"Kukuku, so you want to save you father right kid?" said a yellow frog named Kululu

"Yes uncle!" replied a young girl of fifteen, with strawberry blonde hair in pigtails, dark black eyes. And short for her age, shorter than most eleven year olds, wearing a black hat with a yellow skull on it

"Then here, take your mother, to the past and get help, and find me in the past too, and I'll help you, but hurry, she may not have time left,"

Hugging my injured mom, I stand on the time machine port, "ready when you are uncle,"

"In 3, 2, 1,"

Bright colorful lights surrounded me

"see you soon kiddo, kukuku, and remember don't tell anyone who your parents are, let them figure it out, the time I'm sending you is far in the past, but not too far, kukuku"

"Good bye…"


Something huge burst though the wall, "damn…they're here already, kukuku,"


"Don't worry about me! Go find help!"

That was the last I've seen of my uncle.

Something strange had came to our planet, my family was the defense force, but they outsmarted us, so I'm getting help, from the past, my name is Girosumi Hinata.

We landed in a patch of fresh snow. My mom's arm was bleeding. Badly. I had to get help. I looked around, wait a minute, this is my street… I laid my mother carefully on the ground, and ran. After running for a few, I found my house, and rang the door bell.

A girl answered, she looked kinda like my mom, "please! You got to help me! It's my mom! She's hurt!"

"Oh! Show me the way!" we ran towards where I laid my mom, "we've got to take her to Kululu!"

"Kululu? What do you know of him?" she shot a suspicious look at me

"Please, I'll tell you soon, can you just carry her to him?" I pleaded

"Fine," the girl picks up my mom, and we headed back to my…I mean her house.

I followed her though the house, into a room that was uncle Keroro's (my time) and into a mini fridge gateway. Is this the time when my mom was young?

"Kululu!" the girl burst though a room, frog aliens were there, and they look all familiar, staring at my injured mom


"You got to help us with this lady!"

"Oh? Fine," he led us to his lab, I noticed the others looking at me, and one looked so very familiar that I felt my heart hurt

They laid her on the table

The young girl looked at me, "tell us who you are,"

"My name Girosumi and I've come from the future, with aid from my uncle,"

"Girosumi? Uncle?" asked the green frog, which was young Keroro I think

"my name comes from two parts of my parents name, and my uncle Kululu sent me here to find help, right before our lab got destroyed,"

"Wait, did you just say UNCLE Kululu?" asked the red frog, (Giroro…?)

"I'm not directly related, but he and the team have been at our house way before I was born, so they're uncles to me, oh and aunt Moi"

"Is your last name by any chance, Hinata?" asked the light blue frog, Dororo

"Of course," shock was on their faces, except Kululu's

"Kukukuku, would you all mind leaving, I would like to talk to the kid,"

Everyone gave me this weird look as they left, "Kukukuku, your mother is going to be fine,"

"Is she really?"

"Yes, and also I think it's a good idea not to tell the other's who she is,"

"That girl was she really…" I dragged on

"Yes, though I'm more then intrigued to find out who your father is, though I do have a hunch"

(Sorry about Girosumi's name, couldn't think of anything else haha)