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"What do you mean, you don't want to settle?" Casey asked, pouring another round of hard apple cider. She handed a glass to Olivia and asked, "Who exactly are you waiting for, Prince Harry?"

"Um, ew," Olivia declared, sipping her drink. "No, Case, I'm just not exactly sure marrying your brother is something I wanna do, since I'm not even dating him."

Casey rolled her eyes. "You won't even go have coffee with him."

Munch downed his drink and said, "Can we get off of the topic of Benson's love life?"

"Thank you!" Olivia shouted, at the same time as Elliot. She turned her head and looked at him, sitting next to her on the couch, and they shared a smirk as they both sipped the heavily alcoholic juice.

The lights flickered, then, making everyone look up at the ceiling and sigh. "That's been happening all night," Elliot said. "You don't think we're gonna lose power altogether, do you?"

Fin shook his head as he straightened his fangs. "No, Stabler," he said with a plastic-induced lisp. "I think we'll be fine." He narrowed his eyes. "Where's your costume anyway?"

"I'm wearing it," Elliot defended. "I'm an off-duty policeman." He tugged on his grey NYPD sweatshirt and chuckled.

Amidst the laughter, a loud bang was heard, and then Melinda moaned in disapproval. "Guys," she said, standing, her red-devil-dress fanning out as she stood, "I think the heat just went out." She raised a hand to the vent behind her and shook her head. "Nothing's coming out of it."

Fin rose and put his glass on the coffee table. "I'll go check the pilot," he said, heading toward the door to the basement.

Melinda whined again, then she sighed and walked toward the closet. "I'll get blankets."

Elliot looked at Olivia cautiously, her short, black dress didn't cover much and certainly wouldn't keep her warm. "Come here," he said to her, lifting the hoodie over his head. He handed it to her and pulled her closer to him.

She was starting to shiver, so she didn't argue. She pulled the sweatshirt over her head and snuggled beside him, oblivious to the look Casey was giving them. "Thanks," she mumbled.

His answer was a kiss to the forehead, he figured the amount of liquor he'd consumed so far would be an excuse not to care what people saw or thought.

Melinda returned with several blankets and passed them around, and she said, "We've never been hit this hard with a snowstorm in October before. I'm sorry you're all stuck here for it."

"Hey," Olivia said, getting as much of her body under the fleece blanket as she could, which meant wrapping herself partially around Elliot. "We're all together, and safe. I'd rather that than have to worry about all of you."

"True," Melinda returned with a smile. "Hey, do you need to call and check on your kids, Elliot?"

He shook his head and sipped his cider. "They're in Chicago with Kathy and her parents for the week. They don't even know it's snowing here, let alone this severe."

All eyes were on him as he gulped down the rest of his drink, they all knew that his kids were a sensitive spot with him; he didn't see them as much as he liked.

Under the blanket, Olivia gave his leg a comforting squeeze, and his hand found hers and clutched it tightly.

Fin walked back into the room and shook his head, his Dracula cape swaying with him. "Not just the pilot. The whole furnace is..."

He didn't even get the words out of his mouth, there was a loud crash and the lights went out.

Casey screamed and leaped into Munch's lap, Olivia squeezed Elliot's hand tighter, and Munch, from under Casey, said, "I know I was the only one watching that movie, but I'd like to know what happens."

Olivia, scoffing, says, "The kid with the glasses picks up a down power line and electrocutes him, they call the cops, they get the body back to the morgue and when the coroner unzips the bag, his eyes open."

"So there's gonna be a sequel?" Munch asked, eager.

Fin, finding him in the dark and kicking him, said, "Quit blabbing about movies and come help me find the generator downstairs."

"Me?" Munch huffed, pushing Casey off of him gently. "Why don't you take Stabler."

"He's all the way over there, and he can't see shit. You're right here, and I know your scrawny ass has a flashlight." Fin yanked on Munch's sleeve.

The group chuckled as they heard the bickering fade, telling them that Fin and Munch were heading toward the basement.

"So," Casey said, trying to find the blanket beside her. "Happy Halloween."

Melinda chuckled and started a conversation about the downfalls of living on hill, when Elliot leaned over to Olivia. "You okay?" he whispered.

She nodded, whispering back, "Fine."

He chuckled then, his hand falling out of hers and sliding down her thigh, bare under the black dress. "You sure?"

"What are you doing?" she hissed in a hushed voice.

"I've been staring at you in that dress all night, wondering how long it would be until I'd be able to get it off of you," he whispered to her, kissing a spot of skin behind her ear. "Now's my chance," he added.

She backed up and tried to look at him, but couldn't see two inches in front of her. "El, are you crazy?"

He leaned closer and kissed her lips softly. "They can't see us," he told her. "Just be quiet and we'll get away with it." He slipped his hand underneath the black satin, teasing the cotton of her black panties. "I have this crazy fantasy, Liv, of fucking you senseless in a room filled with people. On Halloween."

"Oh, God," she breathed. "You're not really..."

"No," he interrupted, pushing the underwear aside. "But I'm gonna make you cum, right here, in the dark, with Casey and Melinda no more than five feet away from us." He pushed two of his thick fingers into her, and he exhaled hard and slow. "You like that idea, huh, baby?"

She found his eyes in the dark, her shocked face stared at him, though he couldn't see it, and she blinked once.

He grinned at her, then slid off of the couch and ducked under the blanket.

Her hands shot to the back of his head, her back arched as soon as she felt his tongue meet his fingers. She gasped hard, shivered slightly, and twisted her fingers in his hair which prodded him to lick her deeper and faster. "Shit," she spat.

"You okay over there, Olivia?" Casey asked, concerned.

"Mmm hmm," she mumbled, her lips pressed together. "Just...uh...spilled my drink because I couldn't...see it."

Melinda made an agreeing sound. "I did the same thing," she said.

They heard footsteps and the slamming of a door. They heard Fin cursing, and Munch tripping over things in the kitchen. "Fucking flashlight," Fin snapped, finding his way back into the room. "Went dead before we even got into the boiler room."

"We had to feel our way back up the steps," Munch said, breathing hard. "Not as easy as they make it look in the movies."

Fin looked around, seeing nothing but blackness. "Everyone okay?"

Melinda and Casey gave him affirmative answers.

"Hey, Baby-Girl, you all right over there?" Fin asked, looking in the direction of the couch.

"Yes," she said, sounding breathy. "Just...fucking...cold."

Din sighed. "Sorry about that," he said sadly. "What about you, Stabler?"

Coming out from beneath the blanket and crawling up Olivia's body, Elliot licked his lips and said, "I'm, just fine, man." He slanted his mouth over Olivia's with such force that she couldn't make any responsive sound. "Shh," he reminded her as he pulled back and pushed his finger into her again, dragging out the last waves of release from her.

She waited for him to settle beside her on the couch, then took a few breaths as she calmed down from the intense, powerful, silent orgasm he'd just coaxed from her. Then she shifted her weight. "Hey, uh, since I spilled my drink, is there any way anyone can see to pour me another one?" she asked the room, though her hands were attacking Elliot's pants.

"No," he said in a whisper, trying to swat her away. "You...you know I can't...when you...shit, I can't be quiet, Liv."

She chuckled, low and evil, and eyed him narrowly in the dark. "Try," she spat harshly as she freed his thick length from his boxers and jeans. "Hard."

His eyes closed and he held his breath when he felt her mouth completely surround him.

"Here, Baby-Girl," Fin's voice said.

Elliot, now wide-eyed, reached out a hand and blindly flailed around to find the glass Fin was holding out for Olivia. He found it and grabbed it.

"Thanks, Fin," Olivia said as she slipped her mouth away from Elliot for a moment. She leaned close to him, stroking him in her mouth's absence, and whispered, "Revenge, Elliot, is so sweet."

He sucked in a heavy breath as she sucked him again, his hands balled into fists in her hair, he body tightened with nerves as he tried everything he could not to moan or grunt or tell her how fucking amazing she was.

"Oh, Elliot," Munch began, "Have you thought anymore about that job offer Tucker gave you?"

"Yes," he said, but it sounded harsh and hissed.

"Sorry, man," Munch said, his eyebrows raised in the blackout. "Just asking if..."

Elliot opened his mouth again, willing himself to sound calm. "No, it wasn't you," he said with a clenched jaw. "Liv just...uh...stepped on my foot at the same time as you asked, so...I thought about it."

Olivia, growing bolder in the darkness, feeling daring when people were around her as she did something so perverse, sucked him harder and reached with her other hand to cup and tug at his balls. She gagged a bit when he bucked his hips and sunk himself deeper into her mouth, a response to her devious actions.

"Are you all right, Olivia?" Melinda asked, knowing the cough had been hers.

She slipped off of him again, the cold air against his hardness making him wriggle, and said, "Yeah, the drink was just...stronger this time."

"Sorry," Fin said. "Man, this Halloween party turned out to be such a fucking bust."

Olivia had returned to sucking Elliot, who was ready to bust himself. He tried to push her away, tried to silently get her to stop, but she was firm and kept him in her mouth as he shot into it. He stroked her hair gently and cleared his throat to cover his grunts.

"Dinner was great, Fin," Casey offered, continuing the conversation. "The trick-or-treaters were adorable. As soon as the lights come back on, we can finish the movie marathon. Everything's fine."

"Yeah, Fin," Olivia said, wiping the corners of her mouth and drinking a large gulp of her drink. "Everything's perfect. Don't sweat it." She laughed silently when she felt Elliot's head drop against her shoulder.

He adjusted himself, pulled her dress down to where it belonged, wrapped the fleece blanket around them and kissed her with everything he had. He was aware of the slight banging noise, and he could see the brightness behind his closed eyelids, but he pulled her closer to him, his hands searched and groped and stroked every inch of her as they kissed.

"Damn," Fin spat, watching them. "Hey, Sonny and Cher, the lights are on. We can see you, ya know."

"Yeah," Elliot panted. "We know." He looked at his friends and his colleagues. "I'm taking that job," he said.

Munch folded his arms. "Now we know why," he said. "Hey, uh, the whole time the power was out, were you two kissing like that?"

Olivia bit her lips and nodded. "Maybe," she said, smirking.

"Well, we didn't hear a damn thing," Casey said. "Guess I know why you won't go out with my brother now."

The room filled with laughter as Munch sat back and hit play on the remote control. "Happy Halloween, guys."

"Happy Halloween, Munch," Elliot said, kissing Olivia again, secretly praying the power would go out again. He suddenly had the courage to really live out his fantasy.

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