Believe it or not, this actually started as a funny roleplay on Facebook. My brother, my two best friends, and I all role play as Hetalia characters. At one point, my brother decided to create the 'North American Empire', and he decided to force Poland (because we decided to make a non-anime-fan-friend Poland) and England into joining it. It was an actually originally really stupid and funny story, but the plot bunnies started multiplying…and this was born. I really hope you guys like it. My brother and I spent a long time on the alliances, the setting, plot points, and other important stuff!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything but this story.

Chapter 1: Dealbatamvermiculo


He was different, and they all knew it. When the Cold War ended, they all expected the world to go back to the way it was. They watched him, expecting him to laugh it all off, expecting him to smile and act as if it never happened. How selfish they were, acting as if none of this affected him. Had they been through half or what he had to deal with?

They all watched him change. They saw his eyes, once filled with life, become dark and empty. His smile twisted, becoming cruel and cold. They had no idea…no idea at all. How could they, when it was he who had sacrificed himself for them? He watched his people fall apart, fearing the wrath of the Soviet Union. He had done it all for them, but they acted as if nothing happened. They were all selfish monsters, every last one of them. They didn't deserve him. They deserved to be his servants. They deserved to fear the way he had. They deserved to feel everything he went through for them.

They deserved to be a part of him. A part of the empire he would create. And he knew how.

He wasn't empty. He could feel his heart pumping in his chest as he stepped foot on his land. How long had it been since he felt his heart? How long had it been since he had felt whole? That was all he needed. He needed his land and his people. He needed to be whole again.

He saw them. They danced across his vision, whispering promises. They embraced him, murmuring whispers of power, promising to serve him, if he would give them a single thing in return. He agreed.

They fell quickly. The shadows did his bidding. The first nations that fell became his puppets, obediently following his wishes. With each nation that fell, he began to feel whole. He didn't care they couldn't feel. He didn't care that he once called them 'friends'. They were pawns to him now, nothing more. This was all a game, and he happened to be the player.

Like in any game, there were opponents. The world quickly caught on. An alliance was forged in Europe, its founding members being France and the United Kingdom. Other threatened countries quickly became a part of it. It was called the Celtian Alliance.

The North American Empire swiftly took control of countries, gaining footholds in Europe and Asia. South Korea and Japan, two countries with strong ties to America, quickly became a part of the Empire. Poland, a member of NATO, was targeted and quickly fell, followed by Lithuania. The other Baltic nations, fearing the new empire, joined the Celtian Alliance, seeking protection from other, stronger nations.

The Caribbean didn't take long at all. He already owned Puerto Rico, and, since the fall of the Cold War, Cuba didn't have a world superpower to rely on. The rest of the islands quickly fell, giving America complete control of the Caribbean. Then came Mexico, who saw an opportunity in joining the powerful new empire. All of North America had fallen.

The Celtian Alliance grew stronger. China, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Germany, and Italy all joined. Several nations declared neutrality, hoping the American twins would see sense, and realize what they were doing could bring the world into a third war. But they wouldn't see, they couldn't see it. Not when they had come this far.

The world was quickly headed for war, when they all had done their best to stop it. The North American Empire was going to claim the world, and no one, not even the Celtian Alliance, could stop them.