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Five Times Sherlock was Called an Idiot (and one time he didn't have to be told)

1. Age Eight

"Holmes the freak!" Sherlock sighed and rolled his eyes. The speaker was a boy in his class with blond hair and blue eyes, and Sherlock was pretty sure he had a name but god knows what that was.

"Freak! Freak! Holmes is a freak!" The nameless Neanderthal chanted and four other boys joined in. The group was following Sherlock around, trying to get him to react. They did this often. Sometimes Sherlock would humour them and fight them out of boredom. Not this time.

This time Sherlock was experimenting and it was more important than they were. That morning he had left gin-soaked breadcrumbs in the playground and he was now going back to where he left them to see if the pigeons in the area were acting any differently. That is, if the screaming group of stupid children didn't scare them all away.

"Would you please stop?" Sherlock finally cried in the most irritated tone he could muster.

"FREAK! FREAK! HOLMES IS A FREAK!" They yelled, ignoring him completely. One of the boys (Green eyes, rich parents, slight limp in his left leg, classmate of Sherlock's for the past two years, name unknown) stepped up to him, grabbed his hair and shouted "FREAK!" into his ear. Sherlock pushed him away. He should have known that asking nicely wouldn't work.

"That's enough! I'm trying to do something serious, and if you monkeys could leave me alone that would be much appreciated!" Sherlock spat.

"Did you hear that, Robert?" The green-eyed, nameless classmate said to the blond haired one, "He called us monkeys!" The blond, nameless classmate called Robert guffawed. Then he stepped up and spoke too close to Sherlock's face.

"We're monkeys?" He asked, an obnoxious smile plastered on his face, "Have you seen yourself, you freak? Spending all your breaks in the trees watching other people. Neil," He said, addressing the green-eyed unnamed classmate, "Did you hear that? The idiot called us monkeys!" Sherlock's eyes widened.

"What did you say?" Sherlock asked. He was the idiot? He was the one trying to do science! They were the ones following him around screaming! And HE was the idiot?

"You're an idiot, Holmes!" Green-eyes said, "Sherlock Freak Idiot Holme- OUCH!" Sherlock's fist connected with his face so quickly that he hit the floor before he could even shout. The blond classmate charged at him, ready to punch, but Sherlock was too quick for him.

"I'm not an idiot!" Sherlock dodged Robert's punch and kicked him in the stomach. "I'm not!" At that moment the other three boys ran at him and Sherlock found himself thinking that perhaps this was not the best idea after all.

It took three teachers to break up the battle. Sherlock ended up with a bleeding nose, countless bruises and two weeks of detention. For some reason, the teachers failed to accept "They called me an idiot" as an excuse for starting World War III in the school playground.

"I'm tired of having my intelligence questioned by people who have the IQ of a retarded potato," he told the nurse as she was bandaging one of his many bleeding scratches, "I'm not an idiot". The nurse had three children and a cat, had recently lost a parent and also had brown hair.

"Then perhaps trying to single-handedly fight five other boys is not best way to prove it, Holmes."

Sherlock did not stop sulking for a week after that.

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