Disclaimer: This is complete and total FICTION. That means it never happened and is completely untrue. In fact, this is so far from the truth that it isn't even in the same country as the truth. I don't own anybody: Big Time Rush, the characters, and all referenced scenes belong to Nickelodeon, and I make no money off of this. I am not in any way implying said characters' sexual identities.

It had been a week since the whole "skipping class" incident, and Kendall had been watching a lot of rap videos (mostly when he thought Logan was asleep). Logan decided to show Kendall a hidden talent of his.

It just happened that Big Time Rush's song "Worldwide" was on the radio on the way home from school. Logan saw this as his chance.

"Your song is on the radio, hot rotation vide/Bright lights, fan mail, paparazzi on your tail/Tour bus, private jet, thinking big ain't failed you yet/Just one thing you can't forget, takes more than just wanting it/Aim high, never rest, put your passion to the test/Give your all, never less, famous means you're the best" Logan rapped. "Kendall! Get back on the road!"

Kendall swerved, pulling over. "Where did you learn to rap like that?"

"Always been able to." Logan said.

"Well, you need to do that on one of our songs. What about 'Famous'? That would be perfect on it"


"Yes really. Now, let's go home and you can show me some more of your skills- like helping me pass math class."


And there's the end. My muse kinda stopped near the end of this one. I've got another story in the works though.