Author Notes: I do not own Sidekick, or any of the characters. They belong to Todd Kauffman. Nor do I own the original concept. That belongs to EmptyHeart. Yes. It's based off of Files of Kazdan Kalinkas. You expecting something else from the title?

The Files of Trevor Troublemeyer

Part One: Bleed


I'll never forget what I did to him...

People say you can't fight destiny. And I always knew Trevor was destined to be evil. There was nothing I could do to stop that. Yet somehow... he seemed to say otherwise.

I molded him into the perfect minion. I made him into a walking weapon. He always looked up to me. I, Master XOX, was his idol. His master. And something he didn't know. I was also his father. He betrayed me, and murdered me just for protecting his weak little friend.

If only Trevor had known...


More Author Notes: How's that for an opening chapter, eh? Yes, I know the prologue is supposed to take place before the action, but I wanted to have a bit of a dramatic intro. Also, sorry for being short. Next chapter will be longer, I promise.