~Chapter 1~

Danny and Sam spent the night at the hospital. The twins were taken from them and kept in a nursery so they would have a place to sleep while their parents slept in the birth room. And sleep they did. Danny sat slumped over in his chair, snoring lightly. Sam slept heavily in the hospital bed, which they would not allow her to get out of, and seemed too exhausted to snore at all. Overall it was a peaceful scene.

The next morning was anything but. The twins were brought to Sam at probably 1:15am. They were crying their poor little eyes out. The nurse holding them pushed Danny out of the room and taught her how to breastfeed in terms of the best way to hold the baby.

Everything was such a blur to Danny. He was a dad, finally. It was all he could think about; the responsibilities, the duties to his family that now officially included Sam and the twins, the babies' future, how hard he needed to work to provide for them, how he would lay his life on the line to protect them... There was so much to think about and so little time to plan things. He would have to work especially hard to take care of Sam and help her recover from labor.

Now the real story of his life began. Now that Sam had endeavored so tediously to bring them into the world, it was up to him to be her partner in rearing the babies.


Man, this chapter was so dang short. I feel terrible about the crappy little thing, I really do. I started working on this but then I got super sick, I mean like fevers and cold sweats and not being able to sleep good and coughing and a sore throat and a sore chest and super tired and lethargic and headaches... The list just goes on. I'm still sick and I really can't finish this chapter, guys. I'm so sorry. I know it's not my fault but I still feel so guilty. I didn't want to make you guys wait for this story.

I guess the bright side would be that even though it was short, it wasn't a message saying that I wasn't going to do the sequel after all. I'm still gonna do it and there will be ups and downs and sicknesses and possible character deaths (won't tell you if there is or not) and there will be happy and sad and angry and sweet and loving and caring and anguish and humor and comfort and friendship and family and friends. Later on there will be marital spats, so don't be surprised if any married couples fight. I won't say who gets married, where, or when, or even IF someone gets married (because Maddie and Jack are already married).

This will be a rollercoaster of surprises, so please be a little patient with me. I can't get to the next chapter until I get over my sickness and keep in mind that even after that I have schoolwork and LOTS of tests coming up since it's the end of the grading period next week. Also, as you all know, I can't predict when I'm going to get over this thing, so please be patient and forgive the long wait.

Oh, and just so you know, I did good just to get out the last two sentences. I'm really just that tired. Sorry if this chapter was crap.