Izaya couldn't see anything with the blindfold that was tightly tied over his eyes, by the cold air that hit his skin he could definitely tell he was either outside…actually in an abandon building because of the way the men's voice echoed as they talked. The brunet could feel chains around his wrists and around his ankles, bounding them together so he could escape. By the way Shizuo was yelling and cursing he could tell that the blonde was tied up with a lot more chains then he was…considering his in-human strength.

"Get more chains around him!" Izaya heard the leader of the gang scream as Shizuo yelled angrily again; it sounded like a few of the chains holding him down had broken.

"I finally got the shock collar on him, hurry and shock him." Another male screamed; Izaya yelped at the sound of Shizuo's pained screamed as his body was injected with volts of electricity…then all he heard was the monsters violent panting.

"Alright let's hurry up and kill them both, let's kill the informant first." The leader demanded, Izaya let out a scream as he felt some sort of chain tied around his neck being pulled roughly. He was dragged over into the middle of the floor and laid over onto his stomach. Suddenly the blindfold was taken off his eyes and then tied around his mouth so he wouldn't be able to scream. By what the man next to him was holding he was sure they were planning to whip him to death.

Shizuo was pinned against the wall and floor by various chains and ropes; a large medal collar was wrapped around his throat with a large thick chain holding him to the wall. Nothing was covering his eyes so he was able to see Izaya perfectly; Izaya's eyes widened when he felt the back of his shirt being ripped so the whip could have better access.

….then there was pain, a pain that no human should ever bare to have course threw their body. Izaya screamed at the top of his lungs threw the cloth as his back was brutally beaten. Seeing Izaya being beaten like that….made Shizuo crack; the blonde screamed and ripped the chains out of the concrete.

"What the fuck? ELECTRICUTE HIM!" the leader screamed, but Shizuo was too quick he ripped the collar off with his bare hands and ripped the medal chains to shreds. Izaya was still lying on the ground so he couldn't exactly see what was happening; all he could hear were the terrified screams of the grown men and the angry roars of the collection agent. Izaya took in a sharp breath as he saw a large amount of blood splatter on the dirty floor.

He stayed perfectly still as men were crushed and thrown into walls; for the first time in his life he was actually afraid of Shizuo's strength. He had seen him get angry but…this angry was in-human. The way he was screaming and the look on his face just showed pure hate for everyone in that room. Then…there was silence…no more screaming of the men and no more screams from Shizuo…nothing. If he listened closely he could hear the heavy panting from the larger male.

"Flea…are you still alive?" Shizuo asked, still starring at the informant who had large bloody gashes in his back. Izaya still had the cloth around his mouth so all he could do was nod. He heard the footsteps of Shizuo's shoes as he approached him.

"When I pick you up…close your eyes so you don't see what I did. It'll make you sick…" Izaya nodded again as blood covered hands slid under his body and pulled him in the blonde's arms bridal style. The brunet closed his eyes tightly as he was carried out of the abandon building; even when they were out he still kept his eyes closed. He knew that Shizuo was probably covered in blood and he really didn't want to think about it.


Izaya's eyes shot open just to see the abandon building crumble down to rubble, he wasn't surprised though considering how rough Shizuo was on it. He closed his eyes again and moved closer to the warm body holding him; Izaya couldn't really tell which of their houses Shizuo was bringing them to…but frankly he didn't care. Right now after everything that has happened he was glad that he had finally escaped all this pain.

Once he was at his apartment Shizuo kicked open the door and carried the still tied up informant to his bedroom; somewhere along the way home Izaya had fallen asleep soundly in his arms. It was only natural though; he did lose a lot of blood and had probably fainted when the trauma hit him. Shizuo carefully took the chains off of the smaller male's wrists and ankles before taking of the cloth that covered his mouth. He turned Izaya on his stomach and took off shredded shirt so it would be easy to clean the cuts. He's seen Shinra do this plenty of times so it wouldn't be that hard; the blonde carefully cleaned the cuts and placed large bandages over them so they wouldn't get infected. After that was finished he pulled the blankets over the thin body to keep him warm and brought over a chair beside the bed to watch him; he didn't want to risk waking up the traumatized information broker.

Shizuo really didn't want to leave the brunets side but the dry blood on his skin and cloths was starting to become sickening. He took a quick shower to wash all of the blood out of his hair and off his skin before getting into a t-shirt and sweatpants. Luckily the informant was still sleeping when he came back; just as he was about to sit down in the chair he saw Izaya starring at his with those auburn eyes.

"Shizu-chan…could you sleep in the bed with me…I'm scared." Izaya never thought he would admit he was scared of anything…especially to Shizuo…but the truth was he really was scared. Even though he saw the gang killed and crushed to death he still felt scared…he was actually shaking in the bed! Shizuo starred at him for a few minutes before moving into the bed with the smaller male and wrapping his arms around the thin frame. After the overload on this strength Izaya felt so light and fragile in his arms; like the gentlest hug would break him. Izaya wrapped his arms tightly around the neck and moved as close as he could get to the body in front of him.

"Thank you….for saving me." Izaya said into the blonde's shoulder, Shizuo nuzzled his head on top of Izaya's and grinned.

"From now on if I see anyone lay a finger on you I'll kill them, you're mine to abuse, hurt, keep, and love. Your mine for the rest of your life flea, you'll never get away from me." Shizuo whispered in the brunet's ear, Izaya smiled and closed his eyes.

"That's fine with me, as long as you keep me safe I'll agree to anything." Izaya felt Shizuo chuckle a little at the comment; all of this really got them fucked up in the head…it's not like they cared though. After all these years of fighting each other and living alone only to think about each other every second of every day…it was nice just being able to stay together.

Eventually Izaya got what he wanted…well not exactly what he wanted but it was good enough for him. Having someone who came home to him and someone to love and protect him…even if it was a sick twisted way it worked for them. After all they really were both sick and twisted and together they were just fine with it. Waking up in each other's arms, having Izaya cook amazing food, calling each other by their usual nicknames and most importantly going at each other all night to prove their love. A life with someone you love without a drop of pain, it was perfect…just perfect.

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