Santana pushed at the ajar door and slowly stepped into Brittany's lit bedroom as she mentally prepared herself for the confrontation that was potentially about to go down.

What she didn't expect however was for her to not be able to see Brittany anywhere within her bedroom.

Santana frowned in confusion as she considered the possibility that Brittany had finished eavesdropping on Ashley and herself and then fled downstairs rather than returning to her bedroom. It was possible; Santana hadn't actually seen Brittany return to her room. All Santana knew was that Brittany's door was now cracked open where it had earlier been locked shut.

It was common practice for them to make the most of the privacy their babysitting duties gave them, usually getting their sweet lady kisses on as soon as Ashley was tucked in for the night, right up until Brittany's parents returned home.

It was one of their 'things'.

But Santana wasn't entirely sure that their usual antics were even a possibility again just yet; she hoped that Brittany had heard her public love declaration and that any earlier misgivings were forgiven already, but she couldn't really be sure until she saw Brittany's face smiling back at her.

That meant finding Brittany, wherever she could be hiding.

Their impromptu game of hide and seek was cut short when Santana turned to leave Brittany's clearly empty bedroom and she caught the faintest of smothered giggles.

Santana spun back around to eye the room suspiciously.

Brittany was evidently still in the room somewhere and seeing as there was only a limited number of hiding spots, Santana slowly moved towards the bed which happened to be the biggest obstacle in the room to hide behind.

As Santana moved closer it was clear her deductive rationalizing made complete sense; Brittany's feet appeared first, poking out from behind the bed as Santana edged around the thick mattress.

Except as Santana ended up standing over where Brittany lay on the floor, Santana realised that Brittany didn't seem to be hiding at all, in fact she appeared to be… sleeping.

That and the fact that Brittany was lying on some makeshift bed on the floor, when a perfectly good double bed was right beside her, made Santana's frown deepen further.

Santana didn't know what Brittany could have been suggesting by purposely not climbing into her own bed- other than what seemed to be the obvious reason- that she didn't want to sleep with Santana.

Santana pouted sadly as she looked upon the rejection laid before her.

And then she saw it…

Brittany was trying not to smile.

The biggest grin tugged at the corners of Santana's lips when she realised that Brittany was only toying with her.

Relief flooded her body knowing Brittany must have surely overheard her with Ashley for her to have become so playful now, so Santana did what only made sense in such a situation and played along.

"Aww Britt Britt, you're asleep," Santana cooed in mock disappointment as she crouched down over the blonde and then after only a moment's hesitation, threw a leg over Brittany's hips and sat herself down astride the 'sleeping' girl. She leant down low over Brittany, to suggestively husk into her ear as she provocatively wiggled her hips:

"That's really such a shame… because I was really looking forward to… showing you… just how special… you are… to me"

When Brittany didn't bite at Santana's playful tone, Santana pulled away with a frown to study Brittany's face.

Brittany still appeared to be on the verge of bursting into laughter though she was clearly trying to appear unaffected.

So Santana tentatively leaned close and pressed a gentle kiss to Brittany's secret smirk.

When Brittany didn't even flinch, Santana pushed harder, moving her lip over Brittany's still ones trying to goad her into a kiss. She even tried licking at the line of Brittany's pressed lips but when that bartered absolutely no response Santana pulled back with a pout and a loud huff.

Only then with the audible proof of Santana's frustration did Santana see Brittany's lips twitch.

Santana squared her eyes on the girl beneath her as she sat up and tried to formulate a new plan of attack.

Wasting no time in being tactful Santana wiggled her fingers deviously before placing her open palms directly over the small perky mounds of Brittany's breasts.

Brittany's eyebrows arched up at that forward grope, though her eyes remained closed still feigning sleep.

Santana grinned down at Brittany's expression, an actual giggle escaping her throat when she just as suddenly removed her hands and watched as Brittany's face fell into an exaggerated frown.

So Santana tried again; her hands finding purchase over Brittany's breasts, squeezing them through the thick material of her hoody that Brittany was still wearing.

Brittany's eyebrows shot up once more in delight, approving of Santana's hands on her and Santana immediately clued in on the game they were playing.

Keeping her hands heavily pressed to Brittany's chest, Santana experimentally slid her hands down from their perch and watched in amusement as Brittany's brow began to furrow, only to slide her hand back up over her soft curves and watch as Brittany comically showed her approval.

Brittany was proving to be as adorable as ever and Santana couldn't help rewarding her as she kept her hands where they were, rubbing her palms firmly over the pliant flesh she could feel moving below the thick cotton. When Santana began to feel the evidence of Brittany's nipples pebbling hard under her palms, Santana focused entirely on them, thumbing them with enthusiasm.

When Santana realised she was starting to squirm where she sat, she understood she was getting a little too carried away with her breast play and immediately lifted her hands from Brittany's chest.

Brittany was not impressed by that move at all, judging by the pout that immediately twisted her features once more.

Feeling chided Santana returned her hands and earned the smallest of pleased nods from Brittany but didn't let the moment last as she slid her hands further down to Brittany's ribcage, feeling the rise and fall of Brittany's steady breathing.

Brittany's features twisted once more to show disapproval but as Santana's hands continued to slowly trail down Brittany's firm stomach, and Santana shuffled lower to seat herself upon Brittany's slightly spread thighs, Brittany seemed to catch on to where Santana's hands were headed instead and her eyebrows once again began their pointed, entertained arch.

One of Santana's perfectly manicured eyebrows rose higher in response to Brittany as her lips curled into a sneaky smirk and her hands got lower and lower until they were dancing low on Brittany's pelvis and playing idly with the waistband of Brittany's shorts- purposefully grazing the stripe of skin peeking between dishevelled clothing.

Brittany was no longer breathing as steadily as before as her stomach began to quiver under Santana's fingertips.

Then Santana slid her hands even lower and only diverted their path at the very last moment to teasingly rub down Brittany's thighs, dipping in to tease at the soft skin of her inner thighs, even pushing up the legs of Brittany's shorts to do so.

Then she stopped completely, keeping her hands frozen in place, nestled between Brittany's warm thighs and waited, watching Brittany closely.

Brittany's now grinning face didn't falter… until she realised Santana had halted her forward motion and her brow creased again in accusation.

Santana didn't bother trying to hide her amusement as she giggled and lay herself down on top of Brittany, cuddling into her neck and snickering.

She made a point to leave her hands exactly where they were.

And then she made a dramatic show of giving a forced yawn.

"Actually I'm pretty tired too, now that I think about it," Santana whispered into Brittany's ear.

"Don't even think about it."

Santana barely had time to register the husky tone to Brittany's warning before a strong arm was being wrapped around her shoulders and long fingers were cradling the back of her head as she was rolled onto her back with Brittany settling on top of her.

Santana pulled her face from Brittany's neck to look up into blue eyes. The same blue eyes that could still stop her in her tracks the same way they had the very first time she saw them.

Well maybe not in the exact same way;

Brittany's eyes, while still sparkling in mischief, now held that new darker shade that Santana had become intimately familiar with over the last couple of years.

Being on the receiving end of one of those looks could simultaneously make Santana's throat dry while also make other parts of her very, very wet.

Santana swallowed dryly.

"Well?" Brittany proposed knowingly as she scratched at the back of Santana's scalp.

"Well, what?" Santana managed to rasp out.

"Well are you going to continue?"

Brittany raised a challenging eyebrow at Santana.

Brittany's tone made Santana feel like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar and she felt her cheeks heating at her hands being acknowledged as trapped in such a promiscuous position.

Although Brittany had only been pretending to be asleep Santana started questioning herself, feeling as though she had misread the signs and that it was now an awfully bold move of her to suddenly have put her hands in such close proximity to Brittany's crotch following their earlier misunderstanding.

"I uh… I thought you overheard me talking to Ashley?" Santana fumbled to explain her lewd behaviour.

Brittany continued to give her a judgemental stare, drawing out the unsure tension.

Then the corners of Brittany's eyes began to wrinkle and she couldn't hold back her barked laughter.

"Your face!" Brittany cackled in glee.

"Brittany! Don't do that!" Santana scolded as her cheeks heated further.

Brittany kept on laughing, pressing her face to Santana's hot neck.

Feeling completely embarrassed Santana decided to turn the tables on her prankster best friend knowing she certainly wasn't imagining the heat between Brittany's legs despite how distracted Brittany seemed by her amusement.

Santana turned her left hand where it was still pressed to Brittany's bare thigh and pressed the heel of her palm hard to the seam of her Brittany's shorts and rubbed generously.

Brittany's chuckle died in her throat, turning into a naughty giggle as she nosed at Santana's neck.

"So you did hear me talking to Ally?" Santana asked as she continued to suggestively palm between Brittany's legs.

Brittany gasped out a small moan that sounded a lot like 'uh huh' as she nodded and rolled her body against Santana's, spreading her legs a little wider in encouragement of Santana's caress.

"So you heard me tell her how in love with you I am?" Santana pressed on, making sure Brittany had heard everything just right, even if it did make her voice quiver with emotion.

Brittany lifted her head, answering Santana with a desperate kiss as she rocked her hips down harder against Santana's hand.

She pulled back to tell Santana she was 'so in love with her too' before slamming their lips back together and kissing her like she'd never have another chance.

All their teasing; all the back and forth, all the stop and go of the evening culminated in that feverish kiss until Santana's hand was pushing up Brittany's pant leg and forcing the crotch of her underwear aside so she could run her fingers through Brittany's apparent arousal.

Brittany groaned loudly at the intimate touch and began panting heavily against Santana's chin with ever stroke of her nimble fingers; sounds which of course only drove Santana to slide two of those fingers deep inside Brittany to see what other sounds she could draw out of the girl.

"Wait Santana, no-."

That 'no' was like having a bucket of cold water thrown over her as Santana immediately withdrew her hand and frowned in worry up at Brittany.

Brittany was still whimpering at the loss when she realised her mistake and rushed to reassure Santana.

"No- yes to that, no to clothes," Brittany corrected as she hurriedly sat up and divested herself of her shirt and hoody in one go, leaving herself topless astride Santana who still hadn't quite got used to the fact that she was allowed to openly stare at Brittany's boobs now, when they were suddenly directly in her field of vision.

Santana didn't have much of a chance to lie back and enjoy the view before Brittany's hands were busily stripping her of her own clothes and before she realised what was happening the last of her clothing- her underwear and tracksuit pants- were urgently being tugged down her legs and thrown aside to be worried about later.

Then all it took was a quick shimmy from Brittany out of her own shorts and underwear and they were both as naked as the day they were born.

Then Brittany was crawling back over Santana to hover above her on hands and knees.

"Now where were we?" Brittany asked deviously as she licked her lips.

Santana lay there stunned as the girl she loved, in all her naked glory, invaded her personal space.

Brittany giggled at the open look of approval Santana was giving her until she spied Santana's left hand, fingers still wet with her arousal and the ache between her legs reminded her of what she was missing out on.

"Oh wait, now I remember," Brittany supplied innocently as she reached for Santana's hand and brought it to rest on her stomach.

Then with a bit of hands-on manipulation, Brittany returned Santana's hand back to where it had been interrupted, pressing two of Santana's fingers back inside her as she settled herself seated heavily on top of Santana's hand with an approving moan.

"Oh," Santana watched with wide eyes as Brittany seated herself atop her fingers and couldn't help the responsive wiggle she gave them when she once again found herself enveloped knuckle-deep in Brittany's silky heat.

Brittany smiled tenderly down at Santana.

"Show me San, make love to me," Brittany requested as she started to gently move her hips, riding Santana's fingers.

The look in Brittany's eyes was enough to snap Santana out of her daze as she closed her gaping mouth and nodded with determination, reaching up for Brittany to bring her back into a searing kiss.

Santana didn't even realise Brittany was awake until she felt the bed move and she almost cried out in terror.

"Santana, why are you crying?"

Brittany had sleepily climbed up from her bed on the floor and crawled over to Santana to scrutinise her new best friend's face by the light of her night light. Sure enough her suspicions were confirmed when distinct tear tracks were able to be seen glistening in the dim light as they ran down Santana's puffy cheeks from where they had escaped her red, puffy eyes.

"Did you wet the bed? Sometimes I cry when I wet the bed because I don't mean to do it; it's just an accident. But I still feel like a baby when it happens. It's okay if you did… I won't think you're a baby, I promise," Brittany offered sympathetically in her own roundabout way.

Santana forgot her worries for a moment as she was relieved that wetting the bed wasn't the reason she was upset because that would have surely been a terrible impression to make on her first proper sleepover.

Not that crying because she was scared and wanted to go home was really much better.

"I didn't," Santana sniffed and shook her head. "M-monsters…"

Brittany's eyes went dramatically wider.

"Monsters wet the bed!?"

Brittany's mistaken reaction was enough to elicit a small giggle from Santana who almost forgot her fear until she eyed the darkness of the room beyond the protective touch of the night light.

"No one wet the bed," Santana whispered as she continued to eye the darkness on the lookout for any movement that would confirm a monster infestation. "Quick, get under the covers; I think you have monsters in your room."

Brittany didn't need to be told twice as she scrambled under the covers beside Santana and took up watch, huddled beside her.

"You actually saw one?" Brittany asked, surprising Santana by actually sounding more envious than frightened.

"You want to see one?" Santana asked amazed (but also nervous because hearing that proclamation from Brittany's mouth may just encourage the monsters to show themselves to them).

Brittany nodded excitedly before her face fell into a disappointed frown.

"But my dad's a monster ex-terminator, and even though he must've got rid of his robot body a long time ago- cause he now gives the best soft hugs- he told me he scared off all the monsters in this house a long time ago, way before I was born and that they wouldn't ever come back cause they'd remember him as a terminator," Brittany babbled in explanation before giving another disappointed huff. "Which really sucks cause now I'll never get the chance to meet one."

Santana didn't know what a terminator was, but frankly she was relieved to hear that Brittany's father was no longer one because the idea of a robot sounded just as scary to her as a monster did. But then if what Brittany was telling her was true- which of course meant it absolutely had to be because Brittany was full of lots of interesting facts- then Santana didn't have to be worried about monsters or robots.

As Santana was suddenly filled with relief she sent Brittany a thankful smile which very quickly turned into a yawn that Brittany returned automatically.

Now that the excitement of monsters and robots had passed, Santana was realising just how tired she really was.

It was then that Brittany's mother, Mrs Pierce decided to check on them as she poked her head in the open doorway.

"Hey you two, I thought I heard voices," Mrs Pierce said gently as she walked into the room to sit on the edge of Brittany's bed. "What are you two doing awake?"

"Santana thought she saw a monster," Brittany offered in explanation.

"Aw, but it couldn't have been a monster honey, Daddy exterminated all of them a long time ago, remember?" Mrs Pierce supplied easily as she gave Santana a warm smile.

"I know! That's what I was just telling her," Brittany nodded, wisely.

Santana nodded at Mrs Pierce too, so that everyone understood that Santana knew there was no longer any reason to be scared.

But Mrs Pierce only focused her attention on Santana more directly.

"Santana, your mother told me that you might want to go home before morning. It's okay if you don't want to stay the rest of the night," Mrs Pierce reassured her. "I can take you home right now if you want?"

Brittany's worried gasp caught both Santana's and Mrs Pierce's attention and when Santana turned her head to look at her friend she found big blue eyes staring at her, pleading silently at her not to go.

And as Santana stared back at Brittany she realised she didn't want to go home any more. There was nowhere else she wanted to be than tucked in Brittany's bed with Brittany right beside her. She felt safe there as long as Brittany was by her side.

"I want to stay Mrs Pierce," Santana answered resolutely.

"Okay, well back to sleep then you two, it's very late," Mrs Pierce told them as she stood up and encouraged them to lie back down on their now shared pillow so she could expertly tuck them in.

"Night Mama."

"Night Mrs Pierce."

"Night little ones, sweet dreams," Mrs Pierce blessed them as she kissed the both of them on their forehead and then left the room as quietly as she could.

Santana had just closed her eyes, finally ready to embrace sleep when she felt Brittany shift at her side and a little arm reached out to hug her. Santana instinctively answered Brittany by hugging her back.

Brittany gave a sleepy giggle as she shifted even closer getting comfortable.

"You could never be a terminator, Santana, you're way too soft."

Brittany and Santana continued to kiss lazily as Santana came down from her second orgasm brought on by some insistent nudging from Brittany's strong thigh. They were still a confusing tangle of naked limbs with absolutely no intention of moving from the mess of bedding and clothes that were strewn over the floor beneath them.

"I love you Santana Lopez," Brittany hummed as she barely pulled away from Santana's swollen lips.

"And I love you, Brittany S. Pierce," Santana dazedly replied as she licked her lips always ready to kiss Brittany at least one more time.

But of course their precious teenage privacy that gave them the freedom to express their love for one another was cut short at the abrupt sound of a garage door closing.

Santana's eyes widened in terror as she realised the very compromising sight she and Brittany would currently make to Brittany's parents who had evidently just returned home.

Gone were the monsters of her childhood; replaced with her new fears of rejection and disapproval from those people she loved the most.

"Britt- your parents! Our clothes!" Santana gasped in terror as she hurriedly untangled herself from Brittany and started scrambling around for her discarded clothing.

"San- San it's okay," Brittany sat up and managed to catch Santana's hand, giving her a reassuring squeeze. "Let's just get into bed under the covers. It'll be okay, I promise."

Santana's heart was racing now and she looked to Brittany helplessly in her terror, giving a small conceding nod and allowed Brittany to pull her to the safety of her bed, climbing completely under the covers with her back to the ajar door while Brittany settled firmly behind her, reaching out to flick off the bedside lamp before cuddling closer and making sure the bed covers covered them both right up to their necks.

Brittany could feel Santana's terrified heart thundering in her chest as she pressed closer up against Santana's back.

"Brittany, the door-" Santana squeaked at the sound of footfall on the stairs.

"Shh, it's okay, they won't come in," Brittany hushed her, trying to get Santana to calm down. She held on to her tightly, knowing Santana was too terrified to run but hoping that her arms around her might make Santana feel less like she has to.

Brittany had already told her parents all about her love for Santana and about how in love they were with each other and while they'd been absolutely receptive to the news, Brittany had asked them to keep it a secret from Santana until Santana was able to tell them herself. Brittany didn't want to completely freak Santana out to the point that she was too afraid to come over any more. Brittany knew that Santana just needed more time to accept who she was, inside and out.

And then one day, maybe they could be together… out and proud for the entire world to see.

Brittany held Santana as they both lay in silence, listening to the muffled sound of her parents talking out in the hall as they checked on Ashley. She squeezed Santana tighter as the girl in her arms froze when Brittany's parents moved even closer to hover in Brittany's doorway- even pushing open the door enough to cast some of the hallway light over the bed and their unmistakable covered forms within it.

"They're asleep too," Mr Pierce whispered.

"Good night girls, we love you," Mrs Pierce chimed in as she closed the bedroom door quietly.

Santana breathed a huge sigh of relief as the room retuned to darkness and their secret was protected for another night.

"Sorry," Santana apologised regrettably for her panicked behaviour after a moment's silence.

Brittany only cuddled closer, kissing Santana's shoulder blade.

"S'okay, I still love you," Brittany smiled against Santana's back.

"Good," Santana breathed another huge sigh of relief which only made Brittany giggle that Santana allowed herself to get so worked up over such things.

They had been in love for a very long time, and not even Ashley with her insistent hogging of Santana's attention… or Jody with her never-ending taunts that Santana had loved her first, could change that.

And sure, even Brittany was known to throw a tantrum whenever her sisters took their fun a little too far for her liking;

But every time without fail Santana continued to crawl back into Brittany's bed and into Brittany's arms to make everything better again; and Brittany was reminded that it was because that was where Santana felt safest.

That Brittany was the only one who Santana felt safest to share her biggest secret with told Brittany exactly how important she was to Santana. And she was more than happy to protect that secret for as long as Santana needed.

That Santana had admitted their love to Ashley earlier in the night had already been a huge step for Santana and Brittany was so proud of her for it.


"Yeah, San?"

"What do you think would happen if there was ever was a fairy tale about a princess who fell in love with another princess…?" Santana asked curiously.

And by that Brittany knew what Santana was really asking without actually having to ask;

She was asking what the future could hold for them.

"Well does the other princess love the first princess back?" Brittany asked very seriously. She knew Santana was blushing without even having to see her.

"Yeah, she does," Santana whispered as though still a bit in awe at the entire idea and not quite able to believe it herself.

Brittany could practically hear Santana's shy smile.

"Then… they'd live happily ever after of course," Brittany delivered right on point.

"Yeah?" Santana gushed, grinning as she rolled over in Brittany's arms to face her.

"Totally. And then after the birth of their daughter, Princess Sugar, they'd ride off on a unicorn and-"

"Wanky," Santana butted-in, true to form, interrupting Brittany's animated spiel.

"San-tan-a," Brittany whined playfully. "This story doesn't have a wanky ending…"

Santana giggled and wriggled even closer.

"Why not?" Santana teased, "You did say they had a happy ending… and a wanky ending is a happy ending."

Santana waggled her eyebrows at Brittany in the dark as she wrapped her arms around Brittany's back and slid her thigh into the warm space between Brittany's own.

Brittany smiled at Santana's overt show of seduction which she knew was all for show because she knew for a fact that Santana was completely spent following their earlier lovemaking; Santana had actually resorted to begging Brittany to stop because she couldn't take any more.

"But I don't think these princesses are anywhere near their ending, though…" Brittany informed her meaningfully.

Santana's eyes widened at that, forgetting the double entendre behind their playful words and remembering the reason why she'd pursued that fanciful line of questioning in the first place. Brittany always spoke with so much hope and promise for their future together that Santana couldn't help being swept away by the idea of it all.

She hoped that Brittany could see the same unadulterated love and adoration shining in her eyes as Santana could see in hers.

"They're on the right track though, right?" Santana asked tentatively.

Brittany giggled at how unsure Santana still sounded; they were naked and wrapped impossibly close around each other…

She was quite certain they were definitely on the right track.

But then Brittany realised how vulnerable Santana had become again; still needing the reassurance that only Brittany's words could give her.

"Santana," Brittany began carefully, wanting to make sure Santana would really listen to her, even though she could already tell the girl would be hanging on her every word. "If you and I were the princesses in that story, I'd know that we'd already taken lots of twists and turns that didn't always feel like we were headed in the right direction, but that we must have been all along because we still ended up right here…"

Santana nodded slowly, taking encouragement and reassurance from Brittany's innocent beliefs.

"And no doubt there are still lots of confusing twists and turns to come…" Brittany continued wisely, making Santana bite her lip in worry. "But we're on the right track, and we'll have our happy ending one day. I believe it and you should too."

Santana was silent as she stared back at Brittany, looking awfully emotional and Brittany was a little worried Santana was about to cry.

"Our happy- wanky- ending?" Santana's voice squeaked a little with emotion, trying to make light of how incredibly sappy their pillow talk had suddenly become.

Brittany burst into laughter and tucked Santana into her neck so she could give her a fierce hug.

"Wankily ever after."

Cue Season 3…

But not Season 4...

Or Season 5 for that matter…

Unless the writers have some major Brittana retcon up their sleeves.