After Tanis left Winnie had finished rinsing off changing into her sleepwear as she went back to her room hanging up her dress for the next day (considering she wears the same thing every day) as she crawled in her bed getting under the warm (mildly) ripped up sheets as she turned over she grabbed her tail gently pulling it around her leg stroking through it with an old comb as she finished she laid down on the bed considering it was 4:00 in the morning she wanted to get to sleep before the sun came up as she pulled the sheets over her furry body drifting into sleep

In Scrappy's room

He was crawling into the dresser drawer pulling an old sheet over him as Shaggy entered

"Hey Scrappy, you wanna play a round of fish?"

Shaggy asked as he and Scooby were holding a deck of cards as he got out

"Sure thing Shaggy"

Scrappy said as the three of the sat down at a table handing out the cards as the game went off easy

"Scoob, I see your sandwich and I'll raise you slice of pizza"

Shaggy said

"Roah ke (OK)"

Scooby responded

"Got and 5s?"

Shaggy asked

"Roah rish (go fish)"

Scooby said grabbing the slice shoving it in his mouth

"Uncle Scooby, you got any 2s?"

Scrappy asked as Scooby saw a 2 handing it to Scrappy with some Oreos as they heard a knock on the door

"I wonder who that is."

Shaggy said walking to the door while Scooby and Scrappy continued playing and sneaking his food.