"How'd I get stuck in the mess? I'm in so deep I feel like I'm drowning….like I'll never get out." Izaya thought as he felt his arm being bent in a way that wasn't humanly possible, and then there was the blood curdling "snap" signaling that Izaya's arm had been broken. The angry voices rang loudly through his ears as he was thrown around like some kind of rag doll.

"If I scream for help there isn't a high percentage that someone will hear me, and even if someone does hear me they're less likely to help me. I've been in this situation many times before so I know the probability of me escaping this is…very low. The probability of getting out of here without any major injuries is also very low." Izaya felt one of his rubs crack as he was thrown against a brick wall, he felt his knees buckle as he fell forward onto the dirty asphalt.

"You deserve every bit of this you little freak, betraying us means a life time of torture. You knew that and still with that cocky attitude you decided to rat us out. You can run and hide anywhere in this world like the coward you are but we'll always find you, just remember that your mistake cost you your life. Now lay there a die you psychopath." The leader spat at the brunet as the rest of the gang started to walk away, Izaya knew better then to try to get up while they were still there. The last time he tried to do that his leg was fractured…now his right arm bones felt shattered and his ribs felt like they were poking in his lungs.

"I'm an information broker; it's my job to give out information to people who ask for it…" Izaya was silenced by the weight of the leaders boot on the back of his neck.

"If I hear one more sound out of you I'll break your neck do you understand?" The man screamed at the informant, Izaya took in a sharp breath and nodded. It was so dark Izaya couldn't see the smug grin on the larger males face.

"You're a pathetic excuse for a man, you given up that now you won't even try to fight for your life. I bet you won't me to kill you right? So you can be released from this hell? I could kill you…but I'm not that nice." Izaya kept in a sigh as the man removed hi foot from his neck and reached down to take his cell phone.

"We wouldn't want you calling for help now would we? With a broken arm it'll be pretty hard for you to crawl all the way to that underground doctor you always go to when we jack you up. But it will be very entertaining to watch you crawl for your life; how humiliating is that?...Unless you've already given up on your life, and you won't even try to save your own life. In which case let me give you some encouragement, for every five minutes you stay there I'll break another one of your bones and make it as painful as possible. And I'll continue to do this until every single bone in your body is shattered, and if you still haven't moved then…well let's just say all the torture you've been through tonight you'll be begging for more of that once you find out what I'm going to do later." Izaya felt like is spine was a pipe with cold water rushing down it at the sound of those words.

"See you very soon Izaya." The brunet watched as the man disappeared into the night, laughing that evil laugh that he heard in his nightmares.

"You have to move, you have to keep going. Come on Izaya just try to stand up, no matter how much pain you're in you just have to keep going. Once you get to Shinra's everything will be ok, hurry and get up you only have four minutes left." The voice in Izaya's head whispered to him, Izaya used his good arm to sit himself up against the brick wall. He felt himself sit on something medal and cold, it was his pocketknife that he had tried to fight with. Unfortunately he was only able to cut one guy before both his arms were grabbed and his switchblade taken from him.

"Just leave that switchblade you can always get another one, come on you have three minutes left. You have to stand up and get out of the alleyway. If he comes back to break one of your legs it'll be even harder to get to Shinra's, come on you can do it." The voice encouraged, Izaya nodded to it. It took him a good two minutes to get to his feet with his broken ribs stabbing in his lungs, making it hurt like hell every time he breathed in. He limped out of the alleyway, watching blood drip from his forehead and onto the sidewalk.

"I need to rest, it hurts so badly." Izaya said to himself, he leaned up against one of the closed shops and starred up at the full moon.

"If you rest for too long they'll come back, you're so close just keep going." Izaya sighed as the voice continued to encourage him to go on. He quickly started to walk again, the voice in his head continued to talk to him to help keep his thoughts off the excruciating pain he was feeling.

"Ok you're almost out of Ikebukuro, if you run in Shizu-chan it's all over. So be very carefully and stay hidden in the shadows." The voice whispered again, Izaya obeyed and stayed close in the shadows of the closed shops and restaurants.

"He's doing well, do you think we should go over to him and knock him down and couple of notches?" Izaya heard a man whisper, he didn't sound too far behind.

"Nah let him go; I'm to tired to break him anymore today. We'll save that for tomorrow." The leader said, Izaya sighed and tried to focus ahead even though he knew he was still being followed.

"Oh thank god." Izaya said aloud as he starred at the apartment building, he limped into the lobby and pressed the elevator bottom. It didn't take too long for it to finally open, Izaya quickly limped in and pressed the button that took the elevator to Shinra's apartment floor.

"There it is, I'm so close!" Izaya thought to himself as he stood in front of the door, he used his good arm to knock. His vision was now completely blurred by all the blood that kept running down from his forehead, all the saw was a figure in a white lab coat answer the door.

"Izaya? What the hell happened to you?" Shinra gasped as he moved aside to let the brunet in.

"Just a little accident, my arm is broken and a few of my ribs are to…oh and I think my skull might be cracked open." Izaya stated, his voice sounded kind of choked up…like he was going to cry from the pure pain he was feeling. But he was a man, and men don't cry.

"You and Shizuo are too much alike, no matter how badly you two get hurt you always find a way stay alive long enough for me to fix you back up." Shinra sighed as he helped Izaya into his operating room.

"Yes but there's a difference, I'm not a monster." Izaya said, trying not to laugh because he knew it would hurt. He held in a pained cry Shinra helped him pull off his shirt.

"I'm going to have to do a few x-rays before I can do anything, I might even have to perform surgery because it looks like your rings were pushed in so I have to set them and see if there were any injuries to your lungs. Hopefully you didn't lose too much blood considering you have a very rare blood type." Shinra said as he got the x-ray machine ready.

"Just hurry, I'm in a lot of pain. I can feel my ribs stabbing into my lungs." Izaya confessed as he leaned forward to put some of the pressure off.

"I will, so did Shizuo do this to you? You've been coming to me almost every day in the past two to three months with cuts and bruises all over your body. Sometimes you even have a few broken bones; I never thought it would be Shizuo because you always get away from him." When Izaya didn't answer Shinra looked back at the brunet so see he had his head was down and his bangs were covering his red eyes.

"…..It's not Shizu-chan…" Izaya mumbled under his breath.

"Oh? Then who is it?" Another long pause from the brunet.

"…I made some mistakes…if I say anything else they'll come after you to." Izaya sighed; Shinra stared at the brunet with wide eyes. After yet another long pause of cold silence Shinra let out a loud sigh and lead Izaya in front of the x-ray machine.

"Please try not to get yourself killed; I can't believe you let yourself get this badly hurt. Why didn't you fight back?" Shinra asked as he put on his goggles and started taking the x-rays.

"I don't know… my body wants to fight and I usually do, but something in my mind holds me back. It keeps telling me to just let myself get hurt…to just take it and if I do it'll be over sooner. But when I do let my mind take control I get hurt worse than when I fight back, obviously this time my mind took over…and it just ended with me getting hurt badly. "

"The mind is a tricky thing; the thing that you're talking about might be depression that's taking over. If you want I can give you some anti-depressants and maybe the name of a good therapist."

"I'm not a nutcase Shinra, I don't need therapy and I don't want to be put on medication." Shinra just grinned and helped Izaya back over to the operating table. The doctor was used to Izaya not taking his help…or anyone's help for that matter.

"Alright I'll perform a quick surgery to re-set your ribs…I'll be putting you under a lot of painkillers so I'll let you spend the night here; mostly because I think its way to dangerous for you to go out again." Shinra said as he went over to a large medicine cabinet and took out a syringe with some kind of clear liquid.

"Fine but if I feel good enough to walk I'm going home; I'm not a child I don't need you to babysit me." Izaya said fiercely.

"Who said anything about babysitting? I'm just trying to help you out." Shinra said nervously as he took Izaya's unbroken arm, ready to plunge the needle into his vein.

"I don't need your help; I can take care of myself." Shinra let out another sigh and pushed the needle into one of the blue veins. It didn't take long for Izaya to fall back on the operating table, completely unconscious and no longer feeling any pain. Shinra had made sure to put him under enough painkillers to keep him asleep for the rest of the night.

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