"Have you ever wondered why you're the only one in the family who's nice and sweet?" Sam asked innocently.

Melanie hadn't thought about it, but now that Sam brought it up, it kind of made sense. "Why?"

"You were adopted," the 'evil' twin stated.

"That's insane, Sam. If I was adopted, I wouldn't look like you," Melanie brought up a valid point.

"Mel, they say that everyone has a look-alike in some part of this world. When mom and dad saw you in the orphanage, they knew they could pass off as their own since we both look like twins," Sam smirked, thinking that her sister was on the brink of foolishness.

Melanie, like the gullible kind girl she was, had her heart beating so fast, it ran at a hundred miles an hour. She was afraid that what her sister, or her foster-sister, was speaking the truth. That would explain why she got all As and A-pluses for her grades and how she has never been arrested for as long as she lived. The Puckett family was prone to doing illegal things, but she had even tried to kill a cockroach, even if she was creeped out.

"Face it, Melanie," Sam took the chance to deliver her final blow. "You were adopted."

Melanie burst into tears, bolting out through the door while her twin sister laughed at her foolishness.

"Adopted, ha!" Sam shook her head. "This girl is as gullible as a fish on a hook."

"Mommy!" little Melanie hugged her mother's calf tight, afraid that if she let go, she may be sent away. "Please don't send me away."

"Send you away?" Pam shook her leg, trying to get rid of the sweet toddler with a grip as tight as her uncle Carmine. "What are you talking about?"

Melanie refused to let go. "I don't want to be sent away, mommy! I promise I'll be a good girl, even better than your biological daughter!"

"Biological?" Pam frowned. "Sam! Get over here right now!"

Sam's plan was foiled, but it was good while it lasted. But once she heard her name, she knew she had a little explaining to do. She was used to the lectures her mom gave, since it was never long, but her beatings may get out of hand some times.

"I'm sorry..." she stated insincerely.

She wasn't worried about the punishments though, for when Daddy comes home, she knows she'll be Daddy's little girl. But until then...

She jumped at the contact of the cane to her skin. "I'm sorry!"


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