Dear Sempai

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Summary: Lory has conceived yet another devious scheme, wrapped in the guise of a LoveMe assignment. All the girls have to do is to write at least one letter a week to the person they respect the most. Simple… right?

Letter 1

Dear Tsuruga-Sempai,

I will begin this letter by apologizing once again for burdening you with this odd assignment. I know that you are far too busy to waste your time reading some mindless letter from your junior in the company; and yet you have once again shown your gracious side in promising to accept and read my letters.

I did not have the chance to explain how this all came about. You deserve an explanation about how you were chosen to be the recipient for my letters. Yesterday, just after you kindly dropped me off at LME, I went to the LoveMe office to change into "that pink monstrosity," as Moko-san refers to our uniforms. When I opened my locker, a manila envelope fell out with a simple questionnaire and instructions to complete it ASAP.

The questionnaire asked basic questions about LME. For example, it asked "Who do you consider to be the hardest working person at LME?" Naturally, I wrote your name. Another question asked, "Who do you respect the most at LME?" Again, I wrote your name. Please believe me, Tsuruga-san, I had no idea what this was about. The instructions told me to go to President Takarada's office when the survey was completed. When I arrived, he called me in immediately… I had never seen a man in-person dressed as a flamenco dancer… he was quite good. He took the survey, read through it, and then looked at me with a very frightening smile.

After another dance, he handed us (Moko-san and Chiori-san had arrived by then) a second envelope. This one had instructions for the newest assignment: correspondence. The assignment is to write at least one letter each week sharing our thoughts, our dreams, our successes, and our failures. The President explained that letter-writing has been valued as one of the highest forms of personal communication since the dawn of history, or at least the dawn of written language. He went on to explain that the process of writing letters would help us to explore our many feelings and thoughts, thus making us better actresses.

Then he explained the purpose of the surveys. We would be required to write our letters to the person whose name appeared the most on our surveys. Sempai, I tried to explain that you were too busy to be allowed to be pestered by meaningless drivel from lowly kohai's, but he would not listen. Instead, he told me that he had a solution: he would provide a theme for each week so that we would not have to write "meaningless drivel" in our letters. I am sincerely sorry about this, but I will promise to do my best to write at least one meaningful sentence in each letter.

Thank you, once again, for understanding. If you should choose to discard my letters without reading them, then I will understand.

Yours sincerely,

Mogami Kyoko