Ducky blinks as memories from eons ago flood over him. The ageless battle between the T'okra and the System Lords. The Nox hiding on various planets, trying not to get involved, failing in the process. He wonders why now. Why was he woken from his slumber and then he remembers. Gibbs and the explosion that had almost taken his life. Tony's car exploding while on an undercover assignment, the Director's sudden needing of an outside lab for her blood tests and then the loss of Timothy McGee to the SGC.

That man Murray, he is not an ordinary man. He is actually a Jaffa. Ducky sprints for the elevator; he needs to talk to someone, and that someone is several hours away. He calls Palmer, makes up the excuse of finding a home for his mother. Victoria Mallard cannot help him now. Her mind is too far gone. Had she seen what Ducky had not? Her insistence that Jethro be called Matthew; Matthew had been his father's middle name. His father who had been killed centuries ago by a System Lord.

He pulls out his cell phone and dials a certain number. The voice that answers is aging, but still very clear.

"Stillwater General Store, how may I help you?"

"We need to talk, J'Brn. I'm on my way now."

Four hours away, in a remote Pennsylvania town, rheumy blue eyes suddenly flash with a golden light. Jackson Gibbs sighs as his symbiote J'brn settles back into it's dormant state. He wonders what is going on and why a retired Nox is calling him so early in the morning. He refrains from calling his son. As much as he wants to know more, Leroy doesn't know about Jackson's past; there is no sense in telling him about it until he has the details that are going to be arriving in the form of Ducky Mallard.


Tim sighs as he stretches his arms over his head. He's still not sure if he's dreaming the whole Jack and the team basically welcoming him with such open arms. He keeps waiting for Gibbs to come by and headslap him, telling him to stop woolgathering and get to work on this or that assignment. A knock at the door has him hustling into khakis and he smiles when he sees Daniel holding out a mug of coffee.

"You ready for the next few weeks?" Daniel asks and Tim shakes his head.

"I...I'm still in a bit of shock I think. I can't believe I actually stood up to him and that he finally listened to me. At least, I think he was finally listening to what I've been trying to tell him."

Daniel nods sympathetically, "It takes a good wakeup call sometimes for someone to finally see what's been going on under their noses. Has Janet cleared you for active duty yet?"

Tim shakes his head. "No, she wanted to see me this morning before I start the faster paced stuff."

Daniel smiles, "Come on, let's go see what our lady doctor has to say."

They walk down the hallway in comfortable silence for a few seconds then Tim has to ask, "What made you think we were brothers?"

Daniel thinks about his reply. "Several things kept factoring in. Our similar family circumstances; the way you respond to the team. A lot of wishful thinking. Why, you having second thoughts?"

Tim shakes his head, "No, just thinking that it's kind of funny that we both wanted to be brothers and then by some weird miracle or whatnot, we ended up being brothers. I'm wondering though how we could be."

Daniel puts an arm around his shoulders, "I've been wondering that too, and I think I might have an answer, but let's go talk to Janet first and then we'll go talk to Jack."

Janet looks up as they enter the infirmary and smiles when she sees the arm Daniel has around Tim's shoulders. "I take it that the news was good news then?"

"It will be even better if you can tell Tim that he's released for active duty."

Janet has Tim sit down and checks the bandages on his wrist and throat. She frowns slightly at the one on Tim's wrist and Daniel sighs when he sees that particular look.

"Not for another day or two, huh doc?"

"I'm curious actually. Timothy what exactly happened when the dog bit you? What was going on?"

"We'd gone to a crime scene and I was told to go to the back. As the team hit the front door, I hit the back one. The dog came out and attacked me. We found out later that he had cocaine in his system."

Janet nods, "That's what I'm seeing. An infection due to some residue cocaine trying to work into your system."

"He might have been a good dog, but I couldn't handle the nightmares associated with him for too much longer. I wasn't sleeping as I kept seeing him attack me."

"Well you're safe with us. I think this will help clear up any lingering effects, but I don't want you off world for at least another week."

"Off world? I didn't think I'd be going anywhere for at least a month or so; I haven't started any training yet."

"Hmm no going off world for a week. As for the other training, you can start computers and whatnot today. Physical training, give it a day or two yet." She glares at Daniel who smirks. "Tell Colonel O'Neill those are doctor's orders."

Daniel gives her a smile and peck on the cheek, "Yes Ma'am"

They leave the infirmary and Tim chuckles, "Mother hen is she?"

"Sometimes, she just knows how Jack's mind works after all this time. He might not act real intelligent, but as you told him a few nights ago, there is a lot of knowledge in his head."

"He hides it under jokes and sarcasm. I've noticed that when he's around certain individuals."

"Yeah well, I think it's just that he has more heart than he wants to show. Look at how excited he was when he found out that we are brothers."

Tim nods and frowns, "He's still wondering how that can be possible too. I know, just from the time spent with him that neither he nor Sarah were casual bed hoppers."

They meet up with Jack, Sam and Teal'c just outside of the conference room. Daniel shakes his head at the question in their eyes and they all troop into the conference room, chatting amiably about the next possible mission.

"So, Tim and Daniel, what did the good doctor have to say?"

"That I'm not to go off world for at least a week, but I can start the computer training today or whenever Sam is ready to start teaching me. She's also requested that I don't do any physical training for at least another 24-48 hours, and she kinda glared at Daniel when she said it."

Daniel chuckles, "The glare was meant for you, Jack. She knows that you're just itching to start Tim's training so that he can join us on our missions."

"Well, damn...not even the Alpha Site?"

"Not even the Alpha Site," comes Janet's reply as she walks past the door.

Everyone starts laughing at the crestfallen look on Jack's face and Sam hastens to explain.

"It's the wormhole itself that could open up Tim's injuries again sir, and if he's off world then the wounds could get exposed, even accidentally, to something that could attack him internally."

"Gotcha, infection could abound and then we'd lose my Elflord." Jack says dramatically as he ruffles Tim's hair affectionately.

Daniel clears his throat, and Jack comes over and ruffles his hair too, "Don't worry, you're still my favorite Space Monkey."

"Actually, that's what we need to start looking into. I thought since Tim is basically grounded for the next few days that we could start brainstorming and checking out possible scenarios as to how that could be reality. I mean, from what I saw when I met her, Sarah just wasn't someone to sleep around."

Jack shakes his head, "No, I never questioned her loyalty to me in that area. No matter the mission, she was faithful to me, especially after Charlie was born."

Pencils, pads of paper and soon the entire team including Tim is speculating on how two completely different individuals, from different modes of life and factoring in the ages of the two men in question could possibly be brothers.