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She'd gotten rid of McGee so why was Gibbs so depressed. He should be happy, the computer geek was gone and she had given him several files to choose from for a new agent in training. Jenny sighed as she stepped out of her office. She glanced around and handed Cynthia several more folders for filing. Shutting her door, she flips through more files trying to find at least one that Gibbs will go along with. Smiling when she sees a recent TAD request, she calls Fornell and tells him to send the agent over.

Brent Langer smiles as he saunters off the elevator. He hasn't seen Gibbs for several weeks but is excited at the thought of working with the man yet again. He looks around the squad room and frowns when he sees the computer geek's desk is cleared off. He'd wanted to work with the team, so where is McGee? Had Fornell been right about Tim leaving? Not wanting to second-guess anything he sits down on the edge of Gibbs' desk and waits for the lead agent to arrive.

He doesn't have long to wait. Gibbs comes in with several cups of coffee and one cup of tea. The tea he sets on Ziva's desk and then hands Langer a cup of coffee, before indicating for the younger man to go sit at the now empty desk that Tim McGee had previously occupied.


"McGee's been transferred. You're here until he comes back or Fornell decides he needs you."

Brent looks at Gibbs who shakes his head. The boss isn't saying anything more and from the looks on the other team members' faces, no one is happy about the fact that McGee is not there. Knowing that at least one person can give him answers even when she doesn't mean to, Brent turns on his computer long enough to log in and start a cold case, then heads for the elevator.

Down in Abby's lab the forensic scientist is just turning on her computers and the music isn't quite at its normal ear-splitting level so he taps her on the shoulder and smiles when she recognizes him. A loose hug and several sips from her Caff-Pow later, and Abby tells him what she knows. Langer digests what he's been told then turns and leaves just as the music goes up another notch.

Down in Autopsy, Jimmy Palmer is setting up for the morning and smiles when he sees Brent step off the elevator.

"Hello, you must be Agent Langer; I'm Jimmy Palmer."

"Nice to meet you Jimmy, is Ducky in yet?"

"Not yet; he called me to say he'd be a bit late. He's putting his mother into a care center this week and is making sure they are prepared for her little idiosyncrasies."

Brent smiles and nods. "Thanks. Hey I heard that McGee transferred to another facility."

Jimmy sighs, "Yeah, we all screwed the pooch with that one."

Brent sits down then stands up again as the elevator opens up and Gibbs comes out. The team leader raises an eyebrow and Langer holds his ground. Gibbs motions for the elevator and Langer strides over to it. Jimmy quickly tells Gibbs that Ducky will be in later and soon Gibbs is back in his office and Langer shuts the doors.

"What is going on Boss? Where is McGee?"

Gibbs hits the off switch. "Right now, probably getting briefed on his new job. He transferred to Colorado."

Langer frowns, "We don't have an NCIS facility there Boss. Why would he...SGC?"

Gibbs nods and looks at him. "You know about the program then?"

"Yeah, I did a background check on their top team. Wait, that was for you?"

Gibbs nods again and Langer whistles. "Well I gotta hand it to you boss. When you screw a pooch at least you know where to send the puppies."

Gibbs glares at him and Langer stares back at him. "If you had to send Tim anywhere, the SGC or Cyber-crimes would be your best places. Right now, you sent him to a good team. They'll take good care of him."

Gibbs looks at him and Langer explains that he'd done extensive work on the other team's backgrounds. "They're all top in their game. The only one I'm not really positive about is the one they call Murphy."

"He's the muscle that keeps O'Neill in line. His voice of reason." Gibbs states sourly and Langer laughs then sobers up when he looks closer at Gibbs' face and the black eye that is slowly fading.

"If O'Neill did that to you then you really did something to piss him off. I'm surprised you came out with just a black eye if that's the case."

Gibbs turns the elevator back on, "Wish you guys would quit telling me that."

Langer says nothing more just heads over to the desk he's been assigned and starts working on the first cold case that is listed on his computer. When lunch time arrives, he watches as Tony volunteers to go get sandwiches and the others nod in agreement. Tony doesn't ask Brent what he wants and the newly transferred agent stands up.

"You want some help bringing stuff back DiNozzo?"

The senior agent looks up at him almost surprised to see him and Langer can tell he'd forgotten that Langer was part of the team now. Tony nods and the two agents head off to the sandwich shoppe.

Tony places the standard order and grimaces when Langer changes his order from a tuna fish sandwich to a burger and fries.

"Sorry, habit by now." Tony says

"I get that. How come McGee transferred? I thought he'd never leave the Boss, let alone the MCRT. That was all he talked about when I was here last time."

Tony sighs and motions for Brent to follow him.

"We made mistakes, and when the other team offered him a chance to be with them, he took it."

Brent stares at him, "You guys really did screw the pooch on this one. How in the name of Hell did you manage that? There is nothing, I mean nothing to indicate that McGee was unhappy here. What did you guys do?"

Tony shuffles the lunch bag in his arms as he searches for his keys. Opening the car door, he sits the bag inside, and climbs into the driver's seat. Langer slips in beside him, sipping at his cola as he waits for Tony to start the engine.

"DiNozzo, what happened?"

Tony sighs as he wonders just how to explain a situation that he himself is still wondering about. How had he let his little brother down so badly that Tim wanted to leave? What could he have done to change Tim's mind. He shakes his head.

"Honestly, I just...I don't know. I just know that Tim is gone and it could be permanent, if we don't find the right answer. How'd you end up here anyway? Thought you were in fornell's sandbox."

"not really sure on that one; just know that they offered me a chance to be on Gibbs' team and I came over to see just what the Boss wanted me to do."

Tony nods thoughtfully as they pull back into the Yard.

"For now, sit at McGee's desk, but don't expect to stay there. I'm hoping the Boss will try and figure out a way to bring him back."

Langer looks at him, "You realize that he might not want to come back, if this is as serious as it appears to be?"

Tony nods sourly, "Yeah, that's what we're all afraid of."