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LEADER: Crescentstar- once-beautiful cream-colored she-cat

DEPUTY: Stripeclaw- brown tabby tom with amber eyes


MEDICINE CAT: Pawstep- small pinkish-brown she-cat with innocent amber eyes


WARRIORS: (toms and she-cats without kits)

Climbingpelt- small white she-cat with green eyes


Airtail- light gray she-cat with a white underbelly and paws

Breezemoon- small black tomcat with green eyes


Baderleg - a small pale gray tomcat

Mouseclaw- tortoiseshell tom


Sunblaze- ginger tomcat

Vineclaw- brown tabby tom with white paws

Aspenleaf- light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes


Slashpelt- longhaired, solid gray tom with green eyes

Icepool- pure white she-cat with blue eyes; deaf in one ear

APPRENTICE; Frecklepaw

Bramblefrost- solid brown tomcat

Streamfeather- silvery tabby she-cat with pretty blue eyes

Wolfpelt- gray tomcat with bright amber eyes and one white paw

Waspwing- ginger she-cat with a scar on her right eye from a training accident

Swoopwhisker- ginger tabby tomcat with bright green eyes

Swiftleaf- cream-colored she-cat with one blue, and one green eye

Turtlestorm- black longhaired tom with ghostly-looked pale yellow eyes

Spottedfur- pale gray (with darker flecks) tom with sky-blue eyes


Spiderpaw- jet-black tom with a white dash on his chest

Pebblepaw- pale gray she-cat with a pinkish tint in her fur and amber eyes

Marshpaw- dark mottled brown tom with dark emerald eyes

Leafpaw- pretty dark tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes

Kelppaw- brown tabby tom

Frecklepaw- white she-cat with darker flecks and blue eyes

Ravenclaw- black tomcat with a white dash on his chest

QUEENS: (she-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Darksky- dark ginger, almost brown she-cat with blue eyes; mother of Slashpelt's kits: Eaglekit (ginger tom) and Fallingkit (white she-cat with black paws)

Fireblaze- fiery orange she-cat with amber eyes; mother of Breezemoon's kits: Cedarkit (dark gray tomcat), Briarkit (dark brown tabby she-kit), Ashkit (pale gray she-kit), Skykit (white she-kit)

Emberclaw- pretty ginger she-cat with emerald eyes; mother of Badgerleg's kits

Blossomfur- pretty tortoiseshell she-cat; mother of Vineclaw's kits


Whitefur- longhaired white tom

Darrin- light brown tabby tom with white paws and tail

Candy- small creamy white she-cat

Jaguarclaw- unusually spotted golden tabby tom with black spots on his ears, eyes and the rest of his body

Faithfulheart- beautiful light gray she-cat with blue eyes

Cats Outside the Clans

Fury- black tom with flecks of red and ginger in his fur

Frost- elderly pure white she-cat with blue eyes

Red- medium longhaired russet-colored tomcat with amber eyes

Glow- pretty longhaired pale cream, almost white she-cat with green eyes

Dawn- sandy-brown she-cat with vibrant green eyes

Ghost- ghostly white tomcat with a long fang on the left side and a v-shaped ear

Water- pale gray she-cat with ice-blue eyes

Pea- small pinkish-cream-colored she-cat with violet eyes

Raccoon- gray tom with dark, black stripes and a mask-like coloration on his face and pale yellow eyes

Clover- pretty dark tortoiseshell she-cat with pretty green eyes

Watson- older brown tabby tom with green eyes

Snake- jet-black tom with green eyes

Blaze- bright ginger tom with amber eyes and one white paw

Mabel- pretty ginger kittypet that lives in a house near SkyClan territory

Wanda- pale gray, almost white she-cat with green eyes; lives next door to Mabel


On a rocky outcrop overlooking a gorge, a longhaired russet-colored tomcat sat, his tail curled neatly around his paws. The wind ruffled his long, ginger fur. He let his amber eyes wander around the bottom of the gorge. On a path that led up the rock face, dens were scattered about. Shooting a quick glance to his left, he saw some of the lichen that covered the entrance of the warriors' den. He'd been to the camp so many times before, but tonight, he was there for a meeting.

He smelled his acquaintance before he saw him. The breeze from the woods was blowing toward him. For a fleeting moment, he thought the Clan cats would be able to smell their scents, but they were just far enough away to get away with it. He rose to his paws and turned to face a black tom. The moonlight shone down on his pelt, making the few ginger flecks that were splattered amongst it visible.

The russet tom dipped his head formally in greeting. "For a while I thought you stood me up," he confessed, his amber eyes searching the tom's beady gaze.

"I wouldn't dare to stand you up, Red," the tom replied tartly, his voice thick with sarcasm.

Red flattened his ears against his head and narrowed his eyes. Restraining himself from letting out a hiss, he cleared his throat and sat down. "I think it would be more comfortable for both of us if you sit."

"I'd rather stand."

"Very well," Red sighed, his ears flattening once more. "Why have you called me here, Fury?" he demanded, his own amber eyes blazing with annoyance. "I was summoned her by that elderly friend of yours saying you had something 'worthwhile' to say to me. And it better be just that!"

Fury's lips curled at the edges. "Believe me, it is."

Red hissed. "Well then, get on with it!" he snarled. He flexed his claws hotly as the black tom began to circle him. Red noticed that Fury's claws were also unsheathed. The silver moonlight made them glint in the darkness. Fury's amber eyes illuminated his face in a ghostly manner.

"I assume you've heard of a Clan called SkyClan," Fury began, his whiskers twitching.

Red snarled in rage. "Of course I've heard of them! For the Creator's sake we're sitting outside their camp at the very moment! Why are you being so vague? This is so unlike you!"

Fury chuckled at his acquaintance's irritation. "I have something to show you. Come."

Red narrowed his eyes in suspicion, but rose to his paws. Fury led him into the small wooded area that separated SkyClan from the Twolegplace. Fury led him in the opposite direction of the russet cat's home. Red knew this territory well, but this particular area seemed so alien to him. When they neared the old Twoleg barn where a colony of rats used to live in, Red stopped.

The tomcat hissed and took a step back, flattening his ears against his head. Grass crunched under his paws. It was drier here, and between the forest and old barn, a large wire fence stood as a barrier. Despite the fence, Red still was dubious. He knew just how well rats would be able to climb through those spaces. The stench of rats was quite stale, but some still lingered in the air, making the tom cough.

Fury turned to face him, his own nose wrinkled in disgust. "What in the name of the spirits are you waiting for?" he demanded.

Red growled. "What about the rats? Are we going into this forsaken barn?"

Fury rolled his eyes. "Would I take you all this way to show you a barn?" Fury asked, sarcasm again think in his voice.

Red felt a growl rise in his throat. "Knowing you, I think you would."
Fury let out a false chuckle and turned away. "Come on, you mouse-heart. The rats are gone, and our destination is past this anyway!"

Red grumbled under his breath and followed Fury as he led the way around the barn and further along the gorge. Red could see the outside of the edge of the canyon in the distance as Fury led him farther and farther from the barn. Red began to grow more and more dubious, the more distance they got from his usual romping grounds.

Fury paused when they were a good half a sky-length from the decrepit old barn. He took a deep breath and turned to his russet-furred companion. "What I am about to show you, must remain a secret. Tell anyone of this until it is time to do so, and I will slit your throat," Fury warned, darkly.

Red looked at him, bewildered. "What… what exactly are you going to show me?" he inquired, his hackles rising in fear. The more fear-scent oozed into Red's fragrance, the smugger Fury became.

"A whole 'nother world," the black tomcat purred. With that, the lithe black tom slunk under an elder berry bush and disappeared into a hole in the ground.

Red's eyes widened in surprise and followed. He shrugged a branch of the annoying bush out of the way with his shoulder and stared down into the darkness. The hole looked big enough for himself to fit a medium-sized dog, but fear still gripped Red's heart. He was worried that it would lead into a tunnel, which he knew it would. He always hated tunnels—always fretting they would collapse and he would be trapped inside. He worried that he would get lost underground in a labyrinth and never finds his way out.

Fury's amber eyes appeared from the darkness. "Coming?"

Red gulped, his ears flattening against his head as he, too entered the hole.

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