to give this to, N-Nezu-kun" Elly squeaked nervously. "Are
you okay Elly? Oh my gosh, you didn't eat that soup did you," Sheryl
gasped. "Quick! Let's get to the infirmary before you-"

"You didn't tell me I had to give Nezu-kun the chocolate," Elly yelled
and became redder. "Well, that's kind of the point Elly. You give your
crush your chocolate and you fall in love. Simple" Sheryl explained.

"Can't you do it and tell Nezu-kun it's from me," Elly asked, full of
hope. "That's not how it works Elly! If I give Nezu-kun the chocolate,
he'll fall in love with me! Do you want that to happen," Sheryl asked,
putting her hands on her hips.

"No," Elly replied quietly. "Alright then! Now go give him your
chocolate. Who knows, Nezu-kun might give you a kiss," Sheryl smiled.

A kiss…A kiss...A kiss. "Here you go Nezu-kun. This chocolate is
from me"

"Thank you Elly-Chan, it's delicious.

"Thank you Nezu-kun."

"You know Elly there's something I've wanted to do to you every since
we met."

"Really what's that?"

Jiro puckered his lips and leaned in, "This."

"kiss?," Elly squeaked, returning to reality. "Yep! I going to be so
romantic," Sheryl said sighing dreamingly. "Wait Elly! What are you
doing," Sheryl yelled once she saw Elly trying to jump out the window.
"I CAN'T KISS NEZU-KUN" Elly screamed, blushing blood red.

"Why not," Sheryl asked, making a confused face. "What if I'm bad at
it, then Nezu-kun will hate me," Elly cried and put her back against
the wall and slid down to the floor.

"Sheryl sighed, 'me and my big mouth,' she thought. "Its okay, Elly.
If he really likes you, he won't care," Sheryl said rubbing her
friends back. "You think so," Elly sniffed and looked up at her friend.

"Yep," Sheryl winked. "Now go give that chocolate to Nezu," She
flashed a determined smile. Elly smiled back, "Okay." The girl stood
up and grabbed the chocolate.

"Thank you Sheryl," she called. "No problem, good luck!" Sheryl yelled
and smiled brightly. "Good luck Elly." she whispered.

Henrietta, who was watching from behind the door, smiled. 'Good luck,
Elly-Chan,' she thought and quietly closed the door.


"Damn you Twenty. Whipping me for no damn reason," Jiro grumbled to
himself. "Whip of love he says, tch. That perverted, horny bastard,"
He shouted.

"Nezu-kun," he heard a shy unsure voice say. He whirled around to see
who it was, "Oh it's you," He frowned while blushing. Elly nodded shyly.

He noticed she was carrying a small red bag with hearts on it. "What's
in the bag," he asked, raising an eyebrow. Elly looked down and held
out the bag.

Jiro raised another eyebrow and snatched the bag out of Elly's grasp.
Jiro looked inside and his widened. He reached in the small bag, and
picked a small piece of chocolate with name on it.

"T-This is for me," Jiro asked. Elly nodded shyly. He took a bite out
of the chocolate. It was delicious and had a sweet, pure taste. "It's
okay, I guess. I've had better," Jiro lied. It was the best chocolate
he'd ever had. But him being the tsundere he is, he'd never tell her
that. (J'SN: I'm not a Tsundere! Yes you are Jiro-ne~ Now let's get
down to business, hee hee *glomp* HELLLP MEEE!)

"Sheryl helped me make it," She admitted. "Oh" Jiro replied. There was
long paused finally Jiro said something that shocked him and Elly
both. "I-I like you," Jiro said quietly, but loud enough for Elly to

"Y-you do," Elly asked, quite surprised Jiro would say something like
that out load. Jiro nodded and frowned. "I…like you too," Elly said
with a small smile. "Is that so," Jiro replied with a sigh. "yes,"
Elly said, blushing red.

"Damn what's wrong with me? Me liking a Milky Holm. The world has come
to an end," Jiro said laughing a bit. He turned to Elly, who was
blushing cutely and looking around to avoid Jiro's gaze.

He sighed, he couldn't believe he liked a Milky Holm. And Elly, out of
all people. But believe it or not she was the one that captured his
heart. He sighed again. How would it work? I mean he is a gentlemen
thief for crying out loud. (AN: Lol I'm playing Magnet by Miku and
Luka while writing scene XD) Oh well, love is love right?

He sighed again. He walked up to Elly and placed one hand on her cheek
and gently caressed it with his fingers.

"Nezu-kun," Elly started, but was cut off. "Shut up and close your
eyes". Elly blushed, but did what she was told. She could feel Jiro's
warm breath on her face. The feeling was blissful.

She blushed, as she felt the warm, tender breath get closer. Her
awaiting lips trembled. Both their hearts thumped painfully in there
chests. Jiro's grip tightened on her shoulders. The breath was getting
closer, and closer. Until…



Before their desiring lips could touch, Jiro quickly turned his head,
which disappointed Elly.

"Elly... Sheryl said...Sheryl said you were...going to confess...your
love to someone," Cordelia panted. "Who is it, Elly" Nero asked,
nudging Elly gently with her elbow. She blushed.

"Nezu! Is it true you like someone," Souseki asked the young boy. "Oh
my god! My little Nezu-kun is in love," Twenty squealed and tried to
glomp Jiro, but he quickly dodged the attack.

"What the? Why is Nezu here," Nero asked, raising an eyebrow. "That's
odd. Why would Nezu-kun be here," Cordelia asked tapping chin with her
finger. "Unless…"

"Wait a minute! Elly don't tell me,"

"Nezu, you mean you like"



Nero and Souseki said in sync.

"AHAHAHA! What, no AHAHA" Jiro laughed like he was on drugs. He took
out bomb. "Woah! Nezu are you trying to kill us," Nero said backing
away from the possibly mentally insane boy. "Nezu put that down!
You're going to kill us'' Souseki screamed.

Jiro lit the bomb and threw it to the ground where it exploded. When
the smoke cleared Jiro was nowhere to be found. "That suicidal
terrorist! He nearly killed us all," Nero roared, dusting off the dirt
on her uniform. "Are you okay, Elly" Cordelia sighed, also wiping dirt
off her.

"I'm fine," Elly sighed, she was obviously worried about Jiro. "Guys
are you okay," Sheryl asked running towards them. "Sheryl" the girls

"Are you guys alright? I heard a really loud explosion," Sheryl asked
worriedly. "We're fine," Cordelia replied, brushing dust out of her
hair. "What happened," Sheryl asked, looking at the damage.

"Nezu went crazy and nearly blew us all up," Nero grumbled. Sheryl's
eyes went as wide saucers, "what why?"

"We have no idea, Nezu-kun is complicated," Cordelia replied and
started walking back their dorm.

"I'm guessing the confession was a bust, huh" Sheryl asked Elly,
sighing sadly. "Not really, he did say he liked me," Elly blushed,
Sheryl's eyes lit up. "He did," She asked excitedly. Elly nodded her
head. She ran to catch up with the others, to avoid Sheryl's questions.

Henrietta, who was watching from her office window, sighed. "so
troublesome," she whispered and got back to work.


Elly laid in bed, or tried to lay in bed, and thought while her
friends slept beside her. She thought about the conversation that
morning with her friends, about the beating Jiro got, Sheryl and her
making chocolate, but mostly the confession and how Jiro almost kissed
her. Her cheeks burned at that thought.

Tap Tap Tap, filled Elly's eardrums. Sheryl yawned and got up to open
the window. "Hello Nezu-kun," Sheryl yawned, while Elly blushed at his
name. "Hi Sheryl, where's Elly" Jiro frowned. "Hold on. Elly someone's
at the window" Sheryl yelled and went back to bed.

Elly blushed and walked to the window. "H-Hello Nezu-kun," Elly
blushed shyly. "Hey," Jiro blushed. "I just wanted to say sorry for
the way I acted; so sorry" Jiro frowned. "It's okay, Nezu-kun" Elly
smiled brightly, which made Jiro's heart swell.

The two stayed silent for awhile. Jiro turned the opposite direction
and whispered, "I…I love you."

Elly nearly fainted. Never in her life has she heard Jiro Nezu say
these three powerful words. "You do," she squeaked. Jiro turned back
to Elly and nodded shyly.

"I-I love you too Nezū-kun," Elly smiled sweetly. Jiro eyes widened as
he blushed. Her smile was so sweet and pure like and angel. (AN: Okay
I'm getting a little too poetic xD)

He grabbed her chin, and gently pulled it level his face. "Nezu-
kun," Elly asked, but was cut off by warm lips. Her eyes widened but
soon closed. It was her first kiss and it was wonderful. Truly

"What…the…HELL," Nero shouted. "E-Elly what are you doing,"
Cordelia asked shakily, wondering if this is a dream or a nightmare.
Sheryl smiled, and gave them thumbs up. "NOOO! Elly please tell me
you don't love, HIM," Nero pointed and accusing finger at Jiro.

Elly nodded shyly. "So Nezu-kun is the one you gave chocolate to,"
Cordelia asked, twitching a bit. "Now wait a minute! Why you guys so
shocked that we love each other," Jiro frowned. "Argg, SHUT UP," Nero
yelled and threw a large dictionary at him; making him fall off the

"Nezu-kun! Are you okay," Elly screamed. "No," Jiro yelled back.
"Nero, what have you done" Cordelia shrieked in horror. "I didn't mean
to! I didn't think he'd fall," Nero defended. "How can his bones bend
like that," Sheryl asked, completely amazed.

"I'm coming Nezu-kun," Elly yelled, grabbing the first aid kit and
racing out the door. "I'm going to get Henrietta-San! Henrietta-San,"
Cordelia yelled and followed Elly out the door. "I'm going to go find
some food for him to eat," Nero yelled, as she got out her secret
stash of chips. "Here you go Nezu," Nero yelled and followed the two

Sheryl sighed. "This is one crazy valentine's day" She said and
followed her friends.


Henrietta sighed as she saw the girls tried to lift Jiro up. Suddenly
Souseki burst through the door, "My lady, forgive me for entering so
rudely, but I found what's making the children sick."

Henrietta rose from her desk. "What is it," she asked. "Someone put
poisonous mushrooms in the soup," Souseki yelled. "Do you any idea,
who could have done this," He asked. Henrietta smiled, "I might a have

"Henrietta-San! Nezu-kun is hurt," Cordelia screamed, bursting through
the door. "I see, take him to the infirmary. I'll be down in a second,"
Henrietta ordered and Cordelia raced off.

"My lady, what about the sick students," Souseki asked. "Whip up a
remedy, and give it to them," She replied. Souseki bowed and raced to

Henrietta sighed, "This is one crazy Valentine's Day."

Me: Oh Jiro-kun, I freaking love you!

Jiro: Get the hell off my lap, damn it!

Me: Never~

Elly: Destiny-san, could you please get off him?

Me: No! He's mine! Go get your own!

Jiro: For the love of, SOMEONE HELP ME!

Elly: -Sigh- She does not anything, goodbye!