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The Twilight Twenty-Five, Round 5

Prompt: Photo 3, Laundromat

Pen Name: MarchHare5

Pairing/Main Character(s): Edward/Bella

Rating: T

Photo prompts can be viewed here: thetwilight25[dot]com/round-5/prompts


A/N: Maybe I'm crazy for having agreed to do this, considering all the other commitments I have, both in RL and in fic life. But I'm hoping that stretching my creative muscles will help with my writing elsewhere.

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It was dishonest of me to be here, but this was the only place I knew to look for her.

This was the third Saturday in as many weeks. Same time. Hoping against hope now. Starting to think I should change things up, come a different day, perhaps tomorrow morning. Would Jasper think I was crazy if I offered to do his laundry?

I turned as the doorbells chimed, my pulse racing. A wide smile of recognition greeted me, and I sighed with relief.

"Need my help again?" Her voice was breathless, eager.

"What if I were to say, 'Always'?"