It was midnight as Grimwood's as Winnie was lying on the roof looking up at the moon as she was thinking about the day she had as a shooting star passed by she noticed it as she made a wish as she looked down

"Who am I kidding, that wish would never come true"

She said tugging on her torn up dress as Scrappy Doo opened the window seeing Winnie

"What are you up here so late?"

Scrappy asked as Winnie turned to him

"I was just looking up at the sky"

Winnie said tightening her bowtie

"Mind if I join you"

Scrappy said

"Sure, why not"

Winnie said as Scrappy laid down on the roof next to her looking up at the sky

"You know what that constellation is?"

Scrappy said pointing to some stars

"No, what is it?"

Winnie asked

"I don't know I was asking you"

Scrappy said as Winnie told him about the shooting star

"What did you wish for?"

Scrappy asked

If I tell it won't but it doesn't matter, I wished that I would have someone who cared about me"

Winnie said looking down

"A lot of people care about you I mean you have 4 friends at school right now"

Scrappy said

"The only people I have are them and my parents most other people want to stay away from because I'm a werewolf they just look at me and run away, they judge me before they even get to know me"

Winnie said

"That doesn't matter take me for example usually I'm the one wanting to give a monster a good Splat but honestly you're OK in my book"

Scrappy said as Winnie went back inside

"Goodnight Scrappy"

She said closing her window