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Can You Seduce A Vampire

Sarah's POV

Friday Evening, I walked Erica home from school – we'd stayed late for a meeting about a stupid senior photo shoot. After we stop at her place, we were going to head to the movies. "Can you please stop pouting?" she said to me as we rounded the last corner to her house. I was indeed a little peeved – I never really liked wasting time. Besides, there was somewhere else that I really wanted to be.

"Erica, I don't get why you signed us up to have our pictures taken! We're vampires, remember? No mirrors, no film, no cameras!" "I know, Sarah… but it will still be loads of fun! We get to dress uppp… and get our hair done all prettyyy…" I rolled my eyes and listened halfheartedly as she continued to ramble.

We were nearly at her doorstep when my phone vibrated. I dug into my pocket and pulled out my cell. Ethan. I don't know what is about him. We've been friends for years now, but whenever I'm around him my stomach gets a little tight, and I kind of get a little nervous, and self-conscious, and rambly, and… see what I mean?

u wanna come over tonight (Ethan 3)

I look down at the text and my heart hiccups, even though it's no longer beating. My fingers skim over the touchscreen in reply.

yea. um.. ill be glad 2. c u in an hour? (Me)
c u then (Ethan 3)

"Who are you texting?" Erica asks as she unlocks her door, the suspicion evident in her voice. "Ethannn" I sigh as I sit on her doorstep. "Oh yea?" She steps in and comes back a few minutes later with her movie purse – she likes to bring along the big one whenever we go out so she can sneak in a few mocha cups of blood.

"So what is your nerd up to?" she asks as she locks up and sits down next to me. "Oh, you know… being nerdy" I replied. She frowns at the uncertainty in voice, and I know she's going to press it. "What's the matter?" she asks as she places a heavy head on my shoulder. "Nothing… it's just… never mind" I stammer. I don't know what to say, but I can't just ditch her.

"Spit it out, Sarah. What's dorkzilla done this time?" she whispers. I giggle and tilt my head to look at her. "He just wants to hang out" I say. "When today? I thought his folks didn't need you to sit this evening?" "They don't – his mom and dad are gone for a wedding, and Jane's staying the night over at a friend's," I explained.

Erica's eyebrows arch and she gives me a seductive smile as she leans off me. "What?" I ask, skeptically. "I see… you want some alone time with nerd boy…" "What? No, Erica… it's not like–" "All you had to do was ask, Sarah. I understand. You like him!" "I-I…" I tried to protest, but I faltered under Erica's all-knowing and skeptical glance. "So you don't mind?" I finally manage to whisper. "Of course not, honey!" She seems more excited about this than I am – which she isn't, by the way.

She kisses me on the forehead and helps me to my feet. "Just don't kiss him," she says as she turns and struts away. "Erica! Where are you going?" "For a bite! You know, dinner and a movie?" she threw the last bit over her shoulder, and before I knew, she was gone.

I make it to Ethan's about half an hour later. As I'm standing on the doorstep, I take out my cell to check the time.


ding - dong

Ethan's the only one home, I can hear it. He stumbles around in his room for a second before nearly tumbling down the stairs. I break into a soft chuckle as soon as the door opens. He's so adorable when he's nervous. Yay! I have him nervous! grrr *sexy growl!

"Hi…" He squeaks from the doorway. "Hey Ethannn" I drag his name out longer than necessary… and he likes it. He stammers on his words – he's trying to figure out something to say, but… I guess I'm just too much for him! Well spit it out, Ethan.

"Aren't you going to invite me in, Casanova?" "U-Uh yea, come in, Sarah."

He backs away as I cross the threshold. His arms snake around my waist and he brings me in for a nice honeymoon hug. "You feeling okay?" i ask as my hands nervously work the grooves in his back. Okay Sarah, don't be mean… he's actually giving me butterflies.

"Y-Yea, sorry" he says, and he nervously backs away from me. I start to giggle as he gives me one of those, I'm Ethan and I'm nervous and I kinda don't know what to do next, smiles. "Don't worry about it."

He shuts the front door and I follow him into the living room. "So what do you want to do?" he asks as he hands me the remote to the television. "I dunno, what were you doing before I got here, geeking it up?" I tease. "Hehe, funny." He playfully punches me on the arm. "OW!"

"If you must know, Sarah, I was upstairs, working on something, very important." He emphasizes the last word, sparking my curiosity. "What is it?" I ask, scooting closer to him. My knee brushes against his, and the sudden contact makes him stammer. "I-I'm not telling you" he finally musters up. I can feel myself pout as I lean over and moan, "Why not?"

"It's a secret," he says simply. "Come on Ethan, you can tell me anything, you know that" I say as my hand falls into his. "Yea, I know… but I can't, it's a secret!" he protested. I sucked up the disappointment and gave him a puppy dog face – I knew he wasn't going to be able to resist. "Okay… okay" he began. I squeezed his hand and smiled. "It's more of a… surprise, than a secret…" "Great!" I got up and bolted towards the staircase.

"Sarah!" he cried, but I was already in his room – my eyes scurried all over the place, trying to find something that looked as if it didn't belong. Nothing.

"What are you doing?" Ethan panted as he joined me in the doorway. "Where is it?" I demanded as I turned to him. He grinned and shook his head. "No, I'm not telling you." I grabbed his hand and led him further inside.

"Please!" I begged as I pulled him over to his bed. We both sat down. "No!" he said, leaning towards my face. My breath catches as I falter under his masculinity. Oh my gosh… when he gets like this it's just too much for me.

"Okay" I whisper. A silence falls between us. Emotions begin to paint themselves across my brain – emotions I've never realized before. Or maybe I have, and they've just been dormant – stuffed away in my closet inside a duffle bag… until now. His hands rub the length of my shoulder and thigh, and the butterflies inside of me break into a frenzy.

"Ethan?" I say softly. He leans a little closer before replying, "Yea?" "C-Can you stop it?" He backs away a little, confused. "Stop what?" SEDUCING ME! "Um… I dunno…" I whimper, and right now, I sound like a lonely mistress… in heat. Ethan sits up and starts to laugh. "What's so funny?" I demand. "Sarah, I may be a dork, but… am I… turning you on?" He knows! HE KNOWS!

"Um… what, no!" I argue. His jaw twitches, and I realize that what I said might have come off as a little hurtful. "Oh… my bad. Sorry for bringing it up" he says smally. I take his hand in mine and make to apologize, but then he starts to chuckle. He's such a faker! "What's so funny?" I ask again, snatching my hand away.

"Ohhh nothing, Sarah" he says, and he starts to get up. My hand latches onto his wrist and I force him back down. "Hey… watch the grip," he says, and he leans back towards me, tingling away at my personal space. I can't let him win.

"You think you're getting to me," I state as I point a skeptical finger at him. He shrugs it off and he gives me a little nod. "Yea" he admits. SO! I pinch his arm and he retreats, frowning. "OUCH! You're not too good at this," he says in voice his dweebie little mind thinks is sexy…

It is.

"You can't seduce me, Ethan! I'm too smart for any of your geeky lines, or that thing you're with your eyebrows right now. S-Stop it!" I say as he continues to flutter them. "You look, retarded!" I finish. Ethan laughs and pushes me playfully. "What makes you think that I can't seduce you, Sarah?" "I already told you, I'm too—" my words fail me as his hand finds its way to my cheek. Slowly, he caresses it, making me forget whatever I was going to say in protest.

"See, I win Sarah" he mocks. Okay Dork, two can play that game. "No… I don't think you will, Ethan," I whisper. His hand draws back in confusion. "Huh?" I lean over and place a small kiss on his neck, right behind the ear. "See" I begin as his expression takes a turn for something crazy. "I win."

Ethan recovers and puts his hand back on my cheek. "No… I win." His other hand claps to my waist and he squeezes it a little. "You're going to break before I do," he whispers as he kisses me behind my ear. Then… he bites it.


He pulls his face away – his lips a made a pop sound as they unlatched from my neck. "Wanna give up now?" he asked me. Jerk. I smiled and shook my head. I leaned over and wrapped my arms around his neck, bringing our foreheads together. I smiled as I looked down his face. "She's wet," I confessed softly. He gasped – his breath lingered across my neck. I smiled and slowly brought our lips to a kiss.

I bit his lip, and then pulled away, tugging it in the process. "I always win, Ethan," I whispered as our eyes met. That's when it happened. Something inside of Ethan roared to life, something vicious, and sexy, and determined – an animal. I could see it in his eyes.

"It's going to take more than that for me to give in, Sarah." Ethan pressed our lips together, pushing me backwards on the bed in the process. His hands began to explore underneath my shirt as he deepened the kiss. I could feel his tongue graze my teeth, begging for entry. You can have whatever you want right now Ethan.

He forced me up the bed and closer to the headboard. My hands begged to push him away, to pull him closer, to make him stop, to make him go further… oh my goodness

Ethan's hands met at my waist as he slowly lifted my shirt. He tugged at my jeans and began to kiss, and lick, and suck on the dip in my waistline. I started breathing – something which I hardly ever done now adays – actually, if I didn't know any better, I would say that I was hyperventilating.

"Ethan?" He ignored me. His tongue landed in my bellybutton and crept all the way up my stomach. My body quivered. My shirt was bundled at the top of my neck. As his tongue fondled me underneath my bra, I reached up and snatched off my tee. Ethan smiled and began to suck on the exposed parts of my chest. "Ethan?" I moaned again. "Hm?" he hummed.

I could feel the full extent of Ethan in between me down there as he sucked on my neck. "Do – do you think – we should – we should stop?" "Are you giving up, Sarah?" "I-I…I don't think – I don't think – Ethan… shit!" I cried. Ethan let out a little groan as he began sucking on my collarbone.

"S-Stop… we have to s – we have to sto- Ethannnn…" My fingers entangled themselves within his messy locks, and I could feel my eyes roll over in their sockets. I. Want. To. Fu – "Baby, you okay?" Ethan breathed. He blurred into focus as my breathing relaxed a little bit. "Yea… yea. W-We have to stop, Ethan." I could barely even speak.

"You give in?" he says, smiling. No, you idiot! "Ethan, I'm not playing anymore…" He looks at me with utter confusion written across his face. "Okay… we can stop, don't get mad at me" he says defensively. "No… I-I can't let what was just about to happen, happen, not like this… not under some stupid game."

Ethan smiles under the realization and gets off his bed. He quickly makes his way to the door and shuts it. Then, he flips the light off. Aside from the sunlight, the room is almost completely out of illumination.

"Sarah" he says as he crawls back on top me. "Yea?" His lips land softly on mine, and a few seconds later, we part. "I'm in love with you," he whispers. His masculinity folds under the sincerity of his statement. Even in the near darkness, I can see him blush, and he looks away from me.

"Hey" I say softly, and he looks back down at me. "I love you too." I can see the anxiety wash away from his face as I speak, and a second later, we're kissing again, but this time, it means a whole bunch more.

Ethan rises to take his shirt off. He's skinny, really skinny, but… it's perfect. His shirt falls to the side, and my eyes fall to his waist. Pants too, says my brain, and just as if he's a mind reader he slips his pants off, one leg at a time.

His hands find his blanket and he pulls it on top of us. His lips deliver butterfly kisses to my stomach, and I don't think my little body can handle too much more of it. He unfastens my jeans with his teeth and nearly tears them off of me.

His lips form a little o and he starts to kiss in between my thighs. My hands dig into his hair as I slowly guide his face towards her. The second they touch, my phone rings. I shove my hands into my skewed jeans and remove my cell. Erica.

"Hiiii" I breathe into the phone, but Ethan doesn't stop. "Sarah?" says Erica. "Y-Yea." "Are you okay? Are you at the dork's?" "What? Yes! I am… look Erica, I r-really can't talk… really can't talk right now!" "Is everything okay?" she persists. SHIIIIIT! "Yea… I'm fine, E-Erica." All the while I'm having this futile conversation with Erica, Ethan is still down there, making a mess at my entrance. "What are you doing?" Erica demands. And now my undies are to the side… and his tongue enters me.


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