Well, this is late, isn't it? XD You guys can blame that on real life getting in the way…and pure laziness. :P Like I said before, this entire thing is an A/N, so you can just skip if you want. XD But I'll try to get a few things explained, through questions asked and ones I know I left unanswered.

It feels kind of weird to know that this is the last time I'll update this. It's just become a routine thing, a weekly thing I look forward to. It's so weird to know this is the last time. XD

So let's start!

The things I left unanswered:

Spain's OOC-ness- This one kind of bugged me…it isn't really a huge thing, but I know it confused a few people. XD Basically, he channeled his feelings into anger, and he had no one to direct it at but Prussia. He also felt partially responsible, however little sense that makes, because Prussia was his friend. He felt angry, hurt, betrayed, and guilty…and he had no one to direct it to but Prussia.

And we all know how scary Spain is when angry…

Prussia as the Bad Guy- This was the first thing I thought of when writing this fic. XD I picked Prussia because my brother was the one to start the empire idea, and he plays Prussia. He was also the one who came up with the 'knight' idea (thought they were originally called 'Awesome Knights' XD) and I just loved those ideas! But I had to come up with a reason for Prussia to turn into this villain…not only that, but I had to give him the power to do this stuff.

So, I started looking up Native American mythology. Then I came across the Nalusa Chito, which are shadow beings that fed off of anger and depression, and they would steal the heart of anyone who fell to their corruption. It was just so perfect that I couldn't pass it up. I'm only disappointed that I couldn't write a scene where I showed exactly what happened…oh well. I'll just throw it in here, because I can. :P In italics…because it's a flash back…kind of.

Also, I would recommend listening to this while reading: (http : /www. youtube. com/watch?v=1KgfsVtFNOU&list=FLribyn2-A5cWr24dhj-Hu_A&feature=player_detailpage)

XXXxxx(Prussia's POV)xxxXXX

Prussia was dying.

He could feel his life slipping through his fingers, his scarlet eyes dulling with every last, staggering breath he took. This was it. He had given his life to reunite his brother…it was all over. He was finished…and he was so young, too! It just wasn't fair…no matter what he tried to tell himself; he couldn't help but feel like it was all such a waste.

He lay on his back, staring blankly at the ceiling. He had gone to his old home, his personal one, by himself. He had told Ludwig that he would be right back, of course, he never would. He felt in his heart that his brudur knew it too.

And yet…he wasn't gone yet. There was a tiny force, a small light that kept him tied to earth. He still had a small connection…somewhere…he was still alive…

That was when he felt it. Power. A fiery glow of strength pooled through his body, and he was suddenly alive. He could hear it, too. Whispers murmuring unfamiliar words in his mind, in his heart. It was an ancient tongue laden with power…and all he could do was stare blankly at the ceiling and let the voices whisper to him. Though he couldn't understand the phrases, he knew what it was saying.




He was slipping again, but now it was different. He was alive, he was powerful, but Gilbert Beilschmidt was slipping away…drifting away in the river of strength that filled him. And it didn't matter. Why should it, when he had so much to do? He welcomed the shadow's power, they helped him…they saved him…they would make him powerful. A new empire.

His scarlet eyes slipped shut, and the world seemed to shudder into silence.

A small smile touched the Kingdom of Prussia's lips.


The title- That is a weird one, actually. It has a few different meanings, actually. White and red are obviously Prussia's hair and eye colours. I also used white because it's part of Prussia's flag, and it's the colour of purity and innocence. And these two pictures helped too.

(http: /th00. deviantart. net/fs70/PRE/f/2010/139/a/a/ The_White_King_by_Sea_)

(http: /th01. deviantart. net/fs71/PRE/f/2011/043/3/9/the_white_knight_by_sea_)

I chose scarlet because it's a violent colour, the colour of blood, and of corruption. And it sounded good. XD and I picked the word 'painted' because, again, it sounded good.

And now the questions~!

Is Mattie going to get Kuma back? I know we agreed that Kat got him, but now that he is back i feel like Kuma could sense, though I am sure Kuma is probably over joyed with all the attention he is probably getting from Kat.

Um…yes. XD That was a long question for such a short answer.

Is Prussia going to be stuck as a child forever since he is a micronation? I mean most of the countries grow as their population and land grows, like how America grew up so fast, and I'm not sure that the micronation of Prussia is going to grow that much, though that certainly would be interesting, I think the chance of him growing would be like the chances of Sealand growing...OoO they should be friends!

Well, that's a complicated one. The Free State of Prussia has (spiritually) claimed all of Prussia's lost land…so I guess Prussia would grow up at about a normal rate and stay around his normal age, even though he's a micronation and he has a low population. He has a huge landmass, though, which could make up for it. And I guess he could hang around the other micro nations. There would be so much chaos….XD I could SO see him leading a council and sending threatening messages via Gilbird to Austria…anyone want to do anything with that? XD

(*snickers immaturely at 'huge landmass'*)

If they get their memory back are they going to remember romantic interests? Like Canada, would he remember Ukraine, and would America remember ... his many romantic interests, (Belarus, Japan, etc.) or would that be too weird? I mean I guess they all were already older than them… but are they too young, even when they get older?

That is a complicated one! XD In my head, they were kind of taken in secretly by France and England until they were old enough to defend themselves, and then revealed to the UN, so I guess they would be late teens/young adults by that tie. As for the memory thing, that's the next question.

Are they too young? That's for you to decide. I'm a USUK fan…so that'll tell you something about how I feel on the whole brother thing.

(Though I kind of divorced the whole brother idea for my USUK. :P)

Are they pretty much exactly the same? I mean they look the same, but it seems like they were reincarnated, so is there maybe even a little bit of difference, or are they exactly the same?

There might be a few minor differences here and there, you know, like America has no problem drinking tea and knows a bit more about geography, and Canada is a bit more heard and more sarcastic to his family, but other than a few little things, they're pretty much the exact same.

I know this has nothing to do with the story, well I guess it has a little to do with the story, but not really, well... never mind. If America and Canada are reincarnated, are Ontario and D.C. reincarnated too...? Maybe that happens later when they get older but still, I must know!

Yes. XD Yes they are.

So if they don't remember anything now, and they will eventually get their memories back, will they remember what happened to them while they were in the empire? Or will that disappear from their memories to stop it from happening again?

Yes, they will remember. After all, those who don't know history are destined to repeat it.

Do the people of the country know what exactly happened during this, I mean they aren't supposed to know about the existence of personified country, but they still should have noticed something was up, or was this completely washed away from history, the UN decided to erase it from history to hide what really happened?

The people knew what was happening, at least that the empire existed. After all, America was imperialistic before, and there is a real movement that exists to annex Canada into America. (A Canadian movement, too! I'm dead serious, it exists. Look up 'United North America'.) And America had just come out of the cold war, so there was still that need to feel powerful and protected. With the right speeches and propaganda, anything is possible.

Who exactly claimed what parts of the land? I hope Russia didn't get HE DOESNT NEED TO BE ANY BIGGER! And will they just give up the land when the boys grow big enough to handle themselves, or will they have to fight them for it hee hee hee…

It was kind of like Germany after WWII, the core members of the alliance got various regions in the country. (Unfortunately, Russia did get Alaska and a bit of the Northwest Territories) and as for the second part, that's up to you. It would certainly be interesting for them to have to fight for their land…

And that's all~! Now onto the thank you's… (Be warned, this will totally sound like an Oscar's speech. XD)

First my awesome writing buddies K.H. Mega-Fan 101, Dovesongz, and Emo Vampire Chic! You three wrote maybe half of this story for me….XD seriously, though, without you guys this would have never gotten written! *Tacklehug* WE FINALLY FINISHED IT! And my awesome brother too, even though you don't read fanfictions and will never see this, you came up with the idea for me! :D

And every awesome person out there who read, subscribed, and reviewed! You guys are the best! I can't believe so many people read this, you guys are so amazing! ^-^ I wanted to do a long list of all of your names, but this is long enough as it is. XD

So, I'll just leave you guys with a few final thoughts:

I don't mind fanfictions or fanarts (God I sound so egotistical right now…) of this, just let me know what you want to do, and let me know when you do it! I don't mind at all, just as long as I get credit for this fic! ^-^

There won't be any sequels or anything like that. I would probably ruin it. XD I MIGHT, MIGHT do a rewrite if I feel it needs one.

And seriously, go check out Recreate My Soul by Emo Vampire Chic! If you liked this, you'll love her fic!

(And yes narutoslover100, I am a female. XD)

Well, I think that's all! I want to give you guys another huge thank you, seriously, I can't say it enough!

Who knew that a stupid little Role-play could produce an idea so great?